Giornale: Milan leaning towards not signing Tonali permanently – he will return to Brescia

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan will not use their option to buy Sandro Tonali outright from Brescia and he will return to his parent club, a shock report has claimed.

As Il Giornale writes this morning (via MilanNews), Milan closed the signing of Tonali from Brescia on a paid loan with an option to buy last summer, beating competition from some top clubs. It seemed to be a formality that the option would be exercised, but the paper writes that instead in the end the young midfielder – after a rather disappointing season – will not be signed outright by the Rossoneri.

That is because another €25m would be needed to complete the purchase when factoring in bonuses, and Tonali will therefore return to Brescia and have to find a new club. The Italy international played 37 matches for Milan in all competitions this season, including 25 in Serie A, but he wasn’t used much in the final stretch by Pioli.

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  1. There is no doubt that he is a great talent, but many, many great talents have failed in Milan and flourished elsewhere. And he certainly hasn’t lived up to expectations this season. This is a tough one.

  2. I really hope this is not true. Tonali has been judged very hard – probably due to the (very) high expectations. It’s clear he didn’t live up to them but at the same time he was quite solid most of the times – in fact better than rated most of the times.
    Benacer – a more experienced player – didn’t provide anything better after his return to action. It can be even claimed that he was worse than Tonali.
    So, for 25m (the 10m is already lost anyways) it is quite hard to find anything close. Mind that Meite (a very average player without any perspective) costs 10m. Tonali surely worths the chance.

  3. Another Locateli mistake,I hope this is just a rumour and will not happen,why not sign him and send him to loan to mature,at his age he’s not a bad player

    1. Agree completely…y “preach a new project of a young team being developed as a new vision” and yet buy young players barely use dem and sell dem. Including hauge. This management & coaching irritates me alot especially when theh do crap all season lossing so many games at home and still didnt use these players to develope dem. It was there fault the team lost games and scrapped tru to CL. Milan is very lucky to b in CL..but dey need to keep these players to develol dem and keep them else it will bite dem in the rear again

  4. That would be an absolute dumb decision + a waste of 10 million. The guy is 21 & it is just the beginning for him.

    After signing Mandzukic & being linked to Giroud, I’m pretty sure the management are clueless in their actions.

  5. A player at his age coming from a low pressure club and environment like brecia to milan in one season with all expectation on his shoulder, definately this not to bring up a young lad like him.

  6. BS milan already paid the ten mil so i doubt they would foolishly not spend the 15 this summer and the bonuses will most likely be down the road and combine that with the age of tonali the fact that he is an italy international and still has great potential and played his fair share of games this season so i question this source.

  7. This is indeed a tough one. I don’t know, while he is still very young, he seems to get very basic things (like his first-touches) wrong. 25m on top of 10 is not a small amount of money. For 35m you can usually buy the best talent around in that position.

    I will trust the management and Pioli on this one, whichever decision they make.

  8. Huuuuge mistake Milan. Kessie wasn’t good the first few years now look at him. Tonali wasn’t even bad his first year and he was gettin better and better until Pioli decided he liked awful Meite better. Massive mistake Milan don’t do this.

  9. I do hope Milan will not make any stupid mistake on Tonali. Because the expectation placed on the young lad was too much. Milan should complete his signing or else regret their action late. Many examples abound when young talented players came to Milan the first year is always difficult even the great midfield mastro Kaka had some little difficulties at the beginning . Tonali and Hauge should remain part of Milan’s long time project. Kessier is the most recent example.

  10. Yeah and then watch them use that money they were planning to spend on completing his transfer and using it to buy Meite, conveniently for Piolis love affair with him to continue into next season, I see a great future in the champions league with that decision being made, as usual with this club I SHAKE MY HEAD!

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