Images show the two fatal mistakes Musah made in Milan’s draw vs. Lecce

By Isak Möller -

Yunus Musah didn’t have a successful game off the bench as AC Milan squandered a 2-0 lead against Lecce. Although he was played out of position, the American was heavily involved in both of the goals conceded. 

Davide Calabria was the starting right-back for Milan but suffered from a minor discomfort, and was thus taken off at half-time. Everyone expected Alessandro Florenzi to replace him, but Stefano Pioli decided to bring on Yunus Musah instead.

On the first goal, Musah completely lost his player in the box and on the second one, he should have put the ball out of play (see the photos below). Two fatal mistakes that easily could have been avoided, regardless of the American’s position on the pitch.

After the game, Pioli was asked about the substitution and stated that he wanted someone who could match Lecce’s pace on the flank. It’s a decision that has been heavily criticised and one can certainly understand why. Having said that, though, it’s clear that Musah made two big mistakes.

Florenzi eventually came off the bench and Musah was moved to the midfield. In fairness, the veteran didn’t have a successful performance on that flank either, losing Nicola Sansone at the far post (who hit the inside of the post).

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  1. Well, Florenzi was ready in the bench, but Pioli decided to use Musah as RB.. That and ability to kill the game earlier cost Milan the game. Keep Pioli and get rid Maldini is a disaster

  2. I get the point that Pioli thought he could use Musah’s pace against Banda. But come on.. you are leading 2-0. You don’t need pace, but a compact team even though there were plenty of chances to kill of the game. In fairness, neither Florenzi or Musah would come on if we had a fit team (Calabria, Kalulu), but still it’s bizarre to see a team so confused and stretched when you have a 2-0 lead. No reason to do this. Regardless of Musah’s completly stupid dribling moves in the defence. Since he put on Florenzi 20 min, he just realized that he yet again made a big mistake.

  3. We can dress this terrible performance against Lecce by blaming Musah and other players.

    The point is, as a top manager why would you replaced a right back with a midfielder when you also have a right back avaialble.

    I won’t even mention the faith he have in Krunic, which is beyond me …lets hope Pioli is sacked that is the only logical and sesnsible decision to stop these inconsistencies.

  4. The choice of using Musah as right back is questionable, but Pioli explained it clearly in the post match. You may agree with that or not, but there is a rationale. It is time to give players accountability. Pioli definitely did not tell Musah to stop marking his man on a corner. And I’m sure as everybody else in front of TV, Pioli was just waiting for Musah to get the ball out with Theo on the ground. This second mistake is really bad and shows a player that is not with him mind in the match.

  5. Everybody does realise that the two goals didn’t come from Musah’s positioning as a RB?

    The corner had nothing to do with him playing RB.

    And whilst he may have been in the RB position for the second goal, it was not his positioning that lead to the mistake but him trying to dribble past players.

    It seems that when he actually played RB his positioning was fine!

  6. Let’s work through this logic with all of the armchair tacticians here.

    Are you saying that Musah (or any player) is incapable of playing anywhere on the pitch except their specific designated positions?

    Even Musah can’t move back from RCM to RB?

    I mean the whole inverted FB thing must blow everyone’s minds.

    1. Lol they think our players are so bad they need to be coddled and told exactly what to do by the manager or they cant function

      People cant be serious if they think Musah had no choice but to try and dribble past 3 players and lose the ball, that can happen anywhere in the pitch not just RB….why didnt he pass back or lob the ball far away.

    2. Bro the skill set required of defenders are different to that of a midfielder. Surely u MUST know this. Or else we should play Leao at centre back due to his pace /s

  7. That is why Musah isn’t a DM like I’ve been saying all the time. Not good enough defending, he gives away the ball etc. But he will learn, he is really young.

  8. The mistakes Musah made on Lecce’s goals weren’t due to him being in the right back position, they were about principles that apply to every position. When a cross comes in and is NOT going to land anywhere near you or your mark, you have to assume the ball will be flicked on to your mark and stay tight. And when your player is down, kick the ball out of play.

    1. atleast there’s some sane people here who actually watched the game, Musah literally did the right things 3 days ago, how can anyone predict that he’ll do silly things like try to dribble past 3 players or lose his mark in a defensive position.

  9. this is what i call pioli make some stupid experience… Musah as RB this isnot the first time pioli makes stupid mistakes…. in 2021 or 2022, he put krunic as left winger or sale as RB that cost us a penalty… in case Musah as RB, we have 2 better option (kalulu and florsi)… its really joke…

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