GdS: A starting XI will leave Milan between loans and permanent exits

By Isak Möller -

Although the main focus has been on AC Milan’s incoming business, they have made a lot of moves on the outgoing front and there is more to come. In fact, as a report highlights, a full starting XI will leave the club. 

Paolo Maldini and Ricky Massara have been under some pressure this summer in their pursuit of reinforcing Milan. First, they struggled with their own renewals and then the CDK negotiations took longer than expected. However, they have always come out on top.

One thing that has been overlooked, as highlighted by Gazzetta Dello Sport, is how well the duo has worked on the outgoing front. Before the summer is over, at least eleven players will have left the club between loans and permanent exits.

Using the formation 3-4-1-2, an XI can be made out of the exits: Plizzari; Duarte, Caldara, Gabbia; Castillejo, Bakayoko, Brescianini, Hauge; Maldini; Colombo, Lazetic. Some of them have already left, while others are about to.

Gabbia should leave on loan and the same can be said for Lazetic, as well as most likely Brescianini. Bakayoko, on the other hand, would leave on a permanent basis as Milan don’t own the player.

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  1. The media suggesting Gabbia on his way out are stupid media who don’t understand squad registration rule. Ignore them!

  2. Regardless of the registration rules, I don’t understand why they don’t trust Gabbia !? When he’s on the field he always makes a very solid impression. He’s not even a junior anymore to be sent out on loan for experience or anything.

    1. Pioli and Maldini trust Gabbia. The media do not. The media just make rumours so they can generate income. What the media say is not Pioli or Maldini’s word.

  3. Its not about not having faith in gabbia as he is just down in the pecking order and im also of the view that he mostly has done well or decently when fielded but he willl turn 23 in october and has only played 25 serie a matches and overall 34 matches combined for milan. He is in a dire need to play a full season for a team and then hopefully he can take the next step in his developement,

      1. Well not to be rude but i can only say you dont get it because even being a 4rth choice defender for us would be a shame and most likely stun his developement at a crucial time in his career. He might even drop down further in the pecking order if we buy another cb. If we didnt buy a cdm then maybe as he has played that position previously so that could potentially mean he would play more matches but that isnt really in the cards to happen either.
        Would be a grave mistake keeping him here to rot on the bench when he with a full season under his belt playing great for another serie a team could potentially put him into contention for the national team.

        1. It would be a huge mistake to replace him with non-homegrown players only to exclude the replacement from UCL squad.

          1. I understand the implications you are outlining but gabbia ending up potentially as a 5th choice cb wouldn’t do him any good. Having for example an older italian cb for 1 or 2 seasons while gabbia is loaned out hopefully reaching his full potential would make much more sense as we could still meet the required spots with a few additions.
            Milan got florenzi for 2.7 mil so whos to say that they cant find someone else that could help the team in the short run.

          2. Gabbia won’t be a 5th choice, he will be 4th as Milan cannot give UCL slot to a new defender so they won’t sign any.

          3. Yelnats24 of course they can, obviously depending on other non homegrown players getting canned for the final selection.

          4. Note that the homegrown slot is also already full (Mirante, Florenzi, Tonali, Bennacer), not even new older Italian CB can be registered without excluding more players from UCL squad except if he is Milan academy product.

          5. @martin, as current state, 3 players need to be excluded.

            Zlatan is probably will be excluded from UCL squad for the 1st half of the season.

  4. Well in that case my apologies and then we need to bring someone home again even if its for the short term because im fully of the view that gabbia would do great playing an entire season which wont happen currently with milan .
    In the end though i have no issues with gabbia as i always liked him but he cant stay playing as little as he does

    19/20 – 10-0 – 678 minutes in 9 serie matches
    20/21 – 13-0- 558 minutes in 8 serie matches
    21/22 – 10-0 – 537 serie a minutes in 8 matches

    Thats not enough matches for a player if he are to improve any further.

  5. Gabbia needs to be loaned out so he can play more consistently. He’s not ready IMO to log big minutes. Give him time and let him develop without the added pressure and he could be a solid player for us in the future. M&M will figure out the squad list/rules – they aren’t stupid and wouldn’t go after a non-homegrown player if they didn’t have a solution lol. Have faith, they know what they are doing – more than any of us. They just need $$ to secure solid player (N’Dicka, Tanguagy) for now and the future to make it happen.

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