Journalist reveals what Cardinale’s ‘dream’ managerial appointment is

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan owner Gerry Cardinale dreams of being able to hire Antonio Conte as the next head coach, according to one journalist.

La Repubblica reported earlier this month that while the club’s official stance continues to be one of supporting Pioli and making it clear he still has the faith of the management, he has still ended up in the crosshairs of critics after a bad start to 2023.

The paper stated that Conte of Spurs and Roberto De Zerbi of Brighton and Hove Albion are attractive profiles if Pioli were to be sacked between now and the start of next season, even though the former earns €17m net per season.

Enrico De Lellis of La Repubblica spoke during an interview with TV Play and he dropped a bombshell regarding the future of Stefano Pioli and Cardinale’s possible play for a successor, with his comments relayed by MilanZone.

“It’s true Pioli is the coach, but it is equally true that Cardinale’s dream is Antonio Conte, everyone knows it. That’s not to say Cardinals will make an offer and Conte will accept it, but it is a name that Milan has had in mind for some time and Conte wants to return,” he said.

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    1. Conte not thank you ” Juve Man” through and through…. disaster!

      Zerbi young, full of ideas and enthusiasm
      Most of all and extremely important Zerbi is ex Milan Man!

      So Cardi just be smart about the situation for the future success of Milan into the next chapter… Please

  1. Conte only functions well when you buy.him.the ready-made players he wants. And that costs alot. Similar to Pep. Plus it’s not like he’s doing that well in the Prem anyways. I’d take Pioli over him anyday

  2. Makes no sense. Because Conte left Inter when they told him they will sell Lukaku and he asked them to buy new players. Conte buys experienced players that can win titles, another thing that doesn’t match Milan’s philosophy. He is a winner, anyone saying he isn’t doing that good he got Tottenham into CL in his first season and when he took over they were falling apart.

  3. Ya sure, we won’t spend big $$ on any established player but we will spend big $$ on a coach? Lol. Conte makes 17M/season at Spurs. Does anyone really think he will take 4M at Milan lol. Ya sure. Cardinale talks big so to speak but lacks the resources (and Elliots approval) to get it done. Let’s first see if he decides to build a stadium on our own. Then we can see about a famous coach lol.

  4. One factor should be considered. None of available coaches currently know about italian football as Conte. He is 1st class tactician. expensive yes but money bringing money.
    I hope Milan will bring Conte then you all we see how this current team w/o addition will be a feared as before

    1. Stop dreaming buddy. Bringing in a coach like Conte not only requires a massive spend for his salary – but such a coach also demands large spending in the transfer market. Do you really think Conte will accept a 50M (or less) budget and a wage cap for player salaries??? LOLOLOLO. Keep dreaming

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