GdS: Probable XIs for Milan vs. PSG – Krunic on the bench; trio returns

By Isak Möller -

AC Milan will face PSG in a very important clash at San Siro this evening, in need of a win after two draws and one defeat so far. Stefano Pioli will make quite a few changes to the XI, including benching Rade Krunic, a report claims. 

The Rossoneri more or less need to clinch a win tonight to keep their hopes of reaching the Round of 16 alive. A draw or even a defeat could be enough in the end, but the feeling is that they need the confidence boost ahead of the final two rounds.

According to Gazzetta dello Sport (see photo below), Pioli is expected to bench Rade Krunic in favour of Yunus Musah. This means that Tijjani Reijnders will play in the No.6 role instead, with Ruben Loftus-Cheek completing the midfield three on the right.

The likes of Theo Hernandez and Christian Pulisic, just like Loftus-Cheek, have also recovered and will be back in the starting eleven tonight. These returns are very important for Pioli, who had to field a 4-4-2 last time out due to the injury struggles.

Probable Milan XI (4-3-3): Maignan; Calabria, Thiaw, Tomori, T. Hernandez; Loftus-Cheek, Reijnders, Musah; Pulisic, Giroud, Leao.

Probable PSG XI (4-2-4): Donnarumma; Hakimi, Skriniar, Marquinhos, L. Hernandez; Zaire-Emery, Ugarte; Dembele, Kolo Muani, Mbappe, Vitinha.

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  1. Why cant we play 4-2-3-1 again?
    Musah and RLC in double pivot with Reinjers as as 10. This way Theo and Leao will absolutely destroy the left wing and I bet Calabria and Pulisic will also do great on the right.

    How does a 4-3-3 utilize our players better?

    1. Because all our mids are mezzalas? Not dms? Or am…
      And 433 is a much better formation to optimise the fullbacks and wingers. It’s just lord pioli is not doing that at all.
      Doesn’t matter which formation we use. With this static, slow, sluggish passing and moving of players we are gonna get a*l ra*ed again and again

    2. RLC is not great on defense. He’s a bit too slow and sluggish against the quick forwards. His best capabilities are on offense. He can score, unlike Reijnders.
      Musah has the quickness and power and technical skill to shut down any of the top forwards in the game today. Although he doesn’t play defensive mid primarily, he’s done this before with the USMNT

    3. So, you’re pushing Theo up AND taking away a central midfielder to push him up into the hole? It sounds like PSG will destroy our left wing, not the other way around. Noob tactics.

    4. Musah and RLC are not DM and their defensive aren’t good either. Not to mention they never play in double pivot formation.

      That’s why Pioli didn’t used 4231 anymore because outside Bennacer, Krunic, Tonali, and Kessie (last two already left Milan) who can play as double pivot and understand the system, the new players are more offensive minded.

      Maybe Pioli will play 4231 again once Bennacer recovered. But for now, sticking with 433 is the best choice especially against team like PSG isn’t the time to experiment.

  2. Could then Krunic bashers please explain to me how Milan somehow managed to reach the semi-finals of last season with Krunic starting every knock game?

    The semi-finals whilst fan favourites were:
    – competing for 16th in La Liga in the case of Musah;
    – not in the Champions League squad in the case of Adli;
    – challenging for 12th place in the Premier League and the Quarter Finals of the Champions League in the case of Loftus-Cheek;
    – competing for 4th in the Eredivisie and the UEFA Europa Conference League in the case of Reijnders.

    Krunic actually achieved far more last season than any of our new, hero worshiped signings.

    So surely it is entirely logical to go with a player who has actually performed at this level then one of the endless might have beens?

    1. You keep bringing up the semi finals of last year because you live in the past. But, let’s break it down.

      We advanced over a Spurs team in shambles 1-0 on aggregate a week before Conte was fired. Spurs finished 8th in the PL.

