Journalist gives Milan’s summer mercato so far a rating and justifies his judgement

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan deserve high praise for the mercato that they have been able to conduct so far and because of the players they have brought in, a journalist has claimed.

During a column Corriere della Sera (via MilanNews), Mario Sconcerti gave an evaluation of the Rossoneri’s market so far and gave it a score of 8 out of 10. Milan were the first team not to have players dictate to them when it comes to important contract renewals and the club did the right thing in replacing Gianluigi Donnarumma with Mike Maignan when they did.

Milan are on the same line as Juve and Inter as per the journalist, but there are still some issues to be resolved such as not having an obvious alternative for Franck Kessie and Ismael Bennacer, having two old and cumbersome strikers and the possibility of relying too much on Brahim Diaz.

The Diavolo need 12 goals from Leao this season, Sconcerti writes, but the management have done well to build a team that works together.

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  1. In regard of the money spend i believe its a pretty fair estimate as the team overall has improved and if florenzi and adli is added as well we certainly will have some more strings to play on. Final judgement though will be if we get a better right winger than currently available and an extra cam on top of what we got.

  2. Donnarumma is one of the most valuable keepers in the world, and he proved it again at the Euros. Milan don’t deserve praise for not being able to afford top talent.

    Especially when you add Calha to that story. His salary demands weren’t unreasonable, they were within Milan’s means.

    I can understand the decision, if they are able to replace him with someone better, but they haven’t so far. So far, they’re just a worse team than before…as they’re going into their first Champs League in what, a decade?

    This isn’t praise-worthy. In pro sports, you gotta spend to win. Don’t praise owners for not spending. That means they don’t care about winning.

    1. Donnarumma was offered 8 mil combined a year which effectively would have meant he would be the highest paid player in the club. Raiola demanded 20 mil for himself and only signing a 2 year contract if media reports are to be believed. Milan offering 8 mil a year would mean milan actually paying 16 mil a year as its custom practice for serie a clubs paying the taxes of the players. 16 mil x 2 + 20 mil + player sign on fee equals atleast 52 mil for 2 years. Do you actually think milan would be able to earn anything on the player if they wanted to cash in next year in this current market ? Had we been able to sign him on a 5 year deal it would mean 80 mil for the player + 20 for raiola + sign on fee for the player.
      We sign maginan that isnt of the same quality of donnarumma sure but nevertheless an adequate signing where we only paid 13 + 2mil in bonuses and a far lower salay at 2.5 mil x 2 a year on a five year contract which equates 25 mil and this makes us save around 70 mil compared to gigio had he signed a 5 year deal. Add to that milan will save money in the taxes of the growth decree in the frenchmans case so its actually cheaper than what it seems.
      Does this really sound like bad business for milan as the frenchman certainly will be up to the task of replacing the italian player.
      Calhanoglu worked a deal with inter behind our backs and our offer wasnt expecially bad compared to theirs. Add to that he played some great matches and then disapeared for long durations of time so at times he was more limiting our game than improving it.
      Milan got tomorri and maignan for a bit over 40 mil and the remaining 30 mil we invested surely has been invested wisely overall improving the squad.

