CM: Investcorp have greater ambitions than Elliott – the three pillars to their project

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan’s probable new owners Investcorp are expected to be more ambitious than Elliott Management should they take over, a report claims.

Alberto Cerruti writes for that ‘ambition’ is the key word that seems to accompany the projects of the Investcorp fund and their plans for Milan. What transpires in the circles close to their president Al Ardhi is that he wants the Rossoneri to win trophies that matter and soon, which is the first major difference compared to the current ownership of the Elliott fund.

Strengthening: That is why reinforcing the team is the big aim, which means that signings like Ballo Tourè and Bakayoko or the reserves of other teams like Giroud and Origi will not be on the agenda for the summer. Instead, the focus will be on signing players with strong guarantees like a Vlahovic-level striker and a quality right winger.

Management: Investcorp could also make some changes to the management given that Paolo Scaroni is more a symbolic president and the CEO Ivan Gazidis rarely speaks (especially with his health condition).

A strong team must have a strong club behind it, which knows how to be respected in the higher reaches, which is why the return of a figure like Boban cannot be ruled out. He was dismissed after publicly expressing doubts about the real intentions at a sporting level of Elliott and while it is still just a mere idea, a figure like him could serve.

Stadium: The third and final pillar of the project is the new stadium and it could provide a good opportunity to build a new facility only for Milan. The idea of building a new 63,000-seater stadium – with a capacity far less than that of San Siro – seems an absurdity because all the new stadiums built in Europe are bigger than those they replace.

Atletico Madrid moved from the Vicente Calderon (54,000 seats) to Wanda Metropolitano (67,000), Arsenal moved from Highbury (38,419) to Emirates (60,260), Bayern Munich moved from Olympiastadion (69,000) to Allianz Arena (75,000), so there is food for thought.

Of course time will tell if these three points will be addressed and resolved but in the meantime it is clear that Elliott’s time is up. Those who have the ambition to do better are welcome, not only on paper with balance sheets, but above all on the field with results.

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  1. The big difference between the Vincent Calderon, Highbury, Bayern old arena and San Siro is that those venues used to sell out repeatedly for most of their matches while San Siro doesn’t make capacity unless it’s a derby or one of the bigger games. This is why it makes sense to build bigger for the others and smaller for the Milan teams. No one wants to see empty sparse seats in a stadium average attendance for Milan games is around 40k. So better to see a third of the stadium empty than half I suppose. What also is not mentioned is that no one is building these 90k monstrosity stadias anymore as they don’t fill up on a regular, only 60-70k seaters which is in line with the new development plans for Milan..Bayern is exceptional because they’ve been run exceptionally for the last few decades

    1. Milan – Bologna had over 70k spectators. Bologna a bigger game? Hardly.

      >70k is the bare minimum for Milan but… The issue is Italian regulations. It’s almost impossible to get a permit for a bigger stadium. It seems to be impossible to get even this 63k project getting started so imagine how hard it will be to change it to a +70k seater…

      Italians are doing everything to prevent themselves get back into to the top. Preferring “outlanders” with their tax reductions, forever-taking stadium projects etc. No wonder they failed to qualify to World Cup.

  2. One “lesser” game had 70k + whopty doo…..
    And the reason was to push for the title. You can’t just look at a few games to determine capacity otherwise we can say.we need a 90k+ stadium based on our derbies.

    Why would 70k be the bare minimum? What’s the logic?
    What was the AVERAGE for the season?
    Why would you build a 70k seater when you only attract 40k most.of the time and 70k on a few occasions?

    We’ve only sold out the San Siro 4 times this season and there are 6-7 big teams in the league.
    Do the math

  3. of course it makes sense to have a bigger stadium than the planned one if it corelates perfectly with the teams development and if the aspirations is to become the very best of the sport again.
    Even if we build the stadium for ourselves we should be able to reach an average of 70.000 spectators in the coming years. It would also give the opportunity to present some cheaper tickets so the prizes wont end up excluding those who hasnt got a mid to high income. We could also in the potential scenario of low ticket sales for some matches use an area of the stadium to showcase either adds or let the curva banners stay up throughout an entire match. Add to that owning the stadium entirely by ourselves and even if a bigger one than the planned one would give us great room for stadium concerts and expos as we wont have to plan accordingly to inters fixtures.
    Anyways i like the planned stadium but building a 60-65000 stadium with no open option to expand would also leave us with some forseeable financial issues in the future.

  4. Where in “we average 40k per game” equate to a 70k seater stadium? Are you saying just by building the new stadium it will attract 20k more fans to each game? That’s quite unheard of.

    In our heyday of Pirlo,.Kaka, Seedorf we averaged 59k at best. We don’t have those mega stars anymore and somehow we’re supposed to hit those numbers? The highest average attendance last came in 08-09 at 59k. And in 03-04 was the last we cracked 60. And those were prime Milan days. Come on u guys need to be realistic.

    Also Milan currently has price differences for different income people, let’s not act like its something new or untried. People don’t even buy the cheap seats and they always are offering the group school discount for crazy cheap on weekday matches to make up numbers in the stadium

    1. I clearly said if it corelates with the squad developement and aspiraitions to become the very best of the sport. That would include market aquisitions of the absolute top players as well so yeah if the new ownership aspire towards that outcome more people will come to the stadium on the grounds of bigger star names in the team.

      Never considered the 00s as our heydays to be frank as we have had better teams previously than that period of time but obviously it was teams of best standards nevertheless. Well for what matters is what the management want and not what you deem unrealistic and if they plan to increase from the current plans well then im sure they are better equipped and well developed imn their ideas for that to happen than either of us are.

      Well im fully aware that we do offer tickets currently at low prizes and im certainly not acting like anything but a new stadium will most likely mean higher ticket prizes so clearly having a stadium of a certain size will give a better oppoirtunity to do so especially compared to having cut 20.000 of its current size.

  5. 63000 or 80000 , well thats very complicated. Getting permit to build stadium already hard in italy ,look like italy government want club’ rent stadium from them . For me myself i prefer 63000 but different area from san Siro ( example : sesto) . Let shinter rent san Siro so Milan government still got money . Owner money can be used for infrastructure like stadium,training ground,Laboratory medic and not count on FFP so investcorp are free use their money to build stadium and other facility for AC Milan

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