GdS: Zlatan must find another Zlatan – Milan’s new No.9 could come from Feyenoord

By Oliver Fisher -

Among Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s list of tasks in view of the summer transfer window is finding the striker of the future, ideally one that will mirror the impact he had at AC Milan starting in 2010 and resuming a decade later.

As La Gazzetta dello Sport reports, it is becoming more apparent that Ibrahimovic will have a big say in the moves that Milan make in view of next season. It’s up to him to follow the team, probe their moods, smooth out their rough edges and plan a better future.

He will have an influence regarding the question marks regarding Stefano Pioli’s future, something that Milan’s fate in the Europa League will heavily influence which makes it too early to tell what will happen.

Pioli can boast a Scudetto, a Champions League semi-final and what is looking like being a fourth consecutive Champions League spot. Of course, there were also dark, difficult moments, but precisely in those moments the team demonstrated that they were united on his side.

The real question is how to strengthen an excellent Milan side must make a further leap in quality to catch Inter and this is the more complicated and more evocative job that awaits Ibrahimovic, with the centre-forward issue standing out above all.

Last summer brought about a revolution of sorts with 10 new signings arriving by virtue of making use of the money obtained from the sale of Sandro Tonali, but that will not be repeated. This time, Milan should give themselves two specific tasks: keep the best players, and sign a striker for the future.

The feeling is that nobody at Milan is more qualified to pick who the next No.9 is than Zlatan, one of the best in that role in the history of the sport. Someone like Ibra cannot be replicated, but the 41-year-old should be able to see beyond the stats and understand if they have the right character.

There are many names and Ibra and his staff certainly have the knowledge to explore the Italian, European and global markets. The report mentions that Santiago Gimenez could be a candidate, the 22-two-year-old Feyenoord striker.

He doesn’t have the physique of Zlatan, but he has an eye for goal (23 this season) couple with a mad desire to grow more every year. Qualities are fundamental, but sometimes it is character – and no one knows this more than Ibra – that makes the difference.

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  1. So, beyond the 60m rated likes of Zirkzee, Sesko and Gimenez, here is a crazy idea of mine: Let’s trade CDK for Scamacca. It seems as though Scamacca is having a tough time in Gasperini’s system, with Lookman, CDK and even Miranchuk getting looks before him, and record signing El Bilal Toure coming back from injury. The trade would suit both clubs as players not fitting in would go to systems where they would do better. Scamacca would be perfect for that solo no. 9 Giroud/Ibra role.

    1. If Scamacca can’t cut it at Atalanta, where timid CDK flourished, then I highly doubt he will be successful at Milan. As Gasp has an eye for developing talent.

      1. Thus why Scamacca ended up at Atalanta in the first place, unless they suddenly decided not to consult Gasperini for this one transfer.

    2. Samacca?! You don’t see that this deadwood is nothing better in Atalanta than what he was in West Ham?!? Jesus… what kind of ignorant ppl are reading this?!?

      1. Again, just a thought, considering that basically everyone one of the other names we’ve been associated with is also being quoted at 60m or more. In fact, before he moved to West Ham, lots of people wanted him at Milan. The whole ignorant label is unnecessary.

    3. Could not do this deal quickly enough.

      I cannot make sense of what has happened with Scamacca this season.

      If you look at Scamacca’s numbers you’ll see that he is sitting on the best part of a goal contribution every 90 minutes. He was basically scoring every time he starts (statistically). He just scored against Sporting.

      Gasperini is a great coach but I do not agree with his handling of Scamacca.

      While he has had an injury interrupted season I find it ludicrous that Scamacca had not built up any credit in the bank after his performance against Inter in October / November to be the #9.

      That player was everything Zirkzee is plus the ability to shoot the lights out, and Zirkzee is now all the rage.

      Scamacca is cursed by expectations. Gasperini probably saw or sees something pretty special and he won’t relent until het gets what he wants. Problem is it might not suit Scamacca. He is 24/25 years old now, it’s time someone just lets him play the damn game.

      All this talk of movement is utter BS when Scamacca is fit (as in not on the immediate return from injury). If you’ve watched Scamacca on his return from injury from late December you will have seen the inevitable deterioration of his confidence to the point he had become a shell of himself.

      Scamacca scores 20 goals for Milan next season just like he would score 20 goals for Atalanta is Gasperini would just let him play.

      How is CDK’s last month looking anyway, subbed out against us and woeful against Inter and Bologna.

      I’d start doubting myself, too, if I was playing as well as Scamacca was and lost my position to CDK.

      1. And can I say that Gasperini has now been talking about Scamacca being mentally free.

        So having given him plenty of stick it’s now carrot.

        It’s part of a plan which was unnecessarily harsh and misread the situation.

    4. Vero I for one wouldnt mind such swap deal but ive always liked him a lot and the same goes for berradi even though he is still playing in sassuolo and plays in a different position where we isnt in a hurry to make new acquisitions.
      Im rather intrigued about the possibility of getting Gimenez but i doubt its especially feasible but i would prefer him above zirkzee.

  2. From Feyenoord I’d take Mats Wieffer for DM. He reminds me a lot of MvB. Striker should be looked for domestically as we need a ready player who’s adapted to Serie A. Zirkzee would be ideal but it won’t be easy. And as @Vero Rossonero suggested, Scamacca is someone who should also be taken into consideration. Maybe a deal involving CdK.

  3. cash out on Zirkzee or get Pavlidis. ofc there is also the question of the coach and what type of ST he’ll want/need

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