Journalist claims Conte to Milan was ‘done’ and Allegri talks took place

By Ben Dixon -

AC Milan will seemingly appoint Paulo Fonseca as their next head coach shortly, and a journalist has given some insight into the other avenues which were evaluated by the Rossoneri whilst giving some information about the pursuit of Antonio Conte. 

The past week has given clarity to the managerial situation for the first time in a long time. Stefano Pioli’s departure shifted constantly, with his position insecure for most of the season, without action being taken, and the hunt for a new manager followed the same pattern.

Several options were looked into, and on more than one occasion, Milan had their man. However, things broke down, and the hunt continued. Now, it seems the Rossoneri have their next head coach in the pipeline.

Paolo Paganini spoke to Rai about the managerial pursuits and offered some interesting information about the different options that Milan looked at, and his comments have been relayed by Pianeta Milan.

On Massimiliano Allegri…

“Allegri, in my opinion, is standing still and waiting for an important offer. There had been some sort of contact, but the Rossoneri are in a special situation.”

On Antonio Conte…

“Who is in charge at AC Milan? Who does the market? Cardinale had invested in Ibrahimovic who had had contact in January with Conte and it all seemed done. Then the strategy changed but it lacks the clarity that was there when Maldini and Massara were managers.

“Now there’s Fonseca but it’s not like we’re going to improve after Pioli.”

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      1. Me too. Max was just unbearable. Let me see how he’ll like Milan to be lined up:
        352 formation.
        Oh it will be more like a 532 and if the set up is not depressing enough, the football will.

        1. Which is better winning or playing fantastic football I’d rather take a coach who wins and play boring football over one who just played to entertain. Football is about results and not style of play. And don’t forget allegri win serie a with Milan before moving to juve. After he left we were down in the mud

          1. I fully remember him winning Serie A with Milan , he couldn’t possibly not have won it with the likes Thiago Silva Nesta and prime Ibra against not very strong rivals. Boring football is good if you’re winning with it but also you are left with no excuses when losing with it. That’s why Allegri looked really bad when failing to win. At least play well which doesn’t give you any less advantage. I think the problem however is that those coaches are just limited because it’s much easier to play defensive. But with more time it’s become harder and harder to win titles with that approach.

          2. He didn’t leave, he was fire.. and why do we need to choose between the two? Ofc we want both.. fantastic winning!

            Btw what did he win at juve in the last few years? Zero. And they played like cráp to top it of. Want that at Milan? I sure af dont!

            Also football definitely is about style of play

          3. His strategy at ACM was simple: pass the ball to Ibra and lets see what he can do.
            But he won at Juventus, you might argue. Well, my dead grandma could as well.

  1. Conte has been offered 8M by the usually tight arse ADL, meanwhile Fonseca is reportedly going to take home a third of that, circa 2.5M..

    I don’t know, there could be contacts initiated, but I just don’t think it was THAT close.

    1. ADL is desperate given the mess he made after Spaletti. Napoli aren’t in Europe and Conte’s first titles are won when his teams don’t have European football.

  2. Unsurprising that ACM have settled for this mediocre crap.
    I’ve always want De Zerbi but it looks like he’s off to Chelsea.
    I would have preferred Conte over Fonseca. At least we would have had entertainment in the technical area when Conte has a hissy fit and gets red carded..😆

  3. Hate to say this BUT I think it’s very clear that Zlatan is just a PUPPET and has no power at all. This kind of proves it and the pivot to Fonseca reinforces it.

    Gerry needed a person that all Milanisti respect after sacking Maldini, and Ibra took the bait and I’m sure a decent paycheck.

    If Ibra is supposed to be Gerry’s “proxy” – then he should have the power and the final say – after all he knows football more than the rest of the management team – Fulani, Ottavio Gerry and Moncada. BUT we all know Furlani controls – because it’s all about $$$$ and PROFIT and not about Titles. So the decisions will always be financial first and sporting second or third


    1. There’s got to be something more to this odd Fonseca story. Something that hasn’t come out yet or is under wraps…

      It’s a short and cheap contract. They don’t believe in him enough for a 5year contract. So why are they bringing him in without full faith?

      Stop Gap for when the person they are really after is available? Who would that be?

      1. 5 year contract for a coach is insanity. Unless it’s a big time coach like a Pep, Zidane or a Ancelotti.

        It’s clear that management wants a yes man and Fonseca is that.

  4. Conte is a dinosaur in football. Old tactics like Mourinho and they both blame everything on everyone else except themselves. So BIG NO to Conte! He’s a lose cannon and his football is outdated.

    ADL should have gone for Conceição or Enzo Maresca from Leicester City. Either coach would have been a good fit for Napoli. ADL is an idiot!

    As for Milan, Paulo Fonseca was the best choice and he will prove all the doubters wrong. Fonseca had a sh!tty team at Roma and he still did a good job there.

    Under Fonseca, players like Simic, Bartesegha and Zeroli will come in the 1st squad and develop into top players. Pioli almost killed Simic by constantly playing Thiaw over Simic even when Thiaw was horrible. Unbelievable! Smh

    Tomori will have more responsibility to lead the back line. Under Pioli Tomori no longer press like he did when he joined Milan. Sigh! Smh but with Fonseca Tomori will become a beast CB.

    Only Sergio Conceição or Ruben Amorim would have been a better choice than Fonseca but both are still a big risk because they have never coached in Serie A. So Fonseca has more guarantees.

    De Zerbi would have been Giampaolo 2.0. Bad defensively and his teams Sassuolo & Brighton have no balance in defense and attack. His team concedes a lot of goals.

    1. De Zerbi’s Brighton was downgraded in his 2nd season.
      In his 1st season he reached 6th place which was the best finish Brighton had in a long long time. In his 2nd season his team got dowgraded, key players sold and not replaced and he finished 11th.

      Have no clue why people pretend that Brighton is this top club and that De Zerbi failed when in reality Brighton is a midtable club at best and De Zerbi delivered according to the quality of the squad.

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