Ibrahimovic closes Milan chapter with brilliant and honest press conference: “Even God is crying”

By Isak Möller -

An emotional Zlatan Ibrahimovic said goodbye to football as AC Milan ended their season with a 3-1 win against Verona. Speaking at the press conference afterwards, the Swede shared his thoughts on the decision.

After tonight’s game, there was a guard of honour for Ibrahimovic on the pitch and the striker announced in his speech that he has decided to retire from football. Understandably so, it was a very emotional moment for the veteran.

Speaking at the press conference afterwards, Ibrahimovic explained why he opted to retire from football and he actually admitted that even his family were left in the dark about the situation, such was the recency of his decision.

It remains to be seen what Ibrahimovic will pursue in the future. He has many other business ventures and will certainly not lack things to do, but given what a huge part football has been of his life he’s bound to feel a bit strange.

What kind of an evening was it for you?

“It was a very special day for me. I didn’t tell anyone that I was leaving football. I told the club that we had to do something for the last match, but they didn’t know about my retirement. I thank the journalists for their patience, now you will have less work…

“From tomorrow I’m a man free from this world. It’s been a long, long career. I’m proud and happy. The career lasted a long time. Thanks to those who gave me strength, adrenaline, emotion to continue…

“Today is my last day as a professional. I thank Milan for everything they have done and everyone I have played with, clubs and national teams. Everyone knows who is important to me, they know it. My future? Let’s enjoy it now. It’s all there.”

What are you afraid you will miss?

“Every day we have the same program as players. Now I won’t have a program to follow. I will miss the dressing room, there I shared everything, now I’ll have to do it with my wife. But I’m ready and I accept.”

When did decide you’d had enough?

“When I woke up it was raining, I said even God is crying. In the last 10 days. I’ve accepted it, even not being able to finish on the pitch. However, what I went through today was too beautiful, a memory for a lifetime. My car now goes to Milanello by itself. We have to find other destinations.

“I arrived with great responsibilities, as a driver at the helm of this team. I liked it a lot. In the USA I didn’t intend to go back to Europe, then Mino convinced me. I have too much passion for football.

“I have a mentality that I always want to grow, move forward, I’m never satisfied. I will miss Milanello, but I will come and say hello to the team.”

What will your future be?

“For the moment I just want to take time and enjoy what I’ve done. I think it’s not right to make a decision in a hurry, there’s too much emotion. I want to take the summer, enjoy it, reflect on what I’ve done.

“Then, with calm down, let’s see. Being a coach or director is a great responsibility. When you’re a footballer you have more chances to be yourself, as a coach you are more limited. I can’t come in a Ferrari as a coach, or maybe Ibra can…

“Let’s change the rules a little. I don’t think I’m leaving football in general, but if I enter it I have to make the ladder from scratch and grow. It doesn’t mean I’ll be a top coach.”

Is there a player that can be like you?

“Impossible. There is one of Zlatan. Not because of my ego, but because we are all different. As a child they compared me to Van Basten, but he is him and I am me. There may be similar things, but it is not right compare like that. Another Zlatan with my ego… I don’t think so.”

A thought for the late Mino Raiola…

“Everything I did, I did with Mino, even outside of football. I was alone, I didn’t have anyone by my side. I’m very private about my things, I shared them with Mino. His tragedy happened and it was never the same again. If it were up to him, I’d continue playing football because he wants the commission… Sorry Mino, but it’s the truth.”

What moment do you have in your heart?

“Today. I couldn’t even dream like this: from the first day I felt at home with Milan, with the old and with the new. Everything was beautiful. When I leave this one I will miss it a lot. Today they brought out the real Ibrahimovic.”

When did you decide to retire?

“The time came to me. There has been a lot of advice from others, but the time has come to say enough and to enjoy private life and football in another way. There have been offers, but it wasn’t interesting. If one has agreed not to continue the offers no longer interest.

“It’s been many years, every year and every day I’ve learned something, I have fantastic memories to think about in the future, and I can’t do that over a day.

“I just need to enjoy the situation, take my time and realise what I’ve done over such a long time. I need to feel how it is to live without football. I’m feeling well, many different emotions and adrenaline. But it’s all under control.”

Ibrahimovic spoke to Gazzetta dello Sport on Friday, which you can read in full here, and he seemed to make it clear that he didn’t want to retire at the end of the season. However, as it turns out it was all just a ploy.

“I had already decided when I made that interview, the thing is that no one knew about this decision so I couldn’t say anything. I wanted everyone to hear it at the same time.”

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  1. ”If it were up to him, I’d continue playing football because he wants the commission… Sorry Mino, but it’s the truth.” looool

  2. When he arrived i wasnt exactly a fan of him but he quickly won me over in his first season on loan from barcelona.
    Ii think the word legend is often tossed around too easily but in my view its only a few players that deserves such acclaim but zlatan is one of those few players that actually deserves such acclaim as he has been instrumental in our resurgence and hopefuly he will get a role as a staff member in some capacity,

    1. Sad he had to retire because milan dident offer a new contract… very poor from milan i think… so they made him retire basically

      1. I think, this decision was made, after meeting with Ibra.. I don’t think, Maldini would’ve denied a contract extension for Ibrahimovic! Glad that, he retired in Milan..

  3. Ibra is like one of those enigmatic villains in movies you can’t help but love.
    Milan should keep him on as coach or something.

  4. His wonder goal in Ajax and the one against England still lives me she’ll shocked. He is indeed the last of an era when football had great and legendary players across all leagues unlike what is obtainable today. It’s still amazing how he evolved and adapted to this era of football despite his age. One who speaks his mind and states things as they are and should be. Most of all, continues to prove critics wrong on the pitch.
    Cheers to an undisputed living legend. IBRACADABRA!

  5. Sad he had to retire because milan dident offer a new contract… very poor from milan i think… so they made him retire basically

    1. You just want to stir the pot. Keep repeating the same thing over and over to get a file out of ppl. Such a shame. Enjoy the moment you’re in. An AC Milan legend has retired. Who cares what’s happening behind the scenes. Ibra seems happy and that was his best way to bow out and that’s what matters

  6. Really football gods and fans are crying…

    Everything what you have done, no one can do.
    There are many players who can replace others but not you.
    Fortunate to have seen you play but the guilty of not seeing you for the last time hurts a lot but for long time untill the time heals it.

    GODbye Zlatan…
    Happy Retirement…

    See you soon as a Zlatan 2.0

  7. Grazie mille Ibracadabra!!! Come back as an AC Milan scout or agent and may you brng many amazing players to our club!

  8. Thank you Zlatan for being our Ibrahimovic. Milan history will never be complete without you occupying a special place in it. First time you played for us we won the league. In your second coming we already humiliated before you accepted the challenge of coming to our aid, but yet you inspired one of the greatest resurgence in modern football with little or no quality in the team. Now those little lamb you came to play with in 2020 are now becoming lions on the pitch all thanks to your work and advice to them.
    You were a role model to even the superstars, you remain one of the greatest sportsman of this generation.
    Thanks for your contribution in making Leao a superstar, and thanks for forging TONALI into the beast that he is today- I hope he stays to continue in the legacy you kept.
    Words really fail me on how much MILAN adores you “Zlatan Ibrahimovic” the Lion and I hope you will always stay with us as ur family.
    FORZA IBRA♥️♥️♥️

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