Transfermarkt: €330m XI and four new additions – how Milan could line up in 2022-23

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan are in a battle for both the Scudetto and a place in the Coppa Italia final, but there is already plenty of attention on how the squad can further improve.

The well known source Transfermarkt have taken a look at how Milan could line up next season, starting with Mike Maignan in goal, with Davide Calabria, Fikayo Tomori and Theo Hernandez in the back four, and rumoured €30m signing Sven Botman completing it.

Sandro Tonali could well be joined by Renato Sanches in the double pivot who would also cost around €30m, with Alexis Saelemaekers on the right wing and Rafael Leao on the left wing.

Two more new faces the emerge including summer signing Yacine Adli who will return from his loan at Bordeaux after his €9m move to the Rossoneri, and finally Andrea Belotti completes the XI, with the striker valued at €28m but would of course arrive on a free.

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  1. Great set up apart from RW. How is it possible that there are rumors for all positions apart from this one?
    I can’t believe that the management doesn’t see that it’s a black whole.

    1. It’s too early, can’t do (and/or leak) all the deals at once, I guess.

      Also, there’s a reasonable probability Alexis gets himself together in the off-season. He’s only 22, it’s his fourth senior football year or something like that. Would be nice to have cover for the “if not” (other than JM), but we have to choose our battles.

    2. Right side still needs upgrade as we start fighting for medals, not just for top 4 and CL place. They are good, but not among best.

  2. *OUT: Kessie, Castillejo, (if they back) Caldara, Hauge.
    *LOAN ENDS: Bakayoko, Missias, and also Brahim!
    *LOAN RETURNS: Pobega, Adli.
    *NOT SIGN: Botman! Sanches!
    *EXTEND: Romagnoli and Ibra!
    *IN: Belotti (Free), and Spend money on worldclass RW (Could be Berardi or Asensio), and worldclass CAM (Bruno Fernandes Type Player!)
    *LOAN IN: one CM for depth.
    GK: Maignan; and…
    RB: Calabria (Florenzi)
    CB: Tomori, Romagnoli (Kjaer, Kalulu, Gabbia)
    LB: Theo (Toure);
    CM/CDM: Tonali, Bennacer (Pobega, Krunic, Loanee)
    RW: Berardi or Asensio (Saelemaekers)
    CAM: MR.X (Adli, Maldini)
    LW: Leao (Rebic)
    ST: Belotti, Ibra, Giroud
    All this team needs is: Worldclass CAM & RW

    1. Not sign Botman and Sanchez? Dude, go watch golf! Ibra needs to go to an old people’s house! Belotti is an ex player! We need Scamacca, Giroud and maybe Lazetic (if he’s good, or Colombo). Romagnoli NEEDS TO GO! Kesie as well. We need Ziyech, he can do both RW and CAM. Botman and Renato Sanchez, and also Adli and Pobega. And we’re good to go.

      In: Botman, Sanchez, Ziyech, Pobega, Adli
      Out: Castillejo, Romagnoli, Diaz, Bakayoko, Krunic
      Keep: Florenzi, maybe Messias.

      1. Yes Ibra is old; but we still need him in locker room, because young lads, shows they still needs to grow!
        And I know Belotti isn’t a beast; but he is fot free! We need to get some good free agents!
        But dude you say Botman, Sanchez, Scamacca, Ziyech in. Do we have enough money for this!?
        And also, the main problem of this team is RW and CAM, not CB and CDM!
        And also, Sanchez and Ziyech are injury prone players. And Botman are slow!
        And what’s wrong with Romagnoli!? He is 27, and on his prime, and good enough when be at his best! Can any one say Botman are better than him? Do you see one of Botman games!? Why let him go for free and spend money on Botman and even give him more wage!? Why!?
        I have 3 reason to say that.
        1. Realastic about budget.
        2. The problems and gaps on the team!

    2. I can notice how some people here talk more with their heart than their intuition. Botman is needed and the same with somebody like Sanches. Also Sanches and Adli could play as defensive and attacking midfielders. That’s why Milan management is thinking about them. Also Ibra and Giroud aren’t so reliable anymore, even though people like it or not. Giroud is better during some occasions, but he can’t deal playing as starter anymore. The same for Ibra. I think Bellotti inclusion would be quite an asset for Milan. Romagnoli will most likely go as Kessie. He isn’t reliable anymore anyway. He has been good because he has two good backups who are Tomori and Kalulu, but Milan needs, indeed, another defender. I think looking for a good right wing would be quite hard, even bigger teams as Real Madrid, are struggling with that position. That’s why they are getting rid of Asensio. So people complain about Díaz, but don’t look at the current situation of Real Madrid. Furthermore, we have to look at what it remains for the season. Alexis Saelamakers didn’t play that badly the last match, but he can’t do all by himself. This team needs to practice more shooting because even Leao seemed to be terrible at that skill during Inter match. He missed great opportunities too. What people said is true. This is a young team.

