Sky journalist believes Ibrahimovic will have ‘weight’ in Milan’s summer transfer plans

By Ben Dixon -

When rumours first emerged about Zlatan Ibrahimovic rejoining AC Milan, there were questions about what his role at the club would be, and a journalist has shed some more light on the part he may play in the Rossoneri’s transfers. 

After taking a duo role with Milan and RedBird, questions continued about whether the Swede would be influential in mercato, squad and managerial-related areas. Reports have suggested that Ibra is very intertwined with the hunt for a new manager, and so it would be imaged he will also be consulted regarding the club’s movements in the mercato.

The past two summers, albeit minus a few positives, will not be seen as successes, and there is a need for the upcoming summer transfer window to be near perfect if the Diavolo want to pose a threat in the 2024-25 Scudetto race.

Furthermore, with investment in a striker likely, few names are better to analyse their options than Zlatan.

Sky journalist Peppe Di Stefano spoke about the role Ibrahimovic will play in the transfer market – his words have been relayed by RadioRossonera.

“Ahead of the summer there is big news in my opinion: Ibrahimovic will have weight in the Rossoneri’s transfer plans, and it is not trivial. Milan’s transfer ‘coup’ is that now Ibrahimovic will have a say. And it doesn’t mean that he will choose the players, but he will certainly have his say. He will be in [Gerry] Cardinale’s ear. There will be an even more complete working group. I see Ibrahimovic, [Geoffrey] Moncada and [Antonio] D’Ottavio as quite cohesive.”

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  1. I don’t care who decides what but I do care that they strengthen the team to be able to compete for the scudetto and advance to the next round in UCL.

    1. You don’t care who decides …..

      but you want to compete for the scuedtto and advance in CL.

      Maldini brought in Theo, Leao, Tonali, Bennacer, Giroud, Maignan, Adli, etc.. He brought us back to the CL with a winning mentality

      but they decide to fire Maldini & Massara (don’t forget how awesome Massara is)

      They then promote MONEYBALL MONCADA who spends over 120 million signing world class all stars like Reijnders, Chukwueze, Musah and Terracciano amongst others. None of these guys have helped Milan this year. Reijnders failed at AM and is now failing at DM too. Can’t shoot, can’t pass, can’t play defense or win the ball back, can’t assist, can’t score. What can he do?


      Milan is still hoping for a top 4 finish, but who knows. Inter is destroying us and it’s not even close. We’re not even a THREAT to them anymore. Booted out of CL. Barely slipped by Rennes and are not looking good despite having a nearly full roster.



      1. Buddy we didn’t make Champions League last season even with those signings or did you forget we finished 5th? Also Reijnders has been our best midfielder by far, I think you’re confused about what happened here, and I think you’re confused about how FFP works. Doesn’t matter how much we invest we cannot compete with the Premier League due to their TV revenue they generate, unless we go the YongHoNg Li route and get banned from Europe again. We are doing much better than we did besides the Scudetto winning season. When we finished second to Inter during our first rise up Juventus were terrible and it was just us and Inter carrying the league. Last season was indicative of the league strengthening. But what you’re saying is completely wrong. We may have made the Champions League semi-finals but we finished 5th, also these players are highly rated, don’t let your ridiculous reasoning confuse yourself. RLC destroyed us when we played Chelsea, Barcelona wanted Reijnders along with many other clubs, also it’s his first season or have you forgotten how rubbish Tonali and Leao was in their first seasons with Tonali also not showing much growth during his time at Milan, and is now rotting in no man’s land. Do better, your argument isn’t valid at all. If anything needs to change it’s the coaching dept not the players.

      2. This summer will be basically a carbon copy of last summer sell what little talent we have left then bring in more players not fit for purpose just like elliott hedge fund planned when they first brought the club it’s all about maximise profits that’s why they’ll bring in motta in the summer yet another cheap option who won’t answer back.

        In the meantime inter amoungst the rest of the best in Europe will get further and further and further away.

        Oh by the way we are quickly approaching 20 years since we last won the UCL so are we any closer to winning it from when elliott took over ?

        Gerry elliot doesn’t count as long as he owes elliot over six hundred million.

        1. Elliott didn’t buy the club buddy, YongHoNg Li made a loan with Elliott to buy the club, when did you people start supporting the club that you’re getting facts this wrong. YongHong Li defaulted on his payments and Elliot repossessed the club. Do you even know what repossession is?

      3. You missed the point by roughly 1 000 000 miles though…

        I don’t care who calls the shots as long as they improve the team. Whether the players are b(r)ought by Maldini, Pioli, Furlani or motherf*cking Pope is absolutely trivial. The main thing is that the team gets strengthened.

        Moneyball? The same approach was there before but now it just got a “media-sexy” name.

  2. I wonder if you people who are hating on the project would’ve acted back in 1999/00 when we finished 3rd, with the likes of Gattuso, Shevchenko, Dida, and Serginho incoming, and getting knocked out of the group stages of the Champions League, or when we finished 4th in 2000/01, and losing in the UEFA Cup to Dortmund 5-3 on aggregate after getting hammered 4-0 in Dortmund. Or 02/03 when we won the Champions League but finished 3rd once again in the league. People forget we only won 1 league title with Ancelotti while being the best team in the world easily. You new fans are quick to throw the baby out with the bath water. Remember our squad during Ancelotti’s reign, remember we only won the league once.

    1. Exactly – I said this a week or so ago: everyone puts on rose tinted glasses remembering Ancelotti’s Milan. Toward the end of his time I remember the players wandering around lost, like CDK. There was no energy, no passion, nothing. But hey we beat Juve on penalties and Liverpool somehow when they were the better team – woohoo.

  3. Does anyone know if MEEZ is a bot? Honestly? Seems like it’s the same input every time. Do we know if he’s an actual human? NO, honestly.

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