GdS: Strong doubts surrounding Rennes-Milan officiating after two penalties

By Oliver Fisher -

La Gazzetta dello Sport have stressed some doubts about the officiating that took place during last night’s game between AC Milan and Rennes in France.

Milan were probably hoping for a bit of a quieter night given that they came into the game with a 3-0 lead from the first leg, but a hat-trick from Benjamin Bourigeaud meant that Rennes really put up a fight.

However, the 3-2 scoreline perhaps suggests more drama than there actually was given that Milan equalised twice not long after going behind, which meant that the Ligue 1 side were never that close to completing the comeback.

This morning’s edition of La Gazzetta (seen below) takes stock of the officiating performance from Pinheiro and also the VAR team.

On Rennes’ first penalty, the paper states that there is some doubt about the intensity of the blow Terrier received from Kjaer in the seventh minute of the second half.

The striker backed in to receive the ball, Kjaer tried to get there first and was adjudged to have made contact with the back of his knee. VAR has no jurisdiction in this case, because the on-field call determined there had been contact which could only be confirmed.

Rennes got a second penalty when Pinheiro was called over to the monitor to review a Jovic hand ball which blocked Kalimuendo’s header. VAR suggested his arm was not in a natural shape but it was from very close range, though the referee saw the replay and gave it.

Pinheiro was given a rating of 5.5 out of 10 for his performance on the night, mainly because of the doubt about the first penalty awarded.


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  1. I won’t argue against the handball. You can see the hand was up, and the ball changes direction when it hits Jovic’s hand. It would have been on frame if it hadn’t. But the penalty against Kjaer was a trash call. The Rennes player goes down a full second after Kjaer makes contact, once he realized the ball is gone. Watching it in slow motion makes it even more obvious it was a dive.

    1. “The Rennes player goes down a full second after Kjaer makes contact, once he realized the ball is gone. Watching it in slow motion makes it even more obvious it was a dive.”

      This. Even all the blind men saw it. Never a penalty.

      1. This isn’t basketball, players can touch each other, Kjaer didn’t go through him and the contact on the leg was light and equally initiated. I can show you over a 1000 tackles with more contact than that that were never called from this season.

          1. Its about the severity of contact otherwise there would be a lot more penalty kicks rewarded so Nelli isnt really wrong here and the player clearly dived maybe a second after it had occoured. If anything the player should have been given a yellow card

          2. There isn’t any severity and kjær basically doesnt touch him or obstruct him hence why the penalty kick never should have been given.

          3. well it does though because you say its “The foul is givel for the contact. What the playres does afterwards is immaterial” sure the contact but still when its not a hard one that ruins his game or actually really fouls him its clearly not a penalty kick. The fact that he dives later on clearly substantiate that it was a dive. But sure i wont disagree that the ref made the call in regard of what he thought was a knock but it wasnt, therefore a bad call as i see it.

  2. I agree with the 2nd penalty being BS. However, let this be a lesson than on European nights (even Europa or Conference), teams go all out. No team can be taken for granted. The performance from yesterday is not going to cut it vs better teams OR a team that’s on their best that day.

  3. This bad referee reminds me when Kessie volley goal against MU got dissalowed for no reason at all and it’s also in EL.

    Then we also bad referee against Atletico where Kessie got red card and against Porto with a silly pinalty.

    Or last season against Chelsea when Tomori got a straight red card.

    All these bad referee only convince me that UEFA is really corrupt af.

  4. Setting aside the two Pk calls the ref was still garbage. Their wingback should have gotten a yellow by the second half for the number of times he dragged Theo, Bennacer and others down all night. There also were two blown offsides calls also.

    Can UEFA please provide some clarification on what a handball is. I thought if the player was jumping his hands could be out as long as the elbows are in and it’s a natural position. I think the other component is if it strikes the hand on deflections.

    Lastly did anyone notice how Theo was slapped in the face and the defender wasn’t carded. That red card against Jovic and subsequent suspension are absolutely egregious. How is Milan not appealing the suspension?

  5. Like I said in the last post. Even after one good goal and two soft PK’s, Rennes still was never anywhere close to us in that tie…. And those were VERY soft PK calls. Without that Ref, it was 1-5 aggregate and people would lose their sh*t a lot less, because, again, many people here only understand goals scored and final score to analyze a game.

    1. According to you, goals scored don’t tell the final story and people should not lose their shit bcos of the loss, and goals scored.

      In history as we are showed. Who remembers how the game was played, that is who cares. Only the wins are talked about. And whether the the winning team played much worse than the losing team, or where gifted. goals scored at the end of the match tells the story cos they won. FULL STOP.

      You tend to put people down when they are venting or they don’t buy into your philosophy on how football should be analyzed. You might need to look on that. Or stop commenting on those folks, or just turn a blind eye to it. BROKEN RECORD AS THEY SAY.

      While I do respect your insights into the game as a whole, you are not the authority on the subject. And as for the match we lost simple. Be it either it was a soft penalty or hard won match we lost, and there have been defensive errors in the team like there was last season that ha snot been fixed.

      If this was a final cup match, and rennes won on soft penalty you would be losing your shit too. None of that we played better would factor into that we lost PERIOD.

      P. S the little problem with rennes this second leg is only but a larger picture, against a top side, soft penalties or not Milan would be put on the burner.

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