GdS: ‘Two big players for sale’ – why time is running out for Theo and Maignan

By Oliver Fisher -

The fall-out after AC Milan’s Europa League elimination and derby loss continues, with a report this morning claiming that two star players are now up for sale.

This morning’s edition of La Gazzetta dello Sport (seen below) writes how the loss to Inter on Monday night was far from positive for Maignan and Theo, who are two of the undisputed leaders of the squad.

The goalkeeper was beaten twice and on the second it seemed he could have done more. His charisma seems to have waned with the team’s negative results. The full-back ended the match jumpy and on edge, so much so that he was sent off for another altercation with Denzel Dumfries.

With the season virtually closed and a coaching change in sight, the reflections on the future of the two Frenchmen are becoming more intricate, between renewal and lurking potential big names .

Time running out

Both Maignan and Theo are united by the expiration of their contracts: June 2026 . There are still a good two years left before the end and yet for Milan, the paper adds, it is important to move early, mindful of previous experiences.

The objective would be to obtain the two renewals before the start of next season, otherwise the complications could increase. Both are happy at Milan but it is clear that the progress of the last two seasons and the end of the Pioli cycle could impact the decisions of the two players.

Maignan is hungry to win trophies and has built his mentality on this: after two years without any, the former Lille man’s faith in the Rossoneri project has waned and it seems that his performances have also suffered as a result.

On the other hand, Theo has always been very happy at Milan but in recent weeks he has had a significant decline which also coincided with a good dose of apprehension. With Paolo Maldini’s farewell, many things have changed for him and they could also change with Pioli’s farewell.

The price is set

The first conversations with both have already taken place. Maignan is asking for the same salary of Rafael Leao, the highest paid player in the squad, which means a jump from €3.2m net to €7m.

On the other hand Theo has already extended on one occasion with the Rossoneri and today he receives €4.5m per season. For him the question is less economic and more about the project.

In all of this, while waiting to understand whether the renewals will arrive or not, there will be a European Championship where the two stars will show off, and then the summer will arrive and there are already some top European clubs that have moved for the French duo.

First and foremost Bayern Munich and PSG are watching with interest, who are keen on the goalkeeper and full-back respectively. However, also keep an eye out for the possible additions of Premier League clubs.

The decision, according to the recent words of Giorgio Furlani, is up to the players: “We talk about selling or buying but often it is the players who decide their future.”

What is certain is that Milan will only accept offers that are indispensable and have a very specific value: €100m for Mike and €100m for Theo.

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  1. To be honest I’d rather get rid of Leao. I think PSG would be very much in for him. He is an exceptional player but we are waiting for him being consistent for 3 years now. Sometimes the Scudetto year seems an anomaly.. Magic Mike is amazing but the versatility of Theo (we saw how well he does in CB too this year) would make him a priority to keep at the club.

  2. They will never get 100 million for those two. 80+ wikl be accepted.
    Even if those two and Leao goes the question becones how do Milan rwplace them and later mangel to solve our issues. We already have position that need replacing and this will only add to it.
    Next season will be another transition it seems.

  3. Milan need to choose the next head coach ASAP. They need to know the next coach in May because that will have a huuuuuge impact on all negotiations – not just the MM16 & Theo ones.

    I’m 100% sure neither of those guys won’t be signing any papers until the next coach is certain. That’s granted. And if they don’t like the next coach, they will not sign the extension even if 10M€ was offered.

    So… Decide the coach already and then start renewing the ones who want to stay and win trophies. No point in keeping players who don’t want to be here and win.

    Also… The 2nd priority is the next #9. He should be a statement signing. If he’s a nobody from the Ligue 1, it will send the wrong signal to MM16 and others. Those two things need to be “fixed” way before the EUROs begin or it’s too late and we’ll regress – a lot. So much that the banter era would return. Yes. The two new signings are THAT important.

    1. You are absolutely right about clarifying the coaching role. It is also important in planning the mercato.

      This is a very delicate moment for the club and quite concerning for fans.
      The best (unlikely) scenario is the ownership putting up the money to complete the squad with high level players.
      I’m sure the owners want to win, but at what cost? I don’t see them putting they’re hands in their own pockets, they have shown no ambition thus far

  4. It would not surprise me if Bayern try a players plus cash deal for the 2 of them.
    We will end up in another transition phase.
    Who could blame them for wanting to leave and win trophies?
    Milan have had the last 2 years, since scudetto win (and takeover) to complete the squad and be competitive at the highest level.
    That has not happened

    These guys won’t wait forever as, they are in their prime now.
    It’s just a pity we didn’t kick on with the project when we had the chance.

    There is no replacing Theo

      1. That’s 40 millions I believe and so it means they would spend 140 millions for Theo+Mike which is 70 for each. Not so far fetched for a club like Bayern I suppose.

        But then again I’m just being sarcastic and cynical. Like our season.

          1. It’s not a far fetched idea at all. I would revise to say it would be Zirkzee + 20-40m for one of them though, not both.

      2. Yes but they have a 40m option on him which is less than Bologna will sell to others.
        So that is an ace up their sleeve

        If we price Theo at 100m

        He sells to Bayern for cash and we buy Zirkzee for 50m, we have 50m left.
        If Bayern take up their option at 40m and give him plus 60m to us for Theo, we have 60m left

  5. I don’t understand a few things. It has been reported multiple times that the players were not offered new contracts and that this will be done later as discussions didn’t start (specially Theo). How has it now become difficult to renew? I understand that both players currently might be sick of the current situation of the club. Though, I assume this would clear up once we bring a new manager. On paper our season was not as bad as what we’ve lived. We’re second in Serie A, which is an improvement to last season. We finished 3rd in UCL, though both teams that progressed are the in semi and one will play in the final. Why are season was bad is mostly due to Pioli’s mistakes and has lack of tactical awareness in certain games ie inter and roma. If the club were to bring a new manager and sign the needed players to fix certain areas. This would make the team competitive on both europe and italy. Though, what I get from this report is one of two things. Either the paper is reporting nonsense to try to take advantage of a delicate situation the club is, or the club is leaking false information to attract buyers and manage expectations of the fans.

    1. Personally, finishing 2nd-4th didn’t matter much to me, as long as we’re in the CL next season.

      Lazio were so proud last season when they finished 2nd, look what happened? I take no pride in losing the title. Once the title is gone, the most important thing is getting into CL next season, which is fortunately, is pretty much safe, as Serie-A would be granted 5 teams next season.

      Personally, the season is done, and prize money for finishing 2nd, supercoppa slot, doesn’t interest me a bit as a fan.

      1. Competing for 2nd place is for clubs such as Atalanta, Roma, Lazio, Napoli etc. None of the big three couldn’t care less about being 2nd. It’s all or nothing.

        1. Dont need to sell ACM key player. ACM can sell player that on loan . But first need to announce head coach first, none of that player want to renew without knowing the project. If you only target top 4 or 5 serie A every season then get ready your star player leave your team , dont blame them , they want to win trophy in their career too , not to repeat every year same boring target

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