GdS: Why Milan are planning to delay Camarda’s renewal by four months

By Ben Dixon -

AC Milan currently possess one of the hottest prospects in world football, Francesco Camarda, and a report has suggested that they have a plan regarding how to get the best deal possible for him.

Hopes around Milanello about Camarda are exceptionally high and with good reason. The 15-year-old, who turns 16 on the 10th of this month, has an extraordinary goal record at youth level, and in November, he became the youngest player to feature in Serie A.

Whilst this opportunity was largely given due to the lack of other feasible options available to Stefano Pioli, the 58-year-old has regularly looked to offer young talent opportunities to impress, and giving Camarda a chance gave him and the club an opportunity to assess the youngster at senior-level.

Since then, he has continued to impress in Milan’s Primavera side, and reports have speculated that the club will look to offer him a new deal soon, which is helped by the fact that the youngster has no interest in moving away from the Diavolo.

Reports suggested the Rossoneri would offer him a new contract near his 16th birthday. However, Gazzetta dello Sport have reported that the club will wait until July, given their assurances of him wanting to stay.

The reasoning is that if he signs a deal this season, it will only last until 2026, whereas postponing the deal until July means he will get a deal until 2027, when he will be 19, offering Milan another year of security.

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  1. ” if he signs a deal this season, it will only last until 2026, whereas postponing the deal until July means he will get a deal until 2027, when he will be 19, offering Milan another year of security.”

    Come on, who really believes this ? What stops him from signing a new contract now and renew it again in July or next year?

    If this reasoning stands, then we shouldn’t renew any contracts before they expire (dunno for Theo, Leao, etc) since the new contract would not be as long as if they renewed later.

    1. You do understand that the kid is only 16, he is signing his 1st professional contract and the regulations are not the same as they are when renewing Theo and Leao’s contracts.
      You can sign Theo and Leao on a 5 year contract. You can’t sign Camarda on more than 3 years because of his age.
      Waiting couple more months to make a contract official that would have the player under your control for an extra year is smart, if they are of course doing it in agreement with Camarda and his agents.

  2. BULL$HIT!

    As far as the reports go, the contract offer presented was rejected. Means, Milan management tried to lowball Camarda and got their Ar$e handed back to them. This is not just any other talent.. One of the most exciting prospect in the world. Management should take this contract seriously because literally EVERY club is waiting for him.

    1. I actualy tend to agree with boulden here for once because at this point on march tenth when the player turn 16 where we can first sign him he can already refuse to sign the contract and the only thing we would see in our coffer is some small fee for the developing of a youth player below 21. For example when we got kalulu lyon actually wanted to renew his contract but he chose milan we ended up paying something like 500k because he had been developed at youth level at the club but we didnt pay a direct fee it was a customary fee paid fr talent development. If carmada didnt want to stay with us we cant really do anything so in the end if the player wants tonstay which seems pretty likely as he is from milan then this might be fort the best… that is if the story is even true to begin with.

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