Giornale: Milan ready offer to Maignan amid Bayern interest – the details

By Oliver Fisher -

Mike Maignan is one of the cornerstones of AC Milan and is also showing his ability at the European Championship, and soon his future must be resolved.

According to Il Giornale (via Radio Rossonera), Maignan is in the sights of top European clubs with Bayern Munich leading the pack. However, Milan are strongly intent on offering the French goalkeeper a new contract with a salary increase.

In fact, the management are happy to more than double his current pay, and that would put him almost at the top of the squad in terms of earners. On the other hand, the Bavarians are not giving up on ‘Magic Mike’ and want him for the post-Neuer era.

Geoffrey Moncada and Giorgio Furlani are ready to make a proposal to the former Lille goalkeeper which they hope recognises his value as one of the best in the world in his position, and it will be worth €6m net per season until 2028.

With Paulo Fonseca having arrived as the new head coach, the plan is not to overhaul the key roles in the squad by selling stars and having to replace them, but rather armouring them with contract extensions and pay rises, then building around them.

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  1. LOL we low ball Mike with 6M season. Yes it’s a low ball offer considering his market value which has only increased during the Euros which proves again he is me of the best in the world.

    This is the Redbird strategy. Make hollow offers to appease the fans that you know will be rejected – that way when the player leaves – they can say to the fans – see we tried.

    Same with all of our other pursuits: Zirkzee, Fofana, etc…

    We are no longer a serious club

    Discounts and expiring deals. Haggle haggle haggle…That’s our sweet spot.

    On another note: Congrats to Pioli who is making 18M a season for the next 3 years. Don’t think k he cares about being let go from Milan any more LOL. Enjoy Mr Pioli!

    1. OK, well 8mil for Mike would make him the highest paid player in the team and you can’t have your GK make the most money. Won’t compute. So what? 6-7mil and bonuses? Leao money… If he takes that, Great!

      Otherwise you have to offload…

      1. I agree. Milan is not Bayern, and, having one’s wages doubled is a lot. If he’s not ok with that, he can leave. Milan has contributed to his improvement, and if he feels he is worth so much, Milan will get someone else, and build him up, like they did him and Donnarumma.

        1. Mike is not 21y old, he is 29yold who is at his best years.
          Bayern will pay him 12 or 14m not 8m.

          Inter can pay 9m for their best playrrs even though they are in debt.

          Milan in profits cannot pay 8m for their best is absolutely shame or if the management dont wants to win any cups or play at higher level we should not afford 8m salary to any player not just goalkeeper.
          Even team like Atalanta won an european cup but not us.

          Progress of Milan in champions league semi final last season and champions league to europa league is only because of quality goalkeeper not just an ordinary goalkeeper.

          Best teams must have best goalkeepers.

          1. We got 120m last year and about 60m+ this year because of our progress into champions/europa league.

            Italian clubs can only spend more money in transfer market if they progress into champions league knockout stages.

            Otherwise its nearly impossible to compete against city/bayern/madrid/psg etc.,

          2. there is a fallacy in what you are saying here because Atalantas wage budget is roughly half than ours. Besides of that just because some clubs are willing to overpay it doesn’t mean we should follow suit because how long will we then keep our good economics situation.

      2. This.
        Plus the fact that Maignan is injured every single season and misses quite a lot of games.
        6M€ per year (if true) is very reasonable IMO and he should take it.
        For Theo we should offer 7-8M€ per year.

    2. Lowball? LOL. Youy forgot your “embarrasing”-cries.

      Sure, Milan could offer him “10M€ – 1M€ for each missed month due to being injured” and they’d still pay him the 6-7M€ he might deserve.

      MM16 has shown ZERO sings on being worth the highest salary in Milan. Leao? Sure. Theo? Absolutely! MM16? Maybe 2-3 years ago. Last season? H*ll no.

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