GdS: ‘Make a noise’ – Zlatan’s influence at Milan questioned as he remains quiet

By Oliver Fisher -

Zlatan Ibrahimovic has now been at AC Milan for half a year, and yet there are still some question marks about his responsibilities and the impact he has made so far.

As this morning’s edition of La Gazzetta dello Sport states, the next official event in which Zlatan’s presence is guaranteed is scheduled for Saturday afternoon in Stockholm at 18:00 CEST at the Friends Arena, which will be a tribute match with Sweden against Serbia.

Ibrahimovic’s latest Instagram posts are a close-up photo with a caption that is difficult to interpret and a short video holding a koala, the only social trace of his trip with the team to Australia. There is very little about him as a Senior Advisor.

If you keep scrolling on his social feeds, there is a photo of Ibra in the dugout at San Siro with the caption ‘4-3-3’. The fans are still waiting to know the name of the new coach didn’t take it very well: instead of welcoming the next coach and announcing the plans, Ibra seemed to be playing games.

For the first time as a figure attached to Milan, Zlatan was criticised by his own fans, the same ones who expected to find him on the front line, operating in the mercato and dictating the lines of the new era.

Coach and the mercato

In reality, the Swede remained in the shadows, having little involvement in the choices. Starting with that of the coach: Julen Lopetegui had been contacted when he had just been appointed by Gerry Cardinale, without him being able to express his opinion.

Even Fonseca doesn’t have Ibra’s stamp. The former striker appreciates him for the skills that everyone recognises in him (good style of play, ability to enhance young players, knowing how to work in a team) but it wasn’t him who proposed his candidacy.

Among the options on the table, only Mark van Bommel – a former team-mate of Ibrahimovic during the Scudetto season who has just left Antwerp – seemed to have his endorsement.

The same is true when it comes to players, because Zlatan does not sit at the negotiating table, the direct line with the agents lies with the CEO Giorgio Furlani and technical director Geoffrey Moncada.

The fans are asking him for a signal, especially on the possible signing of the new striker. It is an investment that Milan absolutely must get right and the feeling is that Ibra should have a big say, for obvious reasons.

Influence on the U23s

The only field in which Zlatan has had an impact so far is that of the Under 23s. He entrusted the management of the sector to Jovan Kirovski, a manager known during his American experience and who arrived directly from Los Angeles.

Kirovski is making his debut in Italian football and Ibrahimovic gave him Bonera as coach. The former will have to take care of the composition of the squad.

And yet, it is not even certain that Milan will have the opportunity to launch a team in Serie C for next season, because one of the participating clubs must be unable to register for the 2024-25 campaign. The deadlines for submitting the documentation are about to expire, so Milan are waiting.

There is little or nothing known about everything else to do with Ibrahimovic. He went with the first team on the trip to Australia, a commercial rather than sporting venture, and we know Zlatan’s appeal is global.

Six months of (almost) silence

On June 11th, Ibrahimovic will have done six months with the Rossoneri. He has almost always been present at the stadium, sitting in the row reserved for club directors, but without ever speaking in public.

Cardinale, owner of the club, spoke on the stage at the Business of Football Summit in London: “He has the authority to be my voice with everyone at Milan. I am sure that Zlatan will be revolutionary: he allows me to live in the USA but to being in Milan I relied on him to gather opinions, perspectives and advice.”

When Zlatan’s third spell at the club was announced (after two different experiences as a player from 2010-12 and 2020-23) he was defined as ‘Senior Advisor of the Ownership and Senior Management of AC Milan’.

His tasks were not specified, precisely because he wants to be able to intervene in every area, and yet so far he has not been seen much. Will he be satisfied? Knowing him, no.

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  1. “I am sure that Zlatan will be revolutionary: he allows me to live in the USA but to being in Milan I relied on him to gather opinions, perspectives and advice.””

    So basically Z is just a mole to Gerry?

  2. Once again, many people were saying that he would just be a mascot. Once again these people were right about the disruptive vision of the ownership. Once again people will continue to say “wait and see”.

    1. That will only make them sell more players to cover for the “losses” on merch and match revenues. Not the way to go.

        1. Wow. Let me take you by the hand and get you through this:

          milan sempre asked us to boycot. I replied back to him/her suggesting that boycot would only make it worse as it would decrease the incoming money from match day revenues and merch sales. Less incoming money would mean the owners would do something to fix it. Their first task would be selling a player for big profit.

          Got it? Or shall I get a hammer and pound that into your head? Or actually, the f*** do I care if you got it or not as I’m sure 99.9% of the other people here knew what I’m saying.

          1. It’s not that we don’t “get it”, it’s just that it’s utterly idiotic.

            A boycott would ruin their business model. They wouldn’t sell players, they’d sell the club and leave, as it would no longer be a sustainable business model. You Cardinale enablers really are the lowest of the low. You’re the reason Milan will never be great again. You’d rather settle for mediocrity as you line the pockets of daddy Cardinale.

          2. “It’s not that we don’t “get it”, it’s just that it’s utterly idiotic.”

            Clearly you still don’t get it. The only way to get rid of RedBird is to increase the club’s value enough that they will finally sell. They’re not going to sell it in a discount price and will do everything to get the sum they’re after.

            You know what is really utterly idiotic? Boycoting and ruining the club’s future by hurting the club just to annoy the owners.

  3. He’s a lion, he’s going to kick down the doors, he’s going to rag doll anyone who stands in his way..blah blah blah
    Welcome to the corporate world Zlatan. Now u will understand what Maldini had to navigate and why he wanted a specified role. So far no one still know what his role really is except to be a spy for Gerry

    1. It really isn’t. Probably the worst way to achieve that by destroying everything M&M and the previous owners built here in the process.

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