Goal: Benfica and PSV midfield duo emerge as possible Tonali replacements

By Oliver Fisher -

Two more profiles have emerged in AC Milan’s pursuit of potential replacements for Sandro Tonali, according to a report.

According to Goal Italia, Milan have Florentino Luis of Benfica and Ibrahim Sangaré of PSV Eindhoven on the list of midfield targets who could come in and fill the void left by Tonali’s €75-80m move to Newcastle.

The midfield needed to be reshuffled anyway given Ismael Bennacer will be out until potentially 2024 after knee surgery, but the urgency has grown with Tonali’s imminent move, and Davide Frattesi is not the only target.

Florentino Luis has managed establish himself at Benfica at the age of 23 under the guidance of head coach Roger Schmidt, who was the coach that had a big hand in Sangaré’s development at PSV too.

The Ivorian midfielder is preparing to say goodbye to the Eredivisie to take the next step in his career. Geoffrey Moncada has also followed him since his time Toulouse, and Tonali’s sale could disrupt a potential switch to the Premier League.

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    1. It would be amazing! Fratessi bringing dynamism and Sangare composure while shielding the defense, we would actually have a better midfield than we do right now.

  1. Yes

    Buy cheap sell expensive

    Red Bird has 600 million debt plus interests to pay Elliott . Why ?
    Because Red Bird doesn’t have the money to own Milan without loan.

    If Red Bird can’t pay the loan Elliott will again overtake the Milan. And Red Bird would be in big loss of investment.

    That’s why Red Bird needs to find the money. If they can’t find investments from outside they need to use Milan positive financial bill at the end of each year to repay loan. So each year Milan “must” have positive balance sheet and final bill.

    Without champions league qualification Milan total revenue without transfer sale is 260 million. With champions league it is over 300.
    So if they reach 1 of first 4 positions in serie a each year they can pay loan each year in next who knows 20 or more years ?

    If they sell player expensive that would be huge jack pot. Especially year by year.

    That’s why Milan can only buy cheap and have limit on wages because when you use this politics there is no guarantee that each year you are going to win one of 4 first positions.

    Maldini had untouchable players. That’s why he got fired.

    Red Bird needs the money to pay loan.

      1. It works in a way that Milan will sell any player. Selling Tonali shows a lot. I read the comments and most of the “fans” are amoral quasi fans that have no idea what honor and tradition are…People that would sell a Milan fan and wouldn’t mind a player that supports a different club to replace him.

        1. “It works in a way that Milan will sell any player. ”

          As will any other club when the right offer comes. Nothing new here.

          Honor & tradition? I think the whole cancel-culture of recent years have already demonstrated the world isn’t what it used to be. Thing have already changed a lot and not in a good way. But crying over things in the past on forums won’t change that.

          1. I won’t bother with explaining. No, any other club won’t sell their players like that. Madrid would have never sold Carvajal, even though they could have gotten an even better RB. They know something you don’t. I don’t care what you and anyone else thinks. A club without values is worthless. I’d rather watch Milan that has honor and tradition in Serie B than watch this plastic club do anything. That is the difference between real fans and you people. I am for the club, but not in any way and no matter what they do. Same like it was with super league.

          2. “I’d rather watch Milan that has honor and tradition in Serie B than watch this plastic club do anything. That is the difference between real fans and you people.”

            LOL. So now you get to decide who or what real fan are. LOL. Sure. I’m more of a Milan-fan you’ll ever be. I’m just not crying my pants wet over selling of a player when I know it means better future for the club. We will be stronger next season because of this deal. A real fan would appreciate it.

    1. I think you are right Milanelo.
      Elliot sold to Redbird because it was the most advantageous offer since they actually got Redbird to take a loan from them potentially getting the club back from a default.
      Now it is becoming clear that Redbird will do everything possible (including selling our best players and removing obstacles such as M& M) to pay Elliot back or they end up with nothing.
      Today no real Milan supporters can be happy. So sad to see players like Tonali leave .

    2. How does these comments help, they just irrelevant, I know I will always be an AC Milan fan as I have been for 30 years plus.

      Whether it’s Elliot or RedBird it will always be
      AC Milan, a footballing institution, a footballing legend with eternal legacy

      1. No offense, but what are you talking about? So, a fan is the person that nods their head whatever the ownership does? What are the people that have organized protests against Glazers and are forcing them to sell Man Utd? Non fans? You are lost, think about it again.

        Milan is a club that had honor and some sort of tradition that respected its players, and not everyone is for sale, now it is a club like Atlanta.

        1. OK. All the real fans gather to Milanello over the weekend to protest Cardinale until he sells the club. Who’s in? Who’ll pay for my flights? Anyone now coming is not a real fan.

  2. Whatever things they will bring in to replace the current core wont fight for the shirt, even if they can be stars, it will be like an exhibition of stars, no heart, no spirit, no passion, too plastic, anyway thats the modern world

    1. One can either accept that or try to live in the past and reminisce the good old times before the Bosman rule and limited amount of foreigners on each team, eh? World has changed.

      1. The problem is club football is becoming less interesting, there is no need to be a die hard fan now, and 90 mins is too long if im just watching without any emotional attachement, thats why the fifa world cup is the best

      2. Club football is getting less interesting, 90mins is too long without emotional attachment, thats why the fifa world cup will always get more and more popular

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