GdS: Tonali expected to miss season opener against Udinese due to groin injury

By Oliver Fisher -

Stefano Pioli and the AC Milan staff are waiting with baited breath after Sandro Tonali hobbled off during the 6-1 friendly win over Vicenza.

There was a moment of worry early in the second half as Tonali pulled up and then limped off straight down the tunnel with what was clearly a muscle problem.

As reported by La Gazzetta dello Sport, it seems obvious from the nature of the injury that Tonali will miss the first league match against Udinese at San Siro a week from now, or at the very least it is at ‘serious risk’.

The Milan midfielder sustained a groin problem, the extent of which will be evaluated next Monday through the usual examinations. Pioli obviously hopes that it is a simple over stretching, but there is the risk that it could also be a tear of some sort.

The tactical solutions that Pioli would turn to remain to be seen, though the obvious options include fielding Rade Krunic alongside Ismael Bennacer in a double pivot or even Yacine Adli.

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    1. No, we need a Midfielder that can play the pivot, not necessarily Sanches. I think we do need a signing in that area which can hope can cover CB. I also think we need an upgrade on RW like Berardi who would fulfill our quota in terms of homegrown players and so that yelnats can calm the eff down

      1. Well that’s funny because that’s who M&M thought we needed so apparently all of you know more than they do🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 LOL….One thing I do agree with you @IKWYDLS is to sign a “homegrown” player just to shut that weirdo @Yelnats24 the fook up ha!

        1. You are just wishing bad things for the club. You insist that the club to buy more players that cannot be registered without sacrificing other players due to Serie A non-homegrown limit. You want Milan to fail to add depth.

          You are proving that you are not Milan fans, you are just Milan haters, you don’t belong here!

      2. Club/association-homegrown quota do not need to be filled. What is important is not exceeding non-homegrown limit especially for Serie A.

        Signing non-homegrown U21 can still work as Serie A exempt them even though they have not been in the club for 2 season. They are not exempt in UCL though as Uefa B list can only accomodate U21 who have spent at least 2 seasons at the club.

    2. Milan were never going to pay him 6m per year. Otherwise why not give it to Kessie and avoid this issue to begin with? Get over Sanches dude.

    3. Lets move on . Renato choose 6m euro and mbappe fc project from beginning, AC Milan just his plan B if he failed go to mbappe FC. I think personally that jean onana are cheap and affordable for AC Milan , but if have money about 20m euro then better go sangare or seko fofana.

  1. We did not need Sanchez but a central midfielder that suit this team. Enzo Fernandez douglas luiz would fit better. That guy would help raise the statistic that Milan always win which is at the top of the table with most players injured.

    1. Then you disagree with M&M because had they wanted too – they could have gone after Luiz and Fernandez as aggressively as they did with Sanches – but they did NOT. So what does that tell you??

      1. It tells you they preferred Sanches but NOT AT 6M PER YEAR. When PSG popped up it was over. By that time the others were gone. Sanches got his head turned. It happens. Why can’t you get this??? MOVE ON.

  2. So we don’t need Sanchez but enzo or Luiz that we still couldn’t buy.

    Some fans have been hypnotized by Elliot magic🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Let’s bring in meite or Lucas levia be or get dejong out of retirement, infact any player that is not Sanchez……this season might surprise us, I hope it does not.

    We think we are smart and good in saving money? Ok let’s just keep watching….2 down already

    1. You made a mistake thinking signing Sanches would have sorted this one. Sanches cannot even play in the defensive midfield position occupied by Tonali.

      Lille sometimes use 4-2-3-1 position, on these occasions, Sanches was either moved to AM position or benched.

      1. LOL – so M&M made a mistake trying to sign Sanches?? So you know more than them now? Why did they want him then may I ask??? You make no fkn sense. Sanches is who M&M WANTED not me you donkey. How fkn dense are some ppl on this chat? Unbelievable

        1. M&M clearly don’t push for Sanches like the media depicted.

          The media say they put 15m at Lille’s table for Sanches. Only later the media admit that Milan only has 10m remaining. Had the media revealed it, the public would have know that pursuit of Sanches (if any) had been ended when M&M decided to spend for CDK.

          The media claim M&M refuse to give 4.5m per year that Sanches demanded. 4.5m per year is still below the salary cap imposed by ownership so raising it is possible, yet they refuse, it means they don’t consider Sanches as priority.

          1. Furthermore, there was a lot of article which claimed that Sanches was not being considered for Kessie’s replacement but for more offensive role instead.

            In any case, claiming Tonali injury won’t be a problem had Milan sign Sanches is like saying Seedorf will cover for Gattuso’s absence. It just prove the ignorance of the claimer.

            Tonali had revealed that his style of play is like Gattuso.
            Sanches had revealed that his style of play is like Seedorf.

          2. So when it suits you you believe the media and when it doesn’t you don’t…how convenient lol. There is a difference between ownership and M&M. Remember M&M had to beg ownership to give the, the extra 3M to get the CDK deal over the line. But I guess that was fake news as well lol. Oh wait didn’t we sign CDK for 35M after all? Must be dreaming about that too

          3. There is a reason why I said “media claim” or “media say” because I do not necessarily think that what they claim/say is true. What is true is that the media did claim/say it.

            I just reveal that what they say or what they claim are inconsistent with what you think despite your insistence on trusting media.

        2. They never wanted Sanches, they never mentioned him in an interview, he’s injury prone, you didn’t watch him play last season, nor are his 5 UCL appearances the type of experience we need, bluffer.

    2. Juro you have too much energy replying these people, sanchesz can not play at DM? Sanchez gets benched at lille when they play 4231????

      Some people just like typing more than anything

  3. Lots with doom & doom hysterical nonsense… business as usual, that is to say. Lets translate the situation to rationality: the guy may be off for one or even for a few matches. Ok, whats the big deal? The coach will fix the problem, just like before in several occasions. Thats it, nothing more.

  4. I dont think pioli will use krunic as starter unless pobega injured too. Krunic probably just super sub if pobega fail to perform

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