Intermediary reveals Enzo Fernandez ‘immediately said yes’ to Milan: “Really a shame”

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan had the green light from Enzo Fernandez over a move during the summer but did not launch an offer in time, according to agent who acted as an intermediary.

Milan were repeatedly linked with a move for Enzo Fernandez during the summer transfer window but it seemed that Renato Sanches was the main focus of the management, with the Portuguese midfielder eventually joining PSG from Lille.

In the end a move to Benfica is what materialised for the Argentina international, who just became a World Cup winner after showing his qualities for his country at the recent tournament in Qatar.

Now, Martin Guastadisegno – an agent who acted as intermediary for Italian clubs in the negotiations over a deal that could have brought Enzo Fernandez to Serie A – has offered some background on the talks that took place in an interview with TMW.

“Contacts with Milan begin in March and in May Geoffrey Moncada was in Argentina to talk to the player and see him play live. He would have accepted on the run, he wanted Italy and immediately said yes to the possibility of moving to the Rossoneri,” he said.

“Fiorentina also made a concrete move, but – just like the Rossoneri – did not submit any offers and in the end he went to Portugal. but I am convinced that if Benfica had waited a little longer from Italy the offer would have come, especially from Milan who showed great interest and probably just needed a little more time to formulate their proposal. It was really close, it was really a shame…”

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  1. I can’t even start imagining how Geoffrey Moncada feels. He has to go search the world for cheap talents, watch a billion hours of videos , and literally get the deal done for players just so his incompetent director to blew the whole operation up.
    Same thing happened with Kolo Muani , with Simakan, with Kone, on and on.
    Enzo was bought for 10 mil, about to be sold for over 100 mil.
    Kolo Muani was free agent, now his price is around 40 mil.
    This is what happens when you have someone who thinks he knows more than everyone else and doesn’t listen to people more competent than him.
    The worst part is that he didn’t even sign the player he was after instead of Enzo. He didn’t even sign Renato Sanches

    1. “Great things may come to those who wait,
      but only the things left by those who hustle”.
      Manuel Rui Costa doesn’t wait to formulate an offer, that’s why he is about to make 80 mil in profit after 6 months.
      While our director waits and waits and waits, loses targets, loses our own players for free.
      If, on top of all this Massara leaves for Juve, will be even in bigger trouble if Paolo has to do the job without a babysitter.

      1. FIRE THEM ALL. We need to rehire Fassone and Mirabelli, who spent 200m without batting an eye and won us tons of trophies. Don’t think, just shoot! Make Milan Great Again!

  2. Comparison
    Enzo fernandez price was 12M
    Renato sanchez price was higher 25M+

    Enzo fernandez said yes to us.
    Renato sanchez said what? You guess it.

    1. To be fair, Renato Sanches’ price was 15, but if he was coming, he would have only come to make Florenzi company in the recovery room since they are both most known for being injury prone

  3. In alternate universe, he did come to Milan, but flopped and couldn’t even break into the first team, only managing a few minutes here and there, only registering an assist in 15 games. He was called up for the World Cup but it was a complete disaster and he only managed to make a 15 minutes cameo on group stage exit for his national team.

    The fans were calling for Maldini head for going for ‘unknown’ Argentinian kids instead of established name like Sanchez.

    “We could’ve got Renato for 15, but Maldini instead chose to save 3M to get this flop”

    1. This is true. We never know what gonna happen regarding the market and its players. In the other world, we missed CdK and he shines bright at Leeds making us throw all kind of stones to the management. While on reality we splashed huge (Milan’s huge) sum of money on him and we’re only able to comfort ourself with the word patience.

      So yes, there’s no such thing as a perfect world. And hopefully Maldini & Co. would learn a lesson from this kind of situation.

      Oh and the total transfer fee of Enzo is 18 mil. 12 mil is only the fixed fee. And 6 mil is a huge difference for Milan.

    2. Are you describing CDK?

      “We could’ve got Renato for 15, but Maldini instead chose to save 3M to get this flop”

      Maldini didn’t make the wrong choice between Renato and Enzo. He got neither one of them. That is the issue here.
      On top of then moving for CDK after he didn’t get Enzo and Renato.
      But I know there will be people that will come here and say that CDK was the 1st option the whole time.
      Milan wanted Renato to play the 10 at Milan. They went after CDK once they finally realized that Renato isn’t turning down 6 million from PSG for their 3+mil.
      The last 2 summer transfer windows have been disastrous by Maldini.
      Incoming and outgoing.
      As of today, only Giroud looks like a good move.
      Maignan is awesome, but that doesn’t matter if he isn’t available to play

    3. This. Damn if you do, damn if you don’t.

      If he’s a flop, some of these video games football manager will blame Maldini for buying him. But if it’s a success, these dumbass will not respect Maldini works.

  4. If he had come, Pioli would have stick to his guns of choosing Lord Krunic every single time. So, basically Enzo would be another Adli.

