GdS: Why Lopetegui is now the big favourite to become Milan’s next head coach

By Oliver Fisher -

A favourite has emerged in AC Milan’s search to find their new head coach ahead of the 2024-25 season, according to a report this morning.

According to what is being claimed by La Gazzetta dello Sport (seen below) this morning, it is Julen Lopetegui who is the big favourite to take over from Stefano Pioli in the summer.

In recent weeks, the Spanish coach – currently without a club – has had talks with Gerry Cardinale and the Milan management, and they really liked what they heard from him.

Frequent talks

Milan are looking for an international coach, good at working with young players, who does not impose his point of view but shares the market choices.

Lopetegui has the perfect identikit of the coach they are looking for, the paper states, while there have been contacts for some time which have become increasingly frequent in recent days.

The Rossoneri therefore seem to have made their choice, even if for the moment there is still no definitive agreement or signature to speak of.

Top of the list

There is strong pressure on Lopetegui from West Ham who have put on the table an important and richer offer than that of Milan, but the Spaniard has given his priority to the Rossoneri .

Milan, for their part, have for now put him at the top of its preferences compared to other profiles such as Paulo Fonseca, Domenico Tedesco, Mark van Bommel, Christophe Galtier and Thiago Motta.

The next few weeks will be decisive in finding out who will be Pioli’s replacement on the Rossoneri bench, with Lopetegui who seems to have set the tone and overtaken all the candidates.

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  1. Fxck no, Wolverhampton to Milan, is that all we can get now

    Next thing we will be playing Musah at RB against Juve…..ha, ha, ha…surely not

  2. Loving the photo in the end from GdS, should be titled – Nopetegui the Impaler.

    Looking forward to another tragicomical season👍

    1. “A coach who does not impose his point of view but shares the choices.” Why the tf are they telling a coach how to do his job? Why can’t everyone have their own responsibilities

  3. He will become Flopetegui. Mark my words. Christmas does not catch Lopetegui on Milan’s bench. The management of the club is a collection of idiots, one more idiot than the other. With Furlani and Moncada in the lead.

  4. This could yet turn out to be good for us, he is a Spanish Coach, and Spanish coaches are really doing things right now, if he can give the team the hunger and desire we lack, correct our obvious flaws, and five us a clear identity on the pitch, then why not.
    People seem to forget he coached Madrid, Porto,Sevilla, and the Spanish national team, so he is not a novice, and he has won, the most important thing is he can work with young players, and is within our budget.
    Between a choice of him and Conte, I would take him, Conte will do more harm than good, he will create unnecessary problems for the players and the club, the melancholy truth is even his technical and tactical ability is suspect, we need a coach with European pedigree, which Conte lacks, what cannot be cured most be endured…

    1. Because so many Spanish coaches found success in Serie A right? Also tell me, when was the last time a foreign coach won Serie A title?

      1. Let us be honest with ourselves, apart from Simone Inzaghi, can you point out one Italian Coach that is doing wonders…?
        Italian coaches have one fatal flaw, they are incapable of, or even brave enough to think out of the box, they rarely develop youth, or give youth a chance, they have their limitations, be it Conte, Sarri, De zerbi or who ever you want to call.
        Conte has to much baggage, he will have fights with the management, and the players, Sarri would have been ok, but he also has limitations, De Zerbi , he has done a good job in Brighton, but he is not ready, is it Farioli….? He lacks experience and basic knowledge, and Milan is too big for him to handle, with the right support he will give us a clear identity, and give our youth opportunity to play and be seen,we need to leave this toxic Pioli era…

    2. He coached Spain and ditched them before the WC, he then went to Real Madrid where he managed to get himself sacked by October having only won 6 games out of 14. He did win the Europa League with Sevilla, which is a plus whoever you look at it and then he went to Wolverhampton, where anything can be interpreted as a good result.
      Overall, I’m afraid that this management is more interested in an obedient manager who won’t complain much, not ask for specific players and that they can always sack if things go south, rather than a figure who can actually elevate the team.

  5. Let’s be honest – coach who was fired from Madrid within couple of months after the players saw his training methods for me speaks a lot. He has more or less the career of Pioli 20 years of coaching – 1 silverware and multiple sackings after some months od coaching. Is that really upgrade – for me not it’s continuing on the same path eve downgrading. And for owners speaking of winning mentality and stuff that’s hilarious and pathetic. I would personally boycot this coach

    1. I swear at least you are more aware than half of the community here plus our management .. All the talk of Cardinale is bulls… winning matters – by that he meant earning money. Sad days ahead for Milanista

    2. Milan doesn’t need a great coach to win the league. If he has won something, he can do it again. I think Inter was the club he beat to win the Europa league. That’s a plus for him, and for Milan.

  6. He only can work with youngster, haha. Better coach for milan primavera. I watch EPL when he coaches there, no interesting playing and end up with sacked. I dont understand why milan wants him?? Maybe low budget. Once again, milan wants to sign low budget players this mercato. Milan have no money.

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