GdS: Salary demands and two interested clubs – the latest on Maignan’s situation

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan will soon try and get to the heart of renewal negotiations with Mike Maignan, a report claims, but some top European clubs have him on their wish list.

La Gazzetta dello Sport write how Stefano Pioli reiterated his trust in Maignan directly from Milanello during the pre-match press conference that took place on the eve of the Napoli game.

“Criticism? I and the group don’t care. We are so strict with ourselves that we want to give our best. Champions or people like Maignan never lose, or win or learn,” he said.

The reference is to the latest performances from the Rossoneri goalkeeper, who on some occasions appeared less convincing compared to his standards which are admittedly very high.

However, this is in a season in which he still maintained a high and constant performance, bringing several points to the team thanks to his interventions.

This is the starting point: Maignan is one of the players with the highest performance levels in the squad and there is little doubt about this.

Pioli is aware of this and the club knows it well, having continued discussions in recent weeks over a renewal, while Mike is ready to experience his first major tournament as a starter with Didier Deschamps’ France in the summer during the Euros.

Maignan earns just over €3m net per season and to continue with the Rossoneri the request is for that figure to be doubled, thus adapting his salary to a value recognised by Milan and also by other clubs.

The highest paid member of the squad is currently Rafael Leao, who signed a few months ago after a long negotiation. He gets €7m net per season including bonuses.

The Frenchman is linked to Milan until 2026 and the club intends to extend the agreement until 2028. It would be a move with a double purpose: to secure one of the best in the world in the role for at least another couple of seasons, then to have leverage in negotiations if top clubs come in.

There is no need to sell nor any pressure to do so, but the mercato is unpredictable as seen a few months ago with Newcastle United’s move for Tonali. Rvery offer will be evaluated and discussed by analysing pros and cons.

The sustainability journey that began a few years ago may lead to some sacrifices along the way, it happens in every club, but it would need to be a significant amount to sell because the management would then have to invest in a replacement.

Various teams have been eyeing Mike for some time now, above all PSG and Bayern Munich. In Paris today the starter is Gianluigi Donnarumma, who has returned to high levels after a complicated period, while in Munich they will soon have to deal with the post-Neuer situation.

There aren’t many goalkeepers of a similar level, in terms of technical skills and personality, around Europe. The final consideration is on the figure of a potential sale, with some obvious points of reference.

Kepa (€80m paid by Chelsea to Athletic Bilbao in 2018), Alisson (just over €62m paid by Liverpool to Roma in the same summer) and Andre Onana (€57.5m, bonuses included, paid by Manchester United to Inter in July) have made it so even goalkeepers can generate huge fees.

Today they are the three costliest keepers in history. Maignan’s price tag is estimated by the algorithms of specialised portals at around €45-50m, but with a renewal that would rise.

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  1. You can’t make your GK be the top earner in the club. You just can’t. It will destabilize the team. He won’t want the numbers offered to him, that fine. He can get more elsewhere and frankly he deserves it. So it’s better to plan for that eventuality.

    1. Agree, and I think you can pick up a more than decent GK to replace him. He has been inconsistent this year. Also, I don’t think his mid-range passing is that good in terms of hitting the outside backs standing 20 yards up the field on the sidelines. When playing out of the back you need a GK who can make this pass. He does hit the long ball well, but those end up being 50/50 balls.

    2. Milan should simply sale him off, what is the need of all the talks, he is ask for a net of 8 million euros a season, I believe that while such a wage could be huge for Milan, it’s is simply a no issues to teams like Munich, PSG and even some Premier league teams. The name of the game is money bro

  2. There is going to be a run on our top players this summer, and trust me, our salary cap does give big teams the power to come and shop on our doorstep. We can expect Leao to be a serious target if Mbappe leaves. This will sow doubts with Mike to renew, and already Theo is flirting with Real. Let’s prepare for a dismantling of the core of this milan project…

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