Journalist claims Kessie’s entourage are ‘annoyed’ at Milan’s stance regarding renewal

By Oliver Fisher -

The AC Milan management must continue to take steps forward towards the renewal of Franck Kessie, with his entourage feeling a bit agitated.

Journalist Fabrizio Biasin spoke to (via MilanLive) and gave an update in the situation regarding the Ivorian, whose contract is set to expire in June 2022 meaning there is urgency to resolve the issue and avoid another saga like with Donnarumma and Calhanoglu.

However, the club does not want to go beyond €4-4.5m net per season to renew Kessie, which would represent a practically doubled salary, but the player’s entourage are ‘annoyed’ because the €6m asked for is a more than acceptable request in their eyes.

Milan are not moving for now, as the management do not want to go beyond a 100% increase and the risk of him also leaving for free is quite high if there is no movement, because Kessie has market ‘from the North Pole to Antarctica’.

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    1. He is NOT worth of 6M salary! Apart from spotless penalty kicks, his contribution does not warrant him a double increase of his salary.

      Thinking of his mindless triping behind or standing by watching the opponent teams score against us in the area where he is supposed to defend.

      How much have we suffered from his bad performance in the past 3 seasons?!

      If his entourage are “annoyed”, they can find a new team that is willing to pay him more. We can sell him after his best performing season.

      1. Finally someone I agree. So true. I always say that kessie is one of the worst “8” in modern football. 0 goal contribution. Without penalties noone mention his name

    2. Plssssssssss, chill out dude…
      Football is business and negotiations aren’t done that way, Milan is fair in making a 100 percent increments

    1. I said that that will happen from the first day Gazidis stepped into Casa Milan
      american owners that are keen on shipping money towards their fund…with the man leading the charge

  1. It seems like there needs to be a different evaluation process set up for players.The current one is simply not compensating players for what they are worth.I understand sensible economics but we will never get anywhere if some changes are not made. Having said this,I really don’t mind $rumma’s departure.Fact that it was for free, is a management failure,though.

    1. I are we with this100% theres a very “take it or leave it” mentality regarding players. I understand this in the case of mediocre players. But Kessie is world class. And the thought of letting him leave for free is already scary.

  2. For f***’s sake! Here we go again! Don’t they learn from their teammate’s examples? I am now annoyed about this guy also!

    Sell him for 50 this window! Before it’s too late.

  3. Either pay him what he’s asking, or sell him this window. He’s worth £6m all day long, he’s the best defensive midfielder in Europe at the moment AND a surefire penalty taker.

  4. Please for the love of all things good and holy, if we’re not gonna pay the man, sell him to the highest bidder please, thank you.

  5. Time to put up or sell up. No point in another Donnarumma saga all year long. If he’s not worth that, sell now and get planning the next move.

  6. Milan management is fucking crazy if they can’t pay Kessie 6M/year. Kessie deserve 8-12M/year and any club will pay him more willing. He’s the backbone of these current Team and without him the Team won’t play better. Management should think better, he’s the best in Seria A in his position and our current Team.

    Don’t really care about Dollarumma or Hakan (he’s an average player) renewal.

    But Kessie, Calabria, Theo & Kjaer needs a better pay rise; not double. I MEAN REAL PAY RISE!!

    For Ibra getting 6-7M. KESSIE DESERVE BETTER!!!

  7. For the chances Kessie got over the years, Daniel Maldini or Hauge or Diaz would be worth 100 million $ each in market value. But sometimes, you gotta swallow it. Give Kessie what he wants, sell him in a season or two if he renegotiates. He kinda slows down the team, but has brute strength to hold the ball.

  8. WTF are we doing!?! Pay Kessie whatever he wants for fuck sakes. This is a disgrace of true. We will never be a big club again if this is our policy. Kessie was our best player and EARNED a raise of market value. Are we Fkn crazy? If we don’t pay him 6m an English Clive will gladly pay him 10m season. WTF Gazidis you piece of shit. Spend $$ Elliot or get out!

  9. We broke the pay rate for Ibra at 7m we better do so for Kessie, Theo and Benacer and pay them their market value or they are gone

  10. Tidak akan ada Tim yang mau mengeluarkan 60 Juta untuk Kessie,Mau mereka gratis ,karena Milan tak mampu menaikan gaji

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