  5. Can’t blame Maldini for this as we all know by now how transfer decision are made. The decisions had to come from highs up….so we lost can’t blame move on…..

  6. Milan has a poor management, we lost enzo, we lost Julian alvarez and for what to pay salaries to a 41 years player, or to balo toure, or to vranckx, isnt it obvious that a club needs a number 9 which we dont have

    1. “Milan has a poor management, we lost enzo, we lost Julian alvarez and for what”

      Can’t lose something you don’t have in the first place. You should remember that when playing FM next time.

      1. How about losing Gigio, Hakan, Kessie, Romagnoli?
        That’s something Maldini had, and he lost.
        Maldini has had some good deals, but he has also had as many, if not more, bad ones.
        Fans analyze and often criticize the players , coaches, and management. That’s what a fan does. Maldini isn’t excluded from that criticism, and if we are being honest, it’s very much warranted criticism. His last 2 transfer campaigns have not been good at all. Our team is weaker in quality and in depth. Since Maldini is in charge of the sporting department in the club, he gets the criticism for the state of our squad.
        With great power comes great responsibility .
        Has nothing to do with FM. Just look at our squad

        1. We’re also not playing Monopoly. So we don’t collect $200 every time we pass go. The club is operating on a very conservative financial model so that it doesn’t end up like Juventus. Have they been perfect? No. But what club is perfect? Despite all these supposed failures, were still second, only behind Napoli that is having a phenomenal campaign due to the unanticipated explosion of Kvaratskhelia and a healthy Osihmhen, a player they spent 80m on. Not to mention that we qualified for the CL knockouts (so, progress). People make it seem as though we’re still a mid-table team. Regardless, we need to stop looking backwards and look forwards. Gigio, Hakan, Kessie, and Romagnoli are gone, Alvarez and Fernandez never arrived. Period. Move on. We have another window coming up and then another in the summer. None of the aforementioned players will be involved.

          1. Because they are acting like a small mid table team every time it comes to negotiations. What are they doing with the money for making Champions League? Not reinvesting it in the team. They pretend like they are going after good players like Sanchez, Botman, Ziyech…, but then they sign some cheap 20 year old and pocket the money for their shareholders. And yes, Maldini deserves criticism. How many starters are you going to let leave for Free and not replace them with someone of equal value, and not think that the team is going to be worse. Which this team is very much worse than last season, which was actually worse than the season before when they finished second. Roster wise the team has been getting worse each season the last few years. It is unacceptable and it’s going to come back to bite them. They will be lucky to finish top 4 this season.

          2. @K. LOL. I guess you forgot we are still under a UEFA settlement agreement that restricts how much we can spend. Read the below. Dumb kid.


  7. There are plenty of players with good potential out there but Milan can’t recruit all of them.

    And one player didn’t come to Milan doesn’t mean it’s a sign of bad decision.

    Pretty much Enzo career isn’t with Milan. But who knows in the future.

    1. How about 1. Instead of the Bakayoko’s, Ballo-Toure, Origi, Dest, Pobega, Vranckx, CDK, Adli or several other disaster signings that can’t even get on the pitch.

  8. Clown parade is out today 🤣. If you all are so good a transfers why aren’t you all directors. Juve is looking for ppl, maybe send an application

    1. Maldini can boys can’t accept facts o r criticism, whatever he does is correct. Pls open your eyes enough of this B.S, if PSV game is not a wake-up call for you, I don’t not what it will take to wake all the Maldini fan boys!!!

      1. I am just looking at this with clear mind actually, and I have the confidence to say that whatever Maldini would do, it would be in the very best interest of Milan. Whether the decisions taken are not as expected/hoped, that’s simply the piece and parcel of life.

        Having said that, of course, as the result he would have a lot of issues to consider and won’t be able to assemble the best team given the financial situation that we are in.

  9. It’s always easy to judge a decision six months later. If Maldini had seen his WC he would have made different decisions, but if his choices are to be judged they have to be judges my what information was available at the time, not 6 months later.

    Why not 10 years? 15? Galliani really messed up when he didn’t buy Ronaldo in 97. Should have picked Buffon up from Parma.

    Why on earth didn’t Maldini buy Kvaratzkhelia this summer, after the fall season he has had?

    Use your brains, people – Chronology matters…

    Yes, it’s a shame, wish he’d have come. But that doesn’t mean ‘Maldini should have done better.’

    In the last transfer window he was paralyzed by the clubs sale. Remember that whole thing, announcing the sale with amknth to go and tying up every dollar till the takeover was complete? Blame Elliott if you wanna blame someone.

    CDK will pull through, the bit has heaos of talent.

  10. CDK & Adli is failed due to dumb pioli…he is playing the same rotation and same tactics every single game..only to bail out by either giroud or leao while tonali holding down the middle …

    They went on to splash money on ballo-toure while guys like milos kerkez was in youth academy…

    We should try for either pochettino or tuchel if we want to progress as a club and give opportunities to coubis or stalmach and chaka…rather than spending millions on other teenagers who hype up in media.

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