GdS: Theo the ‘most likely’ star to depart Milan this summer – the situation

By Ben Dixon -

AC Milan do not have to sell a star to invest this summer, but there is still a chance that a key player will leave the club, and a report has given some insight into who is the most likely to leave.

Perhaps there is still a hangover of sorts from last summer when fan favourite Sandro Tonali departed. Perhaps, though, there is no smoke without fire, and there is a chance that the events of last summer occur once again.

Reports suggest that the club are under no pressure to sell during this mercato, and Milan can, and more importantly, will invest during the summer, and given they know the areas to target, budgets may already be in place for certain areas.

However, if offers too good to refuse arrive, they will have to be considered, as would be normality across the footballing world.

As Gazzetta dello Sport (via Milan News) reports, two players have been linked with moves away from the club – those being Theo Hernandez and Mike Maignan. It is the former, though, who could be more likely to leave.

The paper suggests that the market is ‘less lively’ for Maignan, and Theo is receiving concrete interest, making a deal impossible to rule out.

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  1. Theo is the one I want to stay more than anyone. It’s funny, this management says they want to make maignan the new leader when he should be the one to get sold and you should make theo the leader. Maignan for a gk is injured half the season while theo spits blood for you and legit hates inter. Our management is starting to bother me more and more

    1. Theo doesn’t have a leaders mentality. He has more cards than goal contributions and at times his defending is a liability. He is one of my favorite players and is a joy to watch, but a leader he is not.

      1. Ramos – more cards than anyone, contributed goals and was a LEADER at Madrid.

        Disciplinary record doesn’t determine captaincy. Theo may not be captain material when you put him next to the likes of Baresi and Maldini, but he’s more of a captain than Calabria will ever be.

    2. First tonali now theo or mike and obviously leao within the next two years how are we ever gonna win when we sell anyone that actually develops into a world class player

      1. It’s only normal that players with not a true bond with Milan and Italy will leave us as long as we aren’t worldclass. It’s players like Tonali, who really feel a connection to the club we have to rely on. But if we sell even that sort of players it will be very difficult…

  2. I’ve been supporting this team since 2007 and I can honestly say if theo is sold I will completely Disassociate with this unambitious team. We are literally turning into dortmund but with half the recruiting quality and academy development

  3. Theo is the one guy I’d say “let him leave on a free” for if he won’t sign, because you know damn sure he’ll give 100% for two more years if that’s the decision of the club and he’s legitimately the one world-class player we have.

    However, if the club do take the money they best have his replacement lined up and signed before any cash comes in, he’s going to be the hardest player in the squad to find an equal for.

  4. Replacing Theo will not be an easy task. When you factor in they won’t buy a ready in player it’s even worse.. maybe we get lucky but i seriously doubt it

  5. I see no advantages in letting Theo go. Even if we suppose we get 100M for him, which I doubt, the only left backs in the world who can replace him are either going to Madrid, or won’t leave their clubs. Leao’s contribution will also severly dimished without Theo on the left flank.
    It’s one thing to sell a prospect or an injury prone player, but selling arguably the best player in his respective position, even if he has many weaknesses, makes it look like the administration is not really trying to create a competitive team.

    1. “makes it look like the administration is not really trying to create a competitive team.”

      You probably don’t know that they don’t intend to create a competitive team, having a salary cap of 5m should be enough for you to understand their intentions for our dear AC Milan.

      Next summer, another star will leave, on and on we go.

    2. W have already established that RedBird’s model isn’t to buy the next best LB. It’s to develop the next best LB.

      1. Yes sir

        And that is why I find it hilarious when some ppl on this forum claim Redbird wants to win titles.


      2. Develop him and then what ? Sell him for high profit ?
        Why waste time to “develop” a player that might or might no succeed while you already have a world class player whose contract should be renewed.

  6. It is quite hard to replace Theo. He is top quality. I am sure Theo will not leave Milan this summer, but if he does, I guess they might try to get Jakub Kiwior whom Arsenal are willing to sell.

  7. I won’t blame Theo for leaving. Hurts to say that as a fan, but Milan has no ambition to win anything and Theo is going into he peak years as the best left back in the world. Not a good fit for him. He should play for a club who wants to win and be the best across the board – Not one who is competing with f*cking Marseille to sign their coach….

  8. Furlani & Co.: Do you have a problem if we sell our key player(s)?
    Fonseca: No, dear sir.
    Furlani & Co.: Okay, you’re more than qualified to be hired.

  9. Like this is a surprise???

    Sell sell sell!!! Ca$$$h in! This is the Redbird way!

    Because you know Theo is SO easily replaced LOLOLOLOLO

    So many ppl think it’s so easy to replace these kinds of players SMH. Instead what you should be asking (instead of always drinking the Redbird koolaid) is WHY are we selling these players when they are asking for fair market value in Salary???

    At what point will we PAY what the players are worth in Italy. It’s one thing IF the player is asking for an EPL salary – it’s another if they are asking for a salary in the top of the league (Serie A). Alex Sandro made 8M a season and some ppl think Theo isn’t worth similar??? At what point will we pay our stars?? First it was well we are in debt so we can’t. Well we are not in debt anymore so now what is it?? Oh let me guess we can’t pay until we build a new stadium (which may never happen lol). You cannot sell and replace each season and expect to win titles let alone UCL. Can you imagine if every year we sold a Seedorf, then a Pippo, then a Pirlo etc,…each season during our UCL run in the 2000’s. Crazy

    Thx Gerry

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