‘I stand by my club’, ‘I’m hanging up my shirt’ – Milan fans react to Super League news on social media

By Oliver Fisher -

There is certainly a mix of support and absolute disgust among our followers when it comes to the plans for the new European Super League.

The world of football has been rocked by the news that 12 ‘founding clubs’ are ready to start their own competition. Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United and Tottenham from England are involved, plus Milan, Atletico Madrid, Barcelona, Inter, Juventus and Real Madrid.

The ESL said the founding clubs had agreed to establish a “new midweek competition” but that teams still plan to “compete in their respective national leagues” – though it is unknown whether that will actually be an option.

UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin has blasted the plans for a new Super League to be created, calling it ‘shameful proposal’ that is ‘greed motivated’. An official statement on Milan’s website confirmed that the Rossoneri are involved and the founding clubs will get a total of €3.5bn just for signing up.

We asked our followers on Twitter what their thoughts on the Super League are…

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  1. I support AC.Milan always and everything my club does in the future I will support. I think that the creation of the Super League is exactly what we need, in one place the best clubs of all time. And the most important thing is our AC.Milan. All the clubs that demanded that AC.Milan Juventus and Inter be kicked out of Serie A are nobody and nothing and will never be as big as these three clubs. Forzza Milan forever

    1. By the way I do agree with you that AC need to be strong and fight the UEFA corruption, I’m with you here Cesar

  2. I do not support the club in this decision. Will not watch that sorry league either, should it ever come alive.

    My support goes to Italian Calcio as a whole. Will have to pick another Serie A/B/C club to support after 28 years.

  3. So the cartel that openly takes bribes in exchange for favorable placement is annoyed that their cartel got flanked? The clubs are the draw — not the organizing body. If the leagues and competitions kept up with the marketplace, this wouldn’t have happened.

    Very easy to cast aspersions and blame rather than actually engage in meaningful introspection.

  4. I have burned the AC Milan Jersey I bought last year, after being a fan for over 25 years, so most of my life. I am only sad I have given any money to these US vultures and I really hope they will all be thrown out of their leagues, CL, players banned from playing for national teams and then we’ll see what will the players choose. Money or football. Everything else is idiotism, and I already see a few in the comments. Probably children, under 20 years old.

  5. If UEFA and FIFA weren’t so corrupt and greedy this would have never happened. If they can find a way to still compete in Serie A I’m all for it. Will be a hard negotiation but just look at the power and control UEFA/FIFA have over everything. They want to ban you? They will. They want to ban players? They will. This is the greater picture here, it’s breaking the ultimate control structur of an awful organization that has always been corrupt. As in everything balance is key so I hope they find it. We’ll see.

    1. And who would have the power and control over the competitions they have established. You are telling me the idea that 15 of the richest clubs control the organization they compete in is fair and this won’t be corrupt in any way? That sounds fair to you in any way and will create balance in football? Or did you just not read what the super league is about. 😀

    2. This reminds me of one African politican who said something on the line that the elections were not fair because him and his political party haven’t organized them.
      It is corrupt and not fair but give us control over the competition so we can set up rules and never be able to drop out of the competition. Really, that is the way towards balance?

  6. You’re probably being too harsh on Cesar but I both agree and disagree here. I personally am not a fan of AC Milan recently as they didn’t uphold their values and don’t even play Italian players anymorr because it has all become about money and value rather than heart, passion, and football. This is where I believe we agree. I dislike these fans who support anything we do as long as our name is AC Milan… gross.

    Where we don’t agree is assuming the ESL is a bad thing. It might be, but it’s too earlu to tell and I like then fighting the greedy overlords at UEFA who have had too much single power control for too long.

  7. Super League WTF?? C’mon, we are to be back finally to UCL next season and we are still fighting hard to keep one of the first 4 places. I would rather like that AC Milan potentially wins another Champions league title in the future than this newly invented ”fancy” league.

  8. For all those burning the Rossonneri jersey after whatever year it’s lasted.. Well you’ve never been a true milanista!!
    If the DNA is Milan then it’s always Milan.( you are free to support a secondary club/s but Milan is always Milan and Primary)
    Super league is the best competition to ever happen to the Super European club/s,
    Let the best play the best and let the best players play against the best teams non-stop, that’s how Legends are made.
    Champions league and Europa League has become too archaic, Moreover the Super club/s has been winning it since 90’s till the next century!!.

    1. What do you mean that’s how legends are made?! There aren’t enough football legends for you over the last 100 or more years? I guess Maldini and Kaka were janitors.

      This idea of a Super League is disgusting. Perez is delusional and crazy for putting the fate of football into the hands of an American bank. This country is very unstable right now and will probably continue to get worse.

      Not to mention the slap in the face this is to other teams that are excluded and their fans. What if the UEFA bans go through? They should just fix the system that’s already in place.

    2. You are free to support a secondary club?

      Guess it is pretty easy to distinguish who is true Milanista and who is not here.

    3. The whole problem is that there are people like you that support this nonsense. Take a look at the clubs and you’ll find one that hasn’t won a title for 60 years, another one that hasn’t been in the CL for 11 years, another one that hasn’t reached the later stages of that competition for 7 years, another one that can’t qualify for 4 years now etc etc. This is a coward move by those clubs, including Milan, not having the decency to say “We do not belong there, yet” is the worst part. Would Milan be in the Super league before Berlusconi era? No. Man utd before Ferguson? No. Man City before Arab money? No. Chelsea before Russian money? No. I can go on, but this is enough for anyone to get the point. They all became big clubs, no club was created as a big club. Aston Villa won more titles then City, Chelsea or Tottenham. 😀

    4. P.S. Anyone that is a true fan cannot support this, and I would rather burn people responsible, not jerseys for this, but I understand there are people who would rather see Milan win a chamionship of 2 clubs compared to being 5th in a 20 team championship. Idiotism, but some people are like that.

  9. All these debts are caused by these clubs in the first place. Paying exorbitant fees and wages with little care nor responsibility for balance books.

    Then mother nature happened – pandemic. These guys thought they are too big to fail therefore tried to swindle their way back to being in profit by doing this.

    And then what? After ESL; I am pretty darn sure that they would go back to their merry ways to recklessly pay EVEN more exorbitant fees and salaries and creating even bigger balloon than before.

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