GdS: Investcorp unhappy with latest leaks and send ultimatum to Milan over purchase

By Oliver Fisher -

Investcorp are unhappy with the latest developments in the Milan takeover saga and have sent an ultimatum to Elliott Management, according to a report.

According to La Gazzetta dello Sport, Investcorp have made it known that the money is on the table to buy Milan and if Elliott want to sell the club they know what they must do. The Bahrain fund are not happy with the latest developments in the negotiation and the speculation leaked.

In particular, they are unhappy that news was circulated about Investcorp’s hypothetical attempt to find partners for the operation, such as banks or other investors. It is a hypothesis that the fund strongly reject, assuring they have all the money needed to buy the club.

They believe the offer that they have made is very rich, and therefore they have set an ultimate to Elliott (presumably a time by which they must complete the deal) in order to try and accelerate.

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  1. Of course they are unhappy. Elliott is leaking information that is false to say the least and is also damaging to Investcorp making the public believe they are not a serious buyer or that they don’t have the funds to complete the deal. Then favorizing Regchickien because they are americans and saying their bid is better because and all for the purpose of driving the price up.

    Yes its standard negotiation tactics, but it is pretty disgusting and we are not talking about the sale of a used car here. Billion plus is involved, gigantic companies are in play, you don’t just use flea market tactics in negotiations like this. Elliott is showing zero class. And it was obvious from the start. Negotiations should have been kept under wraps till season is over, instead they put unnecessary pressure on the club, players and public, and use that to make a few more bucks. Damn rednecks.

    1. @shiva genuine question, how do you know Elliot leaked anything? What basis is there other than media telling u they did? Also, if they did leak it how do you know it was false? Is it because you don’t want an American owner or because you have information about the negotiations we don’t have?
      In fact, the news about Investcorp being unhappy could be totally made up as well and negotiations are going well. That’s also a possibility

      It’s basically media spinning the narrative tbh. They can spin who’s good and bad

      1. Perhaps the only thing they got right is the ultimatum while the rest is to sell papers. I could see an ultimatum happening because another group has entered negotiations and they don’t want them to have the time to do due diligence which Investcorp is way ahead of and puts them in a better bargaining position esp if the other group has a lower offer but better experience

      2. Because I follow more than just this media outlet, more than just any media outlets. There are business insiders that share info about this on daily basis. This is big, it’s huge and of course that those that deal in stuff like that are gonna pay attention and discuss it. Information is out there, if you know where to look and who to trust.

        Just like information like this is available for those to care to look for it.

        Gerald Joseph Cardinale, founder of RedBird Capital, last December was a guest on the podcast “Are You Not Entertained”, also available on Spotify. During the episode Cardinale talked about how in RedBird they analyzed and observed European football and the conclusions they reached: “Before making the investments we made in European football, obviously we did really in-depth research and studies on teams and the market. , to try to understand better. We are convinced that there is no need to spend a large amount of money to win, you can be smart You can win and at the same time not sacrifice the liquidity of the team. And this is basically Moneyball. And I believe it.”

        Take this info however you like. I’m not here to interpret it for you.

        1. How do you interpret it? Spend 300m every year and win nothing like City or PSG? Most clubs are broke and deeply in debt. UEFA is about to impost a 70% of revenues spending cap. You think money pissing Man City and PSG will be able to cope with that? Maybe if they form the Super League, so they can overspending. Is Haaland really worth 300m or is that just inflation cause by these uninhibited clubs drawing cash from bottomless wells (literally and figuratively).

          1. Man City and PSG have won nothing? LOL. Not sure what you watch or read but last I checked both win the league pretty regularly – and especially for Man City that is saying something. CL is a different story yes, but many teams don’t win for years and years. Just look at Juve. @Shiva is correct re Redbirds plans to spend if the buy the club – they won’t be as free with their spending as Investcorp. That quote proves it and so does their history in other investments. You worry about debt but every successful business in the world has debt – governments too. It’s how everyone runs a business. Haaland is worth what the market dictates he’s worth. That’s business 101. So not sure what your talking about aside from just more racist remarks about Arabs owners. Elliott will sell to the highest bidder that is clear. They don’t care how it’s funded or whether the new owners saddle the club with debt – just so long as they take home the most $$$. That’s business.

        2. @shiva so how does this answer the question as to how u know for certain Elliot leaked info and that the leaked info is true? There is this thing called herd mentality ie one outlet puts out something and spread like wildfire.

    2. Lol, this also flies in the face of the fact that Elliott is multibillion dollar private financial corporation created from the ground up with a small investment, unlike the Arabs who just happened to find oil under their feet. “Class” has nothing to do with business anyway. It’s about accepting the best financial package as one has a FIDUCIARY DUTY to investors/principals. Go look up fiduciary duty if it’s a new concept for you. Have you ever made an offer for an asset (like real estate for example) at asking price and got outbid by someone else? Do you cry to the world that it’s unfair? It’s fairly standard practice in even the most sophisticated financial areas. Hence why there was a period of exclusivity, the implication (explication actually) being that once this expired Elliott was free to entertain other offers. Furthermore I can’t name a single club acquisition where negotiations were “kept under wraps” until after it was completed. Invariably, the news gets out. Furthermore, it was to be expected that Elliott would sell the club sooner or later, i.e. there has been a “for sale” sign up since the beginning.

  2. 1.1bn is a total bargain for one of football’s absolute premier club brands. Investcorp should put up or shut up.

    1. MC: you are right. Milan is one of the greatest club in this sport. Only few clubs in the World has history like Milan. They offer 1.1-1.2B. I think, that is way bellow from real value of Milan. Elliot does not need to hurry. I am sure, they can get better than these two offers. We will win Scudeto. With few good players, next season in CL we will do much better.

      1. That’s actually good price for a Milan. Milan is club that doesn’t own their stadium also they sold HQ building.

  3. Better elliot sell the club’ fast and ending this saga. We don’t want AC Milan summer transfer market affected by this takeover and failed to sign player that the team need. I prefer investcorp but don’t mind another option too

    1. @reccaman l believe you in that very way we need the team to be sold immediately we don’t want any wasting time we are tire abt that issue,

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