Pellegatti: Jorge Mendes offered Cristiano Ronaldo to Milan – the background and response

By Euan Burns -

Italian journalist Carlo Pellegatti has explained the background behind the supposed links between Cristiano Ronaldo and AC Milan this summer. 

Pellegatti has made a YouTube video (via Pianeta Milan) in which he breaks down where the links came from and why there is no credence in the idea that Ronaldo will be lining up in a Rossoneri shirt any time soon.

Jorge Mendes is the agent of Ronaldo, and that is also the case for Rafael Leao. That means he has a working relationship with the Rossoneri already.

Mendes proposed Manchester United’s Ronaldo to Milan as well as Inter and other sides. Pellegatti explained that offering a player of Ronaldo’s age to Milan, along with the demanded salary, makes very little sense.

Milan’s response was a very predictable no and Pellegatti continued to point out that the Rossoneri are much less willing to listen to proposals for players who are in their 30s as they are trying to gradually lower the age of the squad.

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  1. Nah. Keep him away from ACM. His salary is 40+ million per season. And we already have Ibra as a leader in the dressing room. Bringing Ronaldo would be a risk of conflict that we never want, considering Ibra’s salary is only 1 million. It will be not just a conflict but a war!
    And we have a full set of good strikers covering our attack. Better sign someone to close our weak spots.

  2. The way he played Milan for Renato Sanches, I wouldn’t even answer Jorge Mendes call.
    Milan will have difficult time renewing Mendes other client, Leao contract. If a good offer arrives , they should think about it before it’s too late and we have the same situation on our hands as with Donnarumma, Kessie, Hakan, Romagnoli.
    Cash in before he leaves for free. Left wing is not that difficult position to fill. There are plenty of good left wingers to choose from

    1. Sure there are plenty of good LW in the market but is there any that looks like Leao; young, tall (his 1.88 m), fast, and have great dribble and shooting accuracy.

      Even if Milan found another LW, they will be much different than Leao.

      1. What?
        Did you just wrote shooting accuracy? His shooting is only accurate if his goal is to hit a fan in the 2nd tier of the stadium.
        Leao’s height is no advantage at all since he doesn’t use it. He never engages in aerial duels in the flow of the game or on set pieces. On corners he often isn’t even in the penalty box.
        I agree that he is fast.
        He isn’t a good dribbler , he is a player who is good at taking-on on defenders. Out running and out muscling your defender is different from being skilled in dribbling.
        At the end , who cares if that other Lw would be different than Leao. Leao isn’t the perfect Lw, far from it.
        Plus if you can’t resign him , you still have to replace him. But if you are proactive and sell him at least you ll have the money to replace him with a better Quality player than if you didn’t have the sale money

        1. To be honest I’ll rather have Leao than any other left winger in serie a right now. Not because of his shooting or his height or even his dribbling but because he works well with the team and he is a game changer.

    2. It is highly likely that Mendes will take the position of Raola by giving Leao to Madrid as free agent in exchange for commission. Milan need to know the agents they work with. Leao should have his contract renewed as soon as possible or they sell him before it is late.

  3. No European club are crazy enough to sign Ronaldo for their club, except some crazy rich Saudi Arabia prince who doesn’t know what to do with their money. Heck, i don’t even think PSG or City wants him even if they can pay his salary.

  4. CR is still one of the best players in the world. He makes everyone around him work harder. Honestly I think he is worth the salary when factoring in the amount of increased revenue he will bring in.

    My problem with CR is that he becomes a crutch for the rest of the team to lean on. It happens at every team he plays for. This causes an overly calm mindset where it feels ok to go down a goal or ok to make a mistake because CR will save the day. Although much less obvious, Ibrahimovic became a bit of a crutch his first time at AC Milan and Milan players struggled to take on the increased responsibility when he left. It is 100x worse with CR’s presence on a team.

    I think AC Milan are going to feel a similar feeling with Kessie being gone. He was a crutch that made everyone feel less pressure as the consequences for underpformjng were not as severe with Kessie’s ability to cleanup mistakes at both ends.

    Anyways, CR belongs in the PL on a team that wants to win NOW. Chelsea would be perfect.

    1. Finally some sense..I agree with this. He’s like-minded as Ibra ie wants to win and shows everyone what it takes to get it done. Not everyone likes to put in that kind of work these days.
      Also on the Kessie comment, I got lambasted here for saying we’ll miss Kessie so be careful 😂😂 but if u know football you’ll know just how good Kessie was at holding our midfield together especially in the latter part of a game. He’s top 5 defensive mid in Europe that’s for sure

    2. I agree with all you said but the player demands way too much. Unless he takes a pay cut (which I highly doubt) but even less up-front I think we are good all we need is some squad depth for the champions league, compared italia and serie A.

  5. Lol bold of u to think after snaking us on the Sanches deal that we would entertain the idea of solving your Ronaldo issue, suck a fat one mendes

  6. For now highest salary in AC Milan are theo 4,5m euro nett. Ibra already reduced to 2m euro nett. There is no way AC Milan willing to pay 30m euro nett for CR salary. If just 6-7m euro nett maybe AC Milan will consider because CR jersey can be sold highest and CR have highest follower in social media . Conclusion : imposible to sign CR unless he want reduced his salary to 7m euro nett

  7. I am an avid supporter of Manu for decades. CR is my Hero but he is now 37 and very costly to maintain at Manu. His presence makes the entire team to fracture so it is fair to let him go now. Sad but that’s life! Manu must start to lower the average age of the team if they want to win trophies again.

  8. Please let ronaldo stay away from millan your service is not needed we are good for now please millan we have suffer alot now its our recovery time ibra is more than enough and the guys are improving daily

  9. It doesn’t make sense to move… Why would he pass off an opportunity to play alongside Tomori when Maguire is already there to guide the club?


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