How Juve’s point deduction affects Milan with just two games left

By Isak Möller -

The FIGC Prosecutor has asked for Juventus to be deducted 11 points due to their wrongdoing in the capital gains case. For AC Milan, this is a huge boost in their pursuit of a top-four finish. 

Update: Juventus have been handed a 10-point deduction, rather than 11 points as first suggested. This was confirmed by FIGC’s Federal Court of Appeal this evening, as reported by ANSA (via Simone Cristao). The numbers below have been updated.

Milan (64 points) are currently in fifth place, two points behind Inter (66) and four points behind Lazio (68). Juventus are in second place with 69 points but the imminent deduction would send them down to seventh place with 59 points, but they could reach 62 again with a win against Empoli tonight.

The standings right now (*one game in hand): 

  1. Napoli 86
  2. Lazio 68
  3. Inter 66
  4. Milan 64
  5. Atalanta 61
  6. Roma 60
  7. Juventus 59*

Milan have Juventus and Hellas Verona left to face, with the former taking place at Allianz Stadium. The Rossoneri would secure a top-four finish with a win against the Bianconeri on Sunday, but the goal should be to not lose. In case of a loss, the Rossoneri would obviously have to beat Hellas Verona in the final round at San Siro and rely on Juve to drop points (depending on Empoli-Juve tonight).

Atalanta (61) could also catch up (three points behind Milan right now) with a win against Inter in the next round. However, Milan have H2H advantage and, as said, would thus only need to win against Verona.

Since Inter will face Atalanta in the next round, and then Torino, it’s also possible that Milan could finish above their rivals (thus third place). Second place will be harder to reach, though, as it depends on both Inter and Lazio. In any case, Juve’s deduction has made things significantly easier for Milan to finish top four.

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  1. this is great news! F8Ck Juve!!!! hahaha.

    Hopefully we beat them this weekend as well… and hopefully Atalanta beat Inter and we finish in 3rd place in Serie A! We won’t catch Lazio — they have easy competition to end the season…

  2. Juve will likely beat Empoli and us. That will take them above us even with an 11 point deduction which they might not even get. I hope I’m wrong about all of that but I doubt it. I think our luck is finally running out.

    1. You don’t believe in AC Milan man.

      And you wrote this before Empoli vs Juve kicked of now Empoli has cleared your doubts, Milan will clear your doubts too.

  3. End of the day juve have been better than Milan this season and should finish in front of them. And i dont like the merde, but wining over your opponents behind a table is lame

    1. so you think its ok that juventus gained advances compared to the competitors by cheating and then doesnt need to be punished for their deeds ? you are a milanista and not a juventini, right ?

      1. nah they should be punished. but point deduction is weak @ss punishment.. even more so for measly 11 points.. take 30 and big @ss fines

          1. in the end they’re gona lose just enough points to still stay in cl next season. I can already see it.. From 15 to 11 to 7 and ta-da.. Merde got their palm in every cookie jar afterall

          2. This is a final verdict to my understanding as this was an appeal so dont think it will change anyfurther and they will most likely also get some sort of punishment from uefa

            juventus is by the way currently down 2-0 against empoli ::D hope they can hang on that victory in the making.

  4. Great news but nevertheless expected news.

    Next move close the club down and treat them as what they are, a criminal enterprice 😛

  5. Milan will beat juve and Verona. With or without deduction. Inter will never be able to field their full team before CL finals so they will lose or draw their next 2 games and we will leapfrog them

  6. We just need to win the remaining 2 games i dont think Juve will be deducted points we better not rely on that. Inter must lose the remaining 2 games and lets hope we win ours. thats our only hope for champions league football

  7. We all knew this was going to happen and the Juve mafia would be deducted again but it’s nice to see it official. I personally think we’ll beat them and Verona too.

    1. Lol, sad but probably true re Verona given how we’ve performed against relegation zone teams, Sampdoria notwithstanding.

  8. Great news.
    Also, If Milan does their own job and win the next 2 games, we might not even need Juventus penalty after this week results.
    Inter only has 2 points advantage but they play Atalanta and Torino in their last 2 games. Atalanta is still fighting for top 4 and Juric’s Torino is never an easy out.
    While Roma is basically out after their draw vs Salernitana

  9. It’s so stupid the entire thing. One minute they have 10 points less, next minute they’re ahead. Coaches make choices based on the table. The way the Leagea flip flopped was really detrimental to the integrity of the league and the choices of teams.

  10. We will beat the zebras and then lose or draw to Verona. Just because we are like that this season 😀 Struggling with small teams and wiping the grass with big names. No idea why. Probably we’re lack of motivation or smth.

  11. AC Milan still not safe. If ACM lose to verona & draw to juve it will be awful. Lets hope ACM beat juve in sunday and atalanta beat IM . With this IM in corner due to tight schedule ,i would prefer ACM rank 3 ,atalanta rank 4 and IM rank 5 serie A

    1. 🤣🤣🤣
      The best case scenario for us this weekend will be Inter winning or drawing against Atalanta and we win Juve, with that we are already in the champions league.

      And for the record having Lazio in the champions League is already a minus for Italians, because the wouldn’t know what to play in the champions league so I want Inter to also qualify instead of Atalanta, that way it will be:
      Napoli…….. competitive
      Lazio……. weak for champions league
      Inter……. competitive
      Milan……. competitive
      Instead of:
      Napoli…….. competitive
      Lazio……. weak for champions league
      Milan…… competitive
      Atalanta……. not competitive enough

      I would even prefer Atalanta to be in the champions league along with Milan, Napoli and Inter instead of Lazio.

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