Ibrahimovic discusses recovery, Scudetto emotions and possibility of another renewal – video

By Oliver Fisher -

Zlatan Ibrahimovic has insisted that he is closing in on a return to competitive action but also insisted he will only come back when he feels fully ready.

Ibrahimovic has been sidelined since he underwent knee surgery at the conclusion of the Scudetto winning season and he seems to be almost at the end of his long recovery path, but of course his condition will be handled with the utmost care.

The 41-year-old was interview by Milan TV as part of the ‘access all areas’ style content that the club are putting out, and he spoke while walking on a beach, with his comments relayed by PianetaMilan.

On his condition after the injury: “I’m fine. I’m improving with each passing day. I’m following the protocol that I have to follow. Unfortunately, there’s no date for Ibra to return because when I feel ready, when I’m fine, I’ll return. This is the most important thing. And then it’s important to feel good because when you’re good you can do things. I’m not coming back because I want to play as Ibrahimovic, I’m coming back because I want to make a difference.”

On the difference with the injury he suffered at Manchester United: “Another injury. The difference is that I’m more ready this time, I wasn’t ready the first time because it hadn’t happened to me. I’ve never been in that situation before. Now I have experience compared to the first time. The key here is patience, work and come back stronger than before.”

On the knee injections he had last season: “Let’s try in every possible way, to grit our teeth and think about other things like the team and help them. Then I did what I was able to do. I tell you the truth, it wasn’t so much what I was able to do because I was very limited. The knee was really bad and every time I entered the field there was the risk of worsening the situation and that’s what I’m paying for. But if I have regrets I say no, I would always do it if I have the chance to win it Scudetto.”

“I understand this because if you work for a trophy you’ve never won it’s not easy because you don’t have experience, you’re not used to it. But in the end we won and when you win everything melts away, relaxes, tears, emotions, joy, smile, enjoy. All come at once it’s the best moment that can happen to you.

“This is why a footballer plays and works for this thing and when this comes back to you it’s the best thing that can happen. My speech was unscheduled. I’m not someone who plans my own things, I’m myself and I say what comes to me at the moment.

“After what we’ve been through, since my arrival, I’ve made a promise, to play in a pandemic, to go back to playing with fans there, many things have happened and then we win. So there the speech came from the heart, I think the boys deserved this.

“Then everything exploded, you can see in the video: there’s not much to explain. What gives me satisfaction is seeing Maldini exult, celebrate. We know how much this trophy means. What we went through was not easy for anyone, it was infinite joy.”

On if he was afraid of not returning to the pitch: “I don’t have fear, there’s no such thing as being afraid. You have to be realistic. I was lucky to play football for 20-25 years. I’m not afraid, it’s destiny. All that is happened and will happen, it must be so.”

On how many times he trains a day: “It’s not how much I work. There is no timetable. I train until I feel good and satisfied. A couple of hours a day, I feel alive when I work. Because I know in my mindset that when you work well and hard, it always comes back to you. But not only in training, but also in other jobs. I’m an animal, I’m strong outside when you look at me, but I’m even stronger inside.”

On those who play in Milan’s youth team: “I give a lot of advice. What you explain and feel for them happens in the match. So when I say to coach and be careful, it’s one thing if you say it with your voice, another is when it happens on the pitch.

“What I said, I explain, is repeated in action. It’s what I talk to them about. I tell them that if Rafa misses a dribble, they can make mistakes too. They have the pressure to be my children, but they make mistakes, it’s normal. I tell them that their example can make mistakes, they too can make mistakes. It’s my experience that I transform into the new generation.”

On if they remind him of how he was as a child: “I think that everyone has his own profile, character, style of playing. Then if someone is like me it’s not right, you shouldn’t compare him because otherwise you’ll get into trouble. Everyone is himself, not it is fair to say that they are the same as their dad. They are young, feel good and are happy with what they are doing.”

On what memories he has of the Dubai retreat in 2010: “We were in Dubai, we ran to the beach. Then everything went as we wanted. Great experience, great memories.”

On if he ever spoke to his parents about the reason for the name: “Dad’s surname is Ibrahimovic. Then they said Zlatan, which is gold in Slavic. I never asked why. It’s like this, it was destiny. I can’t change it.”

On if he has the goal of transforming something impossible into possible: “We already did it two years ago. I arrived and said we were taking Milan to the top. Many laughed and didn’t believe it, but instead we worked and everyone took their own responsibility.

“Paolo and Ricky did a great job, us and the coach on the pitch. Everyone did their part, now we’re where we are but we don’t need to be satisfied. Don’t think it’s over, it’s the opposite. Did you eat a little ‘ successful and you know what a feeling it is. That must continue now and be hungry to do even more.”

On if he will sign another ‘deal’: “We are working for this.”

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