GdS: Salzburg star tops the list as Milan plan summer investment in attack

By Isak Möller -

AC Milan are closing in on renewing Olivier Giroud’s contract for one more season. However, they are also well aware of the fact that a striker for the future is needed and a Salzburg star tops their wish list.

Giroud has done well since he joined Milan from Chelsea but at the age of 37, it’s clear that he won’t be able to play for many more seasons at this level. As such, Milan are scanning the market for a striker that can represent the future.

According to Gazzetta Dello Sport, Noah Okafor tops the wish list of Paolo Maldini and Ricky Massara. He scored against Milan in the Champions League and he has a price tag of €30m, but the directors believe he could be the perfect player for the club.

Okafor currently earns €1m per season and Milan are ready to double that. Convincing the player shouldn’t be an issue but it remains to be seen if the Rossoneri are ready to invest €30m (not unlikely).

Other options include the youngsters Luis Semedo of Benfica B (19 years) and Marciano Sanca Tchami (18 years) of Almeria B. The former’s contract will expire soon and that could perhaps play to his advantage.

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  1. We need an out and out striker, not another “attacking” player with an ill-defined position. Just sign Thuram for free and spend 10m less overall (free signing at 6m per year salary = 30m over 5 years vs. signing Okafor for 30m and paying him 2m per year = 40m over 5 years (actually worse because it’s 30m up front and then 10m over 5 years)).

  2. Semedo for free is a non-brainer? That kid looks like a future star, he is huge, fast and strong…We have Ibrahimović and Giroud, ideal role models for that kid…

    1. if you are talking about semedo from wolves then he is a right back and wolverhampton has an option for further 2 years so i can pretty much guarantee you that he wont leave for free.

        1. oh ok, i actually do remember now that the portuguese player had been rumored to us previously but its not like he would be a starter but stiill it might be worth to pursue him for the future but my guess would be that he joins a team where he is pretty much guaranteed to play often and with a greater chance to become a starter fairly quickly.

  3. This is not the right choice. We need a real striker. We have 2 amazing once in a lifetime resources here in Giroud and Ibra… why not get someone in that vein that can learn from them and take over. I’d rather that and then get a quality mid so we have 3 starting caliber mids again. No to Okafor, no to David.

  4. Milan in big transfers problem again. Leao our first forward didn’t sign contract, Milan doesn’t have proper transfer budget for new one. And besides striker there are many blind spots in team that should be fixed.

    And just look these names of young strikers that Milan invest but they only wear ac t-shirt: Lazetic, Colombo , Roback etc…

  5. Giroud is still a class act and he will be around for quite a while ,so that’s great news for us ..
    The man has been a brilliant signing for us ,a great centre foward he will score goals against any team in the world .Yes he can be a mentor for a young new recruit centre forward ,he will learn many things from him ,but I repeat Olivier thrives on competition,so he will always fight for his place ,,that is not a threat at the moment ..never write this man off ,ever ..I believe he will score many more goals this season ,and indeed that he will in all probability play for France again at the euros ..He has a proven track record..
    It’s good to see Ibra back ,and yes even at his age when fit can still be a threat for us ,,so we have two experienced men at our disposal…let’s be thankful for that ..Another win for us tomorrow against Atalanta ..
    Yes I remain optimistic…

  6. I dont believe RedBird will buy okafor unless they sell leao first. In my opinion next season striker still giroud,origi,colombo & lazetic. Ibra ? I dont know if he want to play or not next season. If fail to sell leao in summer ,it will be disaster for AC Milan ( losing prized gems for free in summer 2024 are awful)

  7. Giroux world class? Pls spare me the B.S, should Ibra wants to plays next season, hell no. Roque that Brazilian striker is a beast, Gabriel, Doku, Osario the Chiliean, should be purchased, bye Leao, Ibra, Giroud, Diaz, and Juior.Milan’s attack need to be revamped!!!

  8. This “learn from Ibra and Giroud” is exaggerated. Sheva didn’t “learn” from any other person that was at Milan. He was his own man and made his name.on his own. What someone can tell you or teach can only go so far. Besides these guys are players, not coaches. Tired of this grooming nonsense. It just doesn’t work that way. Think about great strikers and if they ever had someone to “learn” off of. There’s practically none that was groomed.

  9. Convincing the player with a whopping offer of 2M should get it done. Ya I’m sure he would jump at that lol. One problem. He costs 30M and we don’t have that cash so I sure we will get outbid and he will go elsewhere.

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