Journalist believes Juve’s pressure has heightened tension between Milan and Raiola over Donnarumma

By Oliver Fisher -

Juventus appear to have a hand in Mino Raiola’s firm stance regarding Gianluigi Donnarumma’s contract renewal, according to a report.

According to the journalist Paolo Bargiggia (via, in order to accept a four-year renewal at €10-12m net per season Mino Raiola has asked Milan for a commission of €25m. Furthermore, Juventus seem to be behind the very high demands of the agent, as they are be willing to offer him a contract worth as much as €12-13m per season.

However, to attempt the swoop on their rivals the Bianconeri would have to sell Szczesny and they are hoping that offers arrive from the Premier League for the Poland international. In any case, the amount of tension between Milan and Raiola is very high and it seems that Elliott Management even intends to close relations with the agent as soon as possible in order to avoid problems in the future.

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  1. Patryk says:

    And i hope elliott will get rid of all Mino players, even if they are very good. It’s not worth it

  2. Ahmed Mohammed says:

    We’re just tired of reading about Gigio and his greedy agent we careless about whatever they do .

    1. Josh says:

      Who’s we here?

      Not everyone wants Donnarumma to go..

      He’s expensive alright…

      But I think he’s on his way to be one of the greats like Zoff, Buffon, Kahn, Schmeichel and perhaps could be one of the best ever…

      At least, the closest one for a goalkeeper to might have a chance on getting Ballon D’ Or, if it ever happen, I think Donnarumma has a chance to get it.. And seriously, even in the price of wage of 12-13 mill per year, if Donna is really the best, Milan should have him… We must get the best players in each position, And now, just Theo, bennacer, Kessie and Donna who could be cemented on their respective positions, with Ibra of course but he’ll soon go because of his ages, and we must fill other positions with the best in their positions… I know he’s expensive, but I really don’t want in my honest opinion, best goalkeeper Milan has ever had, I know plenty will get mad and disagree with me, but even the Great Sebastiano Rossi, Lehmann, and Dida are not as good as Donna (talent-wise)… He’s so talented.. And Raiola isn’t doing anything wrong, people get mad at him and said he’s greedy, while I think he’s just doing his job, and that is getting the best contract for his player the way he can.. And he did a great job doing that.. Even Milan is trying their best to fulfill Donna wage’s request.. Fans know nothing about football, if Donna leaves Milan, that;s because he’s that good, he’s too good and Milan can’t afford him… All great players demand huge wages… And Donna has been good since his early ages, perhaps the closest one is Iker Casillas who’s become Madrid number one and soon followed Spain’s national team number one in his young age.. And how dare people judge Donna being greedy, you dont know perhaps his ambition might want to be number one goalkeeper in the world? winning world cup and euro? and he needs a vehicle to do that.. I’m sure if we want to dominate Europe again, Pay up his wages, and we might have a chance to win two or three more,,
      champions league in the next 10 years and sign quality players, but we can’t lose Donna, having the best players in their positions is one of the way to earn respect and being acknowledged as great teams… Few names could be mentioned right now about the better goalkeepers than Gigio Donnarumma

  3. nananinsa says:

    Just let him go and give chance to Plizzari or other young GK. Sick of the Agent

  4. banjo2003 says:

    Dude seriously if Gigio LOVES Milan, he will never go to Juve.

  5. Javier says:

    Raiola va a jugar en alguna posición del equipo? pide una comisión de 25 K que es el valor de algún jugador, además si Raiola trabaja para Gigio y él quiere jugar la UCL con el Milán, porque no detiene a su codicioso agente? si bien Donnarumma es parte del proyecto del Milán y éste no lo entiende, es mejor que se vaya a la Juventus donde por cierto no ganará la Champions porque es equipo de serie A, de acuerdo a la información Elliott pretende cerrar relaciones con Raiola lo que a la larga será mejor… Forza Milan… Sempre Milan… Più Più Milan… Siempre Milán

    1. Jj says:

      The articles are in English….why would you even???

      1. micah97 says:

        Leave him alone.We need to stand firm…8M in this COVID time or he goes….he will be the 2nd best paid GK at what we are offering…..Raiola wanting 25M is just disrespectful…Donnarumma can go if he really wants to…his agent has made negotiating impossible

  6. teth says:

    if thats the case then gigio by his agent had choose his side for the future. what a let down.

  7. Popo says:

    If Donarumma grow at Milan Academy, Why Donarumma still need agent if He still have loyalty to Milan
    Sack Mino than hire Your brother to be your manager
    If Donarumma more concerned money than loyalty so open the exit door or write Milan’s bench with Donarumma’s name until end of his contract

  8. Francis says:

    Honestly I agents like Raiola need their hands clipped…You can’t decide to just be extremely greedy that it makes clubs loathe working with you.
    Imagine if all big clubs shunned your players ,however good they might be..You won’t be able to sell any players to the big clubs and your clients will have to severe ties with you to be able to sign for the big clubs.
    It’s no use antagonizing relations with the big clubs because you are becoming a greedy agent…These clubs are bigger than any player or agent.

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