      We advanced 2-1 over Napoli. In the first game, Napoli did not have Osimhen. In the second game, Napoli did not have Kim or Anguissa.

      We were stomped by Inter (again) in the semis.

      Have you been watching the past few games? Krunic has been absolutely horrible. He does not deserve to start against PSG plus he was hurting after the first half last game.

      So far this year, we lost to Juve and Inter. Gave up a 2 goal lead to Napoli. Just lost to winless Udinese. Last in CL with 0 goals scored. Our last victory was a 1-0 win over Genoa where Girouds goalkeeping heroics saved us.

      If we want Milan to succeed and move forward, Pioli needs to go. And lets me guess, you’ll tell me I’m not a fan of course because you’re an emotional soy boy.

      1. The past?

        A few months ago is now no longer considered relevant particularly when determining who has the experience for this level?

        What about the other players who had less than amazing performances in these games?

        It seems that with Krunic the team magically wins despite of him, but if they lose it’s all down to him!

        The bias around here is so obvious to see.

        You’re not a fan. You’re against our manager and our players. That is an Inter fan.

        1. Bro the coach picks the team. We support the team..whoever he picks it’s up to his judgement. Support the team! Support Musah and co. It’s very simple

        2. No wonder you have so much enemies here

          The way you defending them is ironically pathetic. We, fans, demand of winning each and every game

          With all respect to the flag of milan, we will take 1 defeat out of 10 won matches still reasonable.

          I have zero contribution to the club, but it doesn’t mean that i have no right to be a bloody fanatic milan fan

          Milan have to be milan. A club that is feared all across europe! Look closer, do we still have that identity nowadays?

          Tonight is the night.
          There is nothing you and i can do.
          But we know mbappe surely has something for both of us.

    2. Maldinis heir: I’ve seen your drivel on these sites long enough. Just stop. Either u r paid by pioli or Milan to just keep supporting them no matter what, which actually I think is a pretty good possibility, or u r just not very smart and need to get a day job. I love Milan and just becuz I’m pointing out problems in which is obvious to anyone a problematic period, doesn’t mean I don’t love milan as much as u do. On the contrary, I would say not just blindly supporting everything pioli and the management do like brainless sheep and actually discussing the problems when they exist, makes me the more real Milan fan. Just stop, or learn some football before u talk.

    1. I think it’s because it would admit “defeat” in the sense that he would have had to resort to his old formation and tactics again given tbat he clearly asked for 433 players

        1. Exactly. Bot of you are right. He just don’t want to admit “defeat” out of egoistic reasons. There is really no other way of explaining Pioli behavior. Every time when something is obvious to everyone he just keeps being stubborn and refuses to accept his mistakes. It seems that it is more important to him to prove that he is the one being right over everything else. Typical egoistical behaviour.

    2. The whole point of the 4-3-3 is to play an extra midfielder deeper. The reason we’re doing this is because we were being carved open last season. Also, we no longer have any true CAMs. Brahim went back to Real and the useless CDK went to Atalanta were he is marginally less useless. The issue is Pioli. He couldn’t make the 4-2-3-1 function as he wished anymore, so he changed formation to 4-3-3, including requesting players suited to that formation, and he can’t make it work either. This is the problem, not the exact formation.

  3. I hope i am wrong, but this is when we buried our dream in ucl, again, and this time so soon… We lose our mentality, our spirit, the strenght to give our very best… And just made it worse pioli never giving a proper solution, Either ” .. we play better for couple minute” or “… We r upset, but we now we r in the right path”…. See u soon ucl (i hope i am fuckin wrong), FORZA MILAN!!!

  4. Pioli has point to prove (that he is still the right man) in the next matches and it is starting with the game tonight. After such a poor run lately, he must get the right strategy against PSG.
    Hope milan can win tonight….

  5. Oh, and further increasing the pressure on us in this game is the fact that Dortmund-Newcastle will be played before our game, so we’ll know the result. The best result in that game would be a draw.

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