GdS: Three reasons why Zaniolo would prefer a move to Milan this summer

By Isak Möller -

As the season has come to an end, and the transfer window is upon us, many players are being linked with AC Milan. The Rossoneri intend to reinforce the squad and one potential signing is Nicolo Zaniolo. 

Paolo Maldini and Ricky Massara want to sign a right-winger as both Junior Messias and Alexis Saelemaekers failed to impress this past season. They were too inconsistent and didn’t contribute to many goals, which isn’t ideal.

Gazzetta Dello Sport have published an article about Zaniolo, who has been linked with Milan in the last few months. In fact, the winger would prefer a move to Milan this summer, should he decide to leave Roma.

There are three reasons for that: 1) Zaniolo wants to stay in Italy as a move abroad doesn’t tempt him at all. 2) Milan’s project, especially after the Scudetto win, is tempting for any player. 3) he wants a top contract and the Rossoneri can provide that, while the fact that he will expire in 2023 can be used to their advantage.

Roma, however, are ready to ask for a fee of €65-70m to part ways with Zaniolo this summer, which indeed is a hefty sum.

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  1. Why is this guy keep getting connected to Milan? In the current Milan setup he doesn’t fit anywhere.
    He can’t play on the right wing because he will have to track back and help the full back. If you watched him you’ll realize he doesn’t like to run back.
    He is not a number 10 because he has pure vision, very weak right foot and he is selfish as they come.
    On top of all that the guy has poor attitude, has a sense of entitlement even though he hasn’t done anything in his career. This year in serie A he had as many goals and assists as red cards. 2 of each. Saelemakers had better contribution than Zaniolo.
    And Roma wants 50-60mil for him.
    No thanks

    1. You are comparing Saele to Zaniolo you obviously didn’t watch any Roma games this season nor did you watch this player. He is as talented as Chiesa and he would be great addition plus he tracks back but not that often. You want player that makes difference on right wing or just another Saelemakers who is high in spirit but poor in decision making and as attacking threath ?

      1. Don’t insult Chiesa like that. Chiesa is a world class talent. He and Spinazzola were Italy best players at the Euro. Both got injured and Italy missed the World Cup.
        And Yes I watched Zaniolo and Yes I am comparing him to Saelemakers because they had the same G/A output for their teams this year. To make Zaniolo case even worse he played as a 2nd striker for Roma, where Saelemakers is more of a wing back

      2. Are you fr…Chiesa is proven internationally, Zaniolo is yet another wonderkid with attitude.
        Guy has good skills and atheticism, but poor workrate. And he already had TWO acl tears. Next one and hes gone

        We cannot afford 2 players that dont track back anyways, and Leao shouldnt

        1. “And he already had TWO acl tears. Next one and hes gone”

          You know there’s “bank” for ACLs etc. It doesn’t have to be taken from the player’s own body so he could play even after 5 ACL operations.

          1. You have no idea what you are talking about? Do you know how much time is needed for recovery after ACL operation? Do you know how they operate ACL? Knee never can be fully operated after that.

          2. @Mikele.

            LOL. I DEFINITELY know what I’m talking about as I’ve had that surgery and know a ex-teammate who has had THREE ACL surgeries.

            I sure know how the operate as I watched my second ACL -surgery (which was unnecessary as it turned out the new ACL was fine after all even though it didn’t show up in the scans). Have you ever seen an ACL surgery live on TV screen? I bet not.

            “Knee never can be fully operated after that.”

          3. “Knee never can be fully operated after that.”

            WHAT! A! LOAD! OF! BS!

            You can say that to my friend who has had his left ACL operated twice. I bet that would be an interesting discussion…

          4. @bb: Sorry for you, that you torn ligaments, but I doubt you are high level sportsman. Probably, you are recreational. I am talking about high level proffessionals, who play game every 3-4 days. That is huge, huge difference.

          5. “@bb: Sorry for you, that you torn ligaments”

            No need for that as it’s no biggie. After a year of rehab it’s pretty much as good as the original (unless the body starts to reject the new one). It doesn’t matter if you’re an amateur or pro, the new ACL lasts a lifetime if rehabilitated correctly. And professionals – if any – have the time and motivation to do the rehab part properly.

          6. correction to my previous post: it’s after 18 months when the new ACL has reached its full strength and after that it’s “good until you’re dead” and you cannot tell if it’s the original or not.

    2. LOL. You can’t see a future world class player even when the club is showing you they think he will be one. 😀

      1. No one from the club has come out and said anything about Zaniolo. These are all speculations by the Media probably fueled by his agent so he can get bigger contract.
        And future world class, give me a break. The guy had good half a season 3 or 4 years ago. No one overrated and overhyped their young players than Italian Media. Everyone is the next Roberto Baggio, Totti , Del Piero , Pirlo

          1. Thankfully you know everything.
            He is 23 , had 2 ACL surgeries , he is a poor professional with piss poor attitude . He’ll be playing in Turkey or Sampdoria in no time. Just like the other 2 “future world class” players Balotelli and Cassano. And those 2 had way more talent than Zaniolo.

  2. Shiva: Three reasons why Zaniolo should not move to Milan this summer

    1. He is made of glass. Milan Labs would literally kill him or cripple him for life.
    2. Super inconsistent, immature and unreliable
    3. Even his former teammates believe he is not a big player, a player that can make a difference when necessary.

  3. Realistically, too much as we’re putting faith in his potential and his injury proneness. I just think €60mn+ is too much for that risk:reward.

    Yes his ceiling is higher than say Berardi but for €25mn the Sassuolo winger offers somewhat of a guarantee for the next 3 seasons. Zaniolo could be a hit or a frustrating figure over that period missing many games, I wouldn’t blow the budget on him and I don’t think Roma will negotiate a much lower figure.

    1. I mean we paid 40M for Leao that played 1 season at Lille. It was a pure transfer of paying for potential, usually that is what pays off mostly if you have a good scouting department and Milan does.

      1. The different is Leao doesn’t have ACL while Zaniolo had. So Milan should found another healthy and good players for €40 million rather than pay €60-70 million for a player with a broken leg.

  4. I think Milan should offer 30-35M + some performance bonuses and tell the player that if Roma decline he can sign a contract with Milan in January 2023 and move for free.

  5. €60-70 million for a player who already got ACL? Lol nah. Milan can get better players with more reasonable price than him.

  6. Let’s wait for his contract to run out and get him for free in a couple seasons and with more experience in Roma playing Europa league. He’s very young so waiting for his contract to run out sounds wiser than paying a lot right now.

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