      1. Dude, I understand what you say, and agree with you in some. But I talk with my head, not my heart.
        Botman are good. But not better than what we have already!
        When we have limit budget; why we must spend money on Botman, and let Romagnoli leave for free!?
        Extend cntract with Romagnoli, and spend on worldclass AM and RW, is what we need.
        Replacing Romagnoli with Botman, and rely on Brahim, and Saele for CAM and RW for next year; not bring us next level. I guess the best position for Saele, is RWB on 3-5-2.
        On 4-2-3-1, team needs players smell goals on CAM and wings. Brahim and Saele aren’t that players. We badly need that.
        And for last; I don’t know why; but leting Romagnoli go for free (probably to Juve); reminds me, Pirlo to Juve.

    3. Botman and Sanches are world class players who are also young and at a reasonable price. The chance to sign them will never present itself for Milan again. We should take that chance in a heartbeat.

      1. Kourosh, refigh, dadash. 😀
        Yes, you are right. They are good, but not that much. Sanches already sitting on bench on Lille; and he is an injury prone player. And Botman are Slow.
        The main reason of what I say, is:
        The problem of this team, are RW and CAM; not CB and CDM. And also we have limit on budget. And we must spend it on solving the problem of the team.
        For next year; Replacing Romagnoli with Botman, and rely on Brahim, and Saele for CAM and RW; not bring us next level.
        I say; first we must solve the problem; and then if still had money, then ok, go for Botman and Sanches and others.

  3. We can continue with Alexis as a starter on our RW if we want to win the scudetto.Our RW should be as potent as our LW for us to be competitive enough.

  4. Replace Saelemaekers and Adli with proper players (like Berardi and a better attacking midfielder) and we’ll steamroll every single team that comes our way in Serie A.

    1. We have him for all positions, including coach and DS. If only we had HAUGE right now we’d be in first place by 10 points.

  5. I’d rather see Romagnoli or even Kalulu at CB in this list and see Berardi at RW if we can only have one between CB and RW I’m going to take RW for this team every time such a weak spot for us. Otherwise solid team.

    1. Agree 100%! And between CAM and CB, I’m going to take another worldclass CAM. Club not bring a replacement for Chalhan. Rely on Brahim was a gamble! And it’s not goes well. And also he don’t have back-up. Krunic, and Kessie not fit there, and Maldini are nor ready enough. I think rely on Adli for next year, is another gamble!

  6. The list are good except RW . Saelemaker cheap player from Belgium league, you cannot expect him to become starter if you want compete in champion league. Sell him and sign starter RW with junior as back up. So this club Will only buy junior,Renato,botman and starter RW. The other are belotti free transfer

  7. I dare say Saelemaeker will never be good player, he can’t dribble, can’t even shoot. at most he ‘ll be an average player, thus Milan should sell him ASAP, YouTube make mediocre player look good, I watch Saelemaeker highlights and saw nothing worthy of note. He’s just average !!!

    1. No bro saele def has the skills, he just has the same problem that Brahim has, they both get pushed around oh so easily…they need to bulk up ASAP!

  8. he management should buy Di maria or Berardi n get Belloti for free, and use florenzi on the right back position.

  9. A lot of good debate here. It’s clear we need 4-5 top players in certain positions to round out the squad, namely: CB, CM, AMC, RW and ST. Despite the rumor we have ~100m to spend this summer, I’m not sure we can afford to reinforce each of those positions at the same time. So the club has to take into consideration what it can get, when it can get it, and at what price. I think everyone can see we need more production out of RW and ST. But it could be that this summer we are in position to acquire players like Botman and Sanches, and not the RW and ST we need given prices, expiring contracts or contracts entering their final year, etc. What I’m saying is that despite perhaps needing RW and ST a little more than CB and CM, the price is right for CB and CM this summer. Perhaps the price will be better for RW and ST next summer. If they did it the other way around they might end up paying premiums for all of those positions. I’m sure Milan’s scouting dept has a chart of players with their contract expiration dates. It may be that in the summer of 2023 there will be STs and RWs who are out of contract or will have a year remaining that will make it more affordable (and sensible) for us to get then. I’m going to choose to trust the people that have taken this club from 6th place to title contenders in 2-3 seasons to get this done properly.

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