Graphic shows Adli is already among top five Milan players in key metric

By Isak Möller -

Yacine Adli has impressed since he got the chance from start against Cagliari in the No.6 role. Against Lazio last night, he was heavily involved the first and the numbers back up his successful start. 

It’s clear to everyone that the Frenchman is a more attacking-minded No.6, but even so he has been decent in the defensive phase. His strengths lie in attack, though, and he showed this against both Cagliari and Lazio.

As highlighted by Scout7Calcio on Twitter, Adli has already got into Milan’s top five for passes into the final third. One good example from last night was the first goal, when he found Tijjani Reijnders between the lines, who then found Rafael Leao.

The standout player from the graphic, though, is Reijnders who ranks extremely high both on passes into the final third and progression passes. Malick Thiaw has also done very well on this front, which deserves recognition.

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    1. hype is overrated. I remember the hype around Piatek 4 example. Was it justified? Sure. Did it last long. Nope..
      Lets take it week per week. No need to reserve baloon d’or just yet

      1. Adli probably deserves more praise since he has done really well in his first Milan starts, it isn’t nothing to start for the first time. On the other hand, I think critique can only help him become better. Also, passes into the final third are a miss-leading stat. You can have a 100 per game and they can all be useless, or you can have 3 and be a top player that creates goals from those…

        1. dude has been in the club for over a year. i’d make a long face if he wouldn do well by now.. Like i said, week per week

          1. Doesn’t matter, he played like 100 minutes in a year. You know when players are back from injuries and rusty? Same thing if you don’t play, you aren’t really in match fitness like players that play every week. So, he did really well considering how much he didn’t play any real matches.

  1. “Adli has already got into Milan’s top five for key passes, or passed into the final third as they are also known.” No, they are not “also know” as key pases. Key passes are not all passes into the final third. How can you write about football and not know that? Incredible, again random made up “facts”.

      1. Most are. If you pass the ball to Giroud 7 times and he has to return it to you, what was the significance of that? Each is counted, all were almost useless. Yes, they are part of the build up play, but emphasizing those like they actually are key-passes is a bit miss-leading. Yes, it is quite logical that you don’t score goals unless you have players that pass forward, but that stat alone really means nothing.

      2. Or to put it a bit differently. If you make a lot of passes into the final third and they are key passes it is great. If you only have the first stat, you’re a bad player that is trying hard but just doesn’t have the skill for it. I think that is pretty straightforward.

      3. That’s why I don’t like English football. For over century they played to cross the ball near opponents goal – and what happened – happens.

        Passes into final third are most important and beauty of this sport. Those are never easy. In first goal against Lazio, Adlis ball look like it will find Leao without Reijnders. It just tool a little bit more power.
        So with this Milan new formation having players who can pass in final third without drilling give us more power.

  2. What a random stat to isolate and compare with teammates. Position and role makes all the difference using this visual in a vacuum and very little analysis or conclusions can be drawn from it. This is not a comment on the players but rather on a poorly drawn conclusion using statistical analysis.

    1. Exactly. The only relevant passing stat in this analysis should be the key pass stat, not how many times someone passed into the opposite third of the pitch. Even a high ball that goes nowhere is a pass into the final third of the pitch, just not accurate.

  3. Breaking News: Players who play just outside the final third have the most passes that enter the final third.

    I think keeping “progressive passes” on the X-axis and changing the Y-axis to “progressive carries” would be a far more interesting chart and probably tell a better story about who drives the team forward.

    1. My man! Literally came to say this lol. Should have read your post first before ppl hate on me instead haha 🤣. Not saying progressive passes aren’t bad but if progressive carries were there Adli would be at the bottom. That being said he does have variety but riskiness in his passing

    1. Ummmm no don’t let that sink in because that’s not I realized people can just make up stuff in this day and age but come on bro. You know it ain’t true. Disappointed that it’s you too. Should know better

  4. This is one of those “it’s interesting but not interesting at the same time” things. Sure what’s driving the scatter plot here is the progressive passes (which I did mention were incredible from Adli’s first game. It was so incredible I thought the stats ppl at Fbref, Opta and whoscored made a mistake lol 😂). But alas it was how they defined it and I notice he places quite a few lateral but slightly forward passes which is a riskier type of passing but get you more progressive yards. That being said he does progress the ball in terms of passing. But not carrying..he actually doesn’t carry the ball forward. Also his position allows him to better achieve final 1/3 passes. Look at how the top 7 are littered with defenders (Thiaw, Kjaer, Theo) and you’ll figure it out.
    Now if you plot this on progressive carries instead of passes it’s a whole other ball game. That’ll show you who progresses the ball and moves the ball forward. But ppl will crucify me for that

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