Giornale: ‘Milan Arab derby’ – Middle Eastern groups eye investment in Milan and Inter

By Oliver Fisher -

Today’s edition of Il Giornale talks about the ‘Milan Arab derby’ involving AC Milan and Inter, with both clubs looking to secure investment from the Middle East.

The paper (via MilanNews) claims that there are Arab groups looking at both Milan clubs and sensing the opportunity to make an investment. For Milan, in the last few hours the name of Investcorp has reappeared after Gerry Cardinale ‘s trip to the Persian Gulf.

He is apparently looking for new financiers, even if the rumours of a meeting with Investcorp were denied yesterday. As for Inter, the €350m Oaktree loan expires in May and a Qatari bank ‘rejected’ by Manchester United have appeared.

At the moment RedBird is only looking for capital to strengthen itself and not a person to sell Milan to. Before looking for a seller, the American fund wants to close the issue of the construction of the new Milan-owned stadium.

Furthermore, it is not the first time that Investcorp have been linked to Milan: before closing the deal with RedBird, Elliott Management had also had numerous talks with the Bahraini fund.

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  1. Strange, why would Arab Investors even think of investing in declining Serie A clubs? It won’t make them much profit because we don’t have a higher resale value, plus the country Italy as a whole is not much supportive in the development of the league and clubs.

      1. You don’t understand a word I just said, right? Tell me how many big Italian clubs have their own stadium apart from Juventus. What is the government body doing to compete with PL? At least, League 1 changed their structure to an 18 team league, which will now give a higher revenue share for their top clubs.
        Oh, and you don’t even look Italian by the looks of it.

        1. Epl team values are very high and I think they are near the peak,meanwhile serie a teams are low value but with huge potential and can be flipped for massive profit. Look at Milan when the Chinese bought it it was 200m now it is 1.2 bn same for inter

      2. Well to be fair and generally speaking, investing in an English League One club probably is being more business savy than investing in a Serie A club because it would demand a small investment to buy a club and the advertisement deals of the epl are so much better so in the event of getting promoted to the promised land probably would pay the entire price for the club while leaving some change for investments on top of it, Even getting relegated from EPL pays more than winning Serie A to my knowledge. Add to that clubs are more easily allowed to build new stadiums and i say this as an AC Milan fan for over 30 years and Serie A is still my favored league by margins so Dokis comment isn’t far fetched or anti Serie A as i see it for hat matter.
        EPL also just signed a new advertisement deal at $8.45bn for the next 3 years so business wise we are are miles and miles away regardless of our love for the league.

        1. Yeah, thanks for the support, man, appreciate it. I don’t know how he think I am anti-Italian from that, but I guess he didn’t understand my comment, or maybe he wasn’t an avid supported during prime Italian football era or the times when Italian clubs were always preferred destination for players.

          1. No problem and I don’t know either but I think a lot of players would actually still choose Italy if we just could offer better salaries and lack of money wouldn’t allow for example EPL clubs to shanghai our moves in front of our noses.
            if we get some far better tv deals we should have a great chance to at least minimizing that financial head start of theirs but that will take time and maybe even decades and all the Serie A teams investing in infrastructure. Clubs like Milan, Inter and Juventus on a good day can still compete with the bigger teams but certainly not financially and that must change because if those clubs has a true resurgence and for example wins cl it could very well become a major boost for the league as well.

    1. Because increasingly national leagues are becoming less important. Its about elite European competition.
      Milan with the right investment can be one of the elite clubs in Europe with a huge international fan base.

      I hope Redturd f*ck off and sell

    2. Arabs are not in football to make money. They buy clubs to use them for sport washing. They want to use football to brand themselves and their country in the West and this is best done by winning lots of trophies. Arab owned clubs in England don’t make much money compared to what they actually spend on them, but they don’t care about that. So if an Arab fund can be part of an Italian club’s rise towards the Champions League trophy, then it will be great business for them

    3. Last season there was TWO Italian clubs in UCL semi-final and one if the final. So it makes sense why Arab investors wants to put their money on Serie-A club specifically on Milan and Inter despite Italian govs are corrupt as fvck.

  2. your words are too harsh, moroever the country is gradually sanitizing the league(juve’s point deduction ). unlike the so called “rich league” as they claim are not transparent. serie a is fast gaining alot of ground.

  3. I find the timing of recent events very peculiar…

    1. The timing of RedBird looking for MidEast investment along with the offices recently opened in Dubai (I believe).

    2. The timing if Maldini’s interview especially combined with rumors of him looking to work in the middle east as a director. It’s been 6mo’s since his dismissal and he is now chasing to speak.

    3. Ibra’s return being delayed, or I should say not being made official…

    4. Delays with the Stadium. It’s been 5 years since Elliott took over and the very first thing it wanted to do was build a stadium. And here we are without any palpable progress. So maybe Elliott is getting anxious about recouping it’d money and/or Gerry getting nervous about the repayment of the 600mil to Elliott.

    7. Even if Middle East rumors are true, no investment fund would want a minority position at Milan. So they would either get a majority stake or pull out altogether…

    This is all just speculation of course but the timing of everything happening recently is very interesting to me…


  4. Is it only Italians that watch Serie A?
    Come to Africa most populated country and see how they followed EPL.
    Are they English?
    We few that followed Serie A want the best.We may not be happy about the difficulties the clubs are facing but still we want investments
    So my brother/sister I’m not against you but your talk.

    1. Nah, I said that because even Italians would agree that Italian football fell off and is not able to compete with EPL both financially and quality wise.

  5. Who actually owns the club?

    This whole situation stinks to me with these people involved also it’s about time someone in Italy did something about ffp it’s what’s stopping italIan football of ever being able to compete with England Spain Munich and Paris.

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