Ibrahimovic stresses importance of Milan fans: “If they’re dissatisfied, we’re dissatisfied”

By Oliver Fisher -

Zlatan Ibrahimovic has spoken about the importance of the fanbase at AC Milan, insisting that if they are not content then the management can’t be either.

Ibrahimovic gave his first press conference since returning to AC Milan as a Senior Advisor six months ago, and it was packed full of bold declarations, interesting indications and of course a few laughs. We broke down the key comments in a feature last night.

One of the things that Zlatan touched upon was how important fan sentiment is to the way that the team plays and the way that the club operates. He seemed to hint that he is aware of the lack of satisfaction after a trophyless 2023-24 season, but pledged to try put that right.

“I remember when we won the Scudetto, the year before was behind closed doors. We played and rose, we went up the table, but we didn’t win,” he said.

“When the fans were allowed back in, we won straight away. So the fans are really important to this team. They give the team extra strength as they’ve always done, in the bad times and the good.

“That’s one of our strengths: we have fans who get behind the team and help them. We need that. If they’re dissatisfied, we’re dissatisfied. It’s that simple.”

When asked for a message to give to the fans at the end, he added: “The future is bright. While I’m here, the future is bright. I will do everything to win.”

Ibrahimovic was the man who broke the news that Paulo Fonseca will be the head coach on stage during the press conference held at Milanello yesterday, and he outlined some of the reasoning behind the decision.

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  1. Tbh the Milan fanbase turned into a embarrassing s*tshow within the last couple of years. Yes we were once on par with Real Madrid, Bayern and co. But this is the past rn for a good couple of reasons. And the way we are moving now is the only right way to get back to the top again. Acting smart, being flexible even if it means selling someone like tonali (I loved this guy, but NO ONE is bigger than the club – and yeah it helped the club immensely) and going for a coach and players with good wages & still a lot of talent. Could write a Roman but it’s embarrassing for a gentlemenlike club like Milan to welcome our new coach with such hashtags & literally complaining about everything, even if our financial and also sporty situation is better than it has been for a long time and it doesn’t look like we‘re about to fall apart again or anything like that. A little bit more of optimism & also some humbleness wouldn’t hurt. Forza milan per sempre

    1. This fan base is shtshow coz they live in the past. They think milan is still can compete with madrid or liverpool while their club get beaten by inter here and there. Imo they are quite delusional.

      1. And everything is the current owner’s & management’s fault. They’ll blame them even for Berlusconi selling the club the Chinese beggar.

        1. So you can’t understand that people dislike the current ownership for controversial moves that are made since last summer until today but you complain for something that happened seven years ago from a guy who is buried in the ground.

          1. “So you can’t understand that people dislike the current ownership”

            I do. But I’m so f*ng tired of people like you b*tching and complaining every single day about the owners and management. It rains, it’s the g0ddamn owners’ fault. You didn’t have the breakfast you wanted, it’s the managements’ fault. I don’t think I’ve ever seen any positive comments from you here.

    2. Acting smart? One of the first things they did was to fire someone who had brought back the team, won the Scudetto, laid foundation on the team, know the culture inside out and how to transmit it. That with no explanation. Replacing him with a banker and a french-specialist scout.

      Replacing the ordinary coach with the least exciting name on the market. And they even dare to say if the fans were dissatisfied, they’re dissatisfied too? They said they dropped Lopetegui because of the fans, but hired Fonseca instead? Where’s the logic in that statement.

      Fans should act like, well, fans. We’re not accountant. We’re not paid by the club to analyze the financial statements. Look at Inter, all the balderdash on the club running on a huge debt, while keep on performing well on the field. Many said we should take advantage on the ownership fiasco at Inter, yet, they extend their key players contract hustle free. By the look of it, they might consider Zhang as their hero. They already prepared for the current market. While us? It looks like we instead that’s having financial difficulties.

      1. THIS.

        Are we in some twilight zone, where financial hardship equals great success. Because this is some weird place.

  2. Zlatan’s words actually inspire zero confidence

    Considering the general discontent from fans, mainly with Fonseca’s appointment and lack of renewals for Theo and Mike, he has ALOT of work to do.

    “Making history” isnt always positive and the positive side involves winning.

    Time will tell
    Forza Milan

  3. Guys you’re just throwing trivial concepts like “objectivity” or “optimism” that mean nothing in the current situation. If objectivity should be based on facts, then the facts are that Milan hired a second tier coach, won nothing last season, had a historic poor defensive record, a terrible midfield, got embarrassed in European competitions and humiliated by Inter in Serie A. And, again, our ownership and management constantly express that we’re not competing or that it’s boring to win or that obviously the goal is to produce value for Redbird. “Optimism” in this case is “as nourishing to the intellect as a photograph of oxygen to a drowning man”.

  4. I do believe him, and I am sure the rest of the management will be dissatisfied either right away or after hearing some insults in San Siro.

    But the main question here is: what can you do if the fans are dissatisfied ?

    For example, if Fonseca fails, would you hire a top tier manager like Pochettino, Tuchel or Zidan, OR hiring someone like Rudi Garcia and try to sell it to the fans with another press conference.

  5. We don’t listen mercenary who only cares money ibrahimovic-Redbird/Elliott out we need ambitious owners serious people no bankers

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