Giroud talks through the 10 things he cannot do without plus life in Italy – video

By Oliver Fisher -

Olivier Giroud has given an insight into his life away from football and in particular five things that he cannot do without in his general life.

Giroud was interviewed exclusively by GQ Italia and the French striker revealed some curiosities and anecdotes about 10 objects he can’t do without, with his comments relayed by MilanNews.

On hair care: “My team-mates always make fun of me because my hair is always in order when I play. Even after the game they want to know how this is possible. The secret is a brush stroke on the slightly wet hair, then a little wax and then, to fix it, I put a little hairspray (laughs). Sometimes when I do too many head shots it doesn’t stay perfect, but that’s okay.”

On his faith: “It helps me a lot every day to move forward, to be positive. The life of Jesus helps me a lot. I understood that he has a lot of humility, I try to do the same every day, talking to my family about the Bible to help them in life. It is very important to me, it is something that is part of my heart and my life.”

On personalised shin guards: “They are a bit special because I have my whole family: the names of my wife and children, my number and everyone’s photograph. It’s something I really like, when I put the shin guards on before the game, to see the faces of my children. It gives me more motivation, I always think of them: they give me strength.”

On tiramisu: “I always eat it when I go to a restaurant, the first thing I try is to see if they make it on the menu. I like to finish a good dinner with a good tiramisu. My grandmother did it very well, I like it so much when there is a lot of coffee, while I don’t like alcohol. It makes me think of my family, my grandmother, my wife. It reminds me that I am a little Italian in my origins.”

On contact lenses: “I’ve been wearing lenses since 2011. It’s a funny thing, I say it today for the first time in front of the cameras. In the first season with Montpellier I didn’t have lenses. When my friends and family saw me on TV squinting, they told me there was a problem. So in the second season I went to the ophthalmologist, who asked me how it was possible that I could score with my eyes (laughs). He told me to wear the lenses. It’s funny because in the second season we won the league and I was the top scorer thanks to the ophthalmologist.”

On his football boots: “My object of work. I really like these shoes, they are very nice, light and comfortable. The size is 10 and a half, there are all the names of my children and also the flag of France. Trained-in boots maybe widen a little too much, so I prefer to use new ones in a match.”

On coffee: “In the morning I need a couple of coffees to wake up, it is true that in Italy we do it well: I like it so much, it will also be for this reason that I like tiramisu so much. How many do I drink a day? Three or four coffees a day, I can’t live without it.”

On his watch: “Another thing I really like is collecting watches. I like different brands, for me it is also an investment. In the morning when I get dressed, if I don’t have a watch, I don’t feel well, as if I’m missing a piece. I like it a lot and I need to have something on my arm, I’m lost when I don’t have a watch.”

On his keys: “These keys are always with me. I am a big fan of sports cars. When I was little my father had nice cars. I also really like the roar of the engine. I can get the same feeling as when I play football, a great adrenaline rush. I don’t go too fast but when I can I take a lot of pleasure in driving the car. I have several, but here at Milan, since we have the BMW sponsor, I drive a beautiful m8. I like it.”

On the football: “This is my whole life, since I was little it was the thing I always had with me. After school I played at home, against the wall, against the goal: I always kicked. I remember my parents weren’t very happy, I messed around the house. He was always with me, but even today. At home I always have a ball, even my children play a game at home every night. After training I have to play with them again (laughs), it’s my whole life.”

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