      1. Totally disagree. Stop drinking the koolaid and believing we were better off not resigning Donnaruma. I love how ppl complain we have no $$ to spend on players yet defend the club in the Donnaruma decision. Donnaruma only wanted to sign a 2 year deal if we paid him 8m. If we paid him 10-12M was a five year deal (and yes he’s worth that much if not more as his value will only keep on going up – he’s 21 not 31) On a five year deal you control more and we could have sold him down the road for what he’s really worth – 80-100M. He should have been resigned period and it should have been done long time ago. You never wait till the contract a expires and then “hope” the player resigns?? That is naive and amateurish and showed management and ownership lacked the experience needed to make a smart business decision. That doesn’t happen with Chelsea and Granavskia. And it’s a fallacy to say we have all the Donnaruma money to reinvest in players lol. What $$ have we invested other than the CL money??? I also think it’s too early to say we have done good or bad. But 8/10 is laughable. We haven’t done much YET except resign the players we already had from last season – Diaz, Ibra, Tomori and Tonali. We replaced Laxalt with Balo-Toure; Mandzukic with Giroud; Donnaruma with Mangnin and Poegba with Miete and we lost Dalot and haven’t replaced Hakan. We sold Hauge for a whopping 7M profit lol. I’m sure we can buy tons of quality players for that sum lol. At best as of now that is a 5/10. At best. Let’s see of we end up signing; Yacine, and Florenzi – however, we have been linked to many players only to lose them at last moment to clubs who actually have $$$ lol – De Paul, Kaio Jorge, etc…Still haven’t replaced Hakan. Still don’t have a starting RW. We need a lot more IMO. What are we doing with Romagnoli? Are we going to repeat same mistake and let his contract wind down or sell him in the next 2 weeks before the window closes?? Do you advise we should take the same approach as we did with Hakan and Donnaruma and “hope” he resigns or do we sell him this summer?? Seems like we are waiting yet again and seems like we will lose him for nothing also. What about Kessie? Will the same happen with him? So until we sign more players and re-sign or sell Romagnoli and Kessie to say we are 8/10 in transfer market RIGHT NOW is a JOKE. Lots of work to do and very little time left IMO. But pls stop with the BS defending management over the Donnaruma debacle. That is indefensible.

        1. The one thing i agree with is that it should have been sorted out far earlier but what i find naive and amateurish is that a lot of milan fans completely disregard economy of the club the precedent of giving high wages will make other players demand it as well so it potentially tumbles the financial structure of the club and we did infact offer him a great deal whether you agrees with it or not doesnt really matter. PSG and specifically leonardo has been trying for years to get him for around 20 mil and caused unrest so you think they or any other club would have stepped up and offered 100 mil + adding to raiolas insane demands ? I for one doubt it, lets get real here it was allways in the plans of the mino/gigio/leonardo group to screw us over. I never said we have the money to invest in other players for that money we saved so stop lying in regard of what i say and doesn’t say. It will help our economy nevertheless as it slimmed down expenditure for years to come. Signing players we had on loan is regardless of what you might think still investments so dont twist and turn it in your own favour. You really doesnt want to understand do you because whether you dislike the fact that we loaned/sold hauge it actually does improve our economy, sure i would have liked to keep him but if it helps us move on some more urgent areas so be it. Again it was rumours never any confirmations from the club, fact is a large group of milan fans would be better off not following the mercato as they believe in everything they read and when it doesnt go the way they expected they blame the club and coach. If romagnoli wont sign a new contract id sell him but as someone else said in recent days it can also be an calculated risk in keeping a reliable cb and taking that loss and qualifying for cl could be more beneficial than currently selling. Anyways as i said if he wont sign id sell him. Im not fearfull of losing kessie as he most likely will sign a new contract sooner than later. I really think a lot of the milan fans are panicking way to easy and gotta say im glad you guys are not at the helm of the club or any where close to it.
          I would propably rank it 7-8 on the grounds of what we currently spend but whether we get an upgrade on the right wing and cam will be decisive whether it stays at that level and never said otherwise.

          1. Good points Martin. And I am happy that Calha is gone. For me he was not worth his wages. If Romagnoli signs a new contract for 6million for example people get angry because it is too high. If he leaves for free people get angry too

          2. Thanks sila, i never really liked calhanoglu either so im not really that affected by him leaving as he in the years he played for us he propably had around one entire good season combined so i doesn’t think he deserves to earn 6 mil. To my knowledge we offered around four mil with bonuses on top of that so it was close to 5 mil offered by milan but then inter came in and offered 5 + bonuses and he made his choice.
            In regard of romagnoli i would really like us to keep him as he has lots to offer and seemingly loves the club but paying him 6 mil currently as a backup would be too expensive in my view but id be fine to offer him his current 3.5 mil + maybe a mil and half in peformance related bonuses like ammount of matches and potential trophies won, Would be a shame to lose him but yeah i agree people will complain either way so we are damned if we do and damned if we dont,

  3. Buying players that set you on the path to liquidation is suicide. Grigio and Hakan do not deserve Milan. Good riddance to bad rubbish. Prudent decision to allow them go. Even Kessie should go if he wants to run down his contract to leave AC Milan free.

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