GdS: Alardhi’s plan for Investcorp’s Milan and how to compete with Europe’s elite

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan are close to being sold to Investcorp for a sum of €1.1bn, and details continue to emerge about the plan that they have for the club.

According to what La Gazzetta dello Sport (via MilanNews) reported this morning, the project of Investcorp executive president Mohammed Alardhi is an ambitious one based around taking the Rossoneri back to the top in Europe.

To do this a lot of work is needed but mainly an increase in revenues which comes from work on the brand and the continuation of positive results on the field. Alardhi already knows some areas of intervention that he wants to focus on.

Much of Milan’s future will also depend on the new stadium and the possibility of building a new stadium seems to have attracted Alardhi to Milan, who was already convinced by the strength of the Rossoneri brand around the world.

To return to competing in Europe, revenue is needed and a new stadium would help a lot. The idea that has emerged however is building the new San Siro alone, without the participation of Inter. There are certainly economic reasons behind this but also because Alardhi would like to experience the full atmosphere of the stadium. First though signatures must come.

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  1. Honestly Milan Labs, our medical and coaching reform should be a priority for Investcorp. A fresh approach to training, coaching, tactics, recuperation, etc. We don’t have to reinvent the wheel, knowledge is out there, we just need to embrace it and implement it, now that we will have funds to do it.

    If we play high pressure, our players get injured, if we stop pressing, we’re not competitive enough. We need see that teams like Liverpool, Man City etc are doing, how are they keeping their players healthy and fit and just copy it.

      1. They have bigger squads with 2 players capable of being starters in every position which allows them to rotate players more which in turn reduces soft tissue injuries. It’s not rocket science

        1. You need to listen to what Klopp said they did last year. Their main investment was in physio and upgrading facilities for that. Also program of recuperation. 2 players don’t mean dick when at least one is always injured. We had 3 in some positions not 2 and had all 3 injured at the same time. Because we don’t know how to take care of them. It’s not rocket science.

          1. Agreed. Another area where Italian clubs are falling behind. Instead of spending that extra 10m per year on some rando player, clubs should invest that money on training facilities and youth development. A little sacrifice in the transfer market now means big savings later when players aren’t spending time on the treatment table, performing better on the pitch, and coming up through the youth setup.

    1. Have to agree with Shiva. Once the revolutionary Milan lab has lost it’s glory. One of reason for Milan’s success was Milan lab so a good medical, training and recuperation facility is more important than just subs.

      We really need to investigate what is causing SO MANY injuries. There is something severely wrong. No other club has THAT many injuries as much as we did. And our team doesn’t even know how to attack. It’s ironic.

      So huge investment in medical infrastructure and facilities are needed to overhaul our approach to fitness.

  2. Someone mentioned yesterday that they were not happy players were going in to train on their days off, when they were meant to be resting. Cant remember who it was, but they made a good point. Rest is just as important as training, and over training and not paying attention to recovery is a problem not something to be admired.

  3. Build own stadium without sharing are best option, but training ground and medical facility need atention too. Our player injury too often because bad facility

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