‘Visited the facilities’, ‘six-figure commission’ – Journalist gives worrying Camarda update

By Oliver Fisher -

Journalist Nicolo Schira has made some rather worrying claims regarding the future of Francesco Camarda, even stating that he has visited the facilities of another club.

A few weeks ago the situation surrounding Camarda seemed quite simple: he would turn 16 (which he did last week) and then sign his first professional contract with his boyhood club Milan.

However, the story then changed to the idea of the signing being delayed until July so that it would be in effect until 2027 and not 2026, but a more worrying narrative has since emerged.

Various sources in Italy plus Footmercato in France have reported that while the Rossoneri remain in pole position to retain his services, there is interest from a number of European clubs as well as even Juventus and Inter, who are ‘determined’ to snatch the striker.

Schira spoke during a YouTube video (seen below) and he gave an update on Camarda’s situation, one that will not allow Milan fans to rest any easier.

“Camarda has two offers. One is from Borussia Dortmund , who have been courting him for a year and who has been to Italy twice. He has already met the family. Camarda and the family have already been to Germany , visited the facilities of the German club,” he said.

“Borussia Dortmund are offering him a three-year contract at significant sums, rich commissions, possible option for another two years. They want him to go through the youth system and within a year bring him to the first team as part of five attackers: they think he is potentially a crack, a champion.

“The other offer is from Manchester Cit. In January the City Group spoke with Beppe Riso and Marianna Meccacci. They asked for information as part of the operation that brought Chaka Traoré from Milan to Palermo.

“City – for regulatory reasons – would sign him today, let him grow in another club in their group [Girona, Troyes, Palermo etc.] and in two years they would bring him to England to understand what to do with the boy.

“An important path, a nice offer, but it doesn’t completely convince the family. Their priority would be to stay at Milan, but they want the money: a six-figure commission, at least one million.”

To clarify, by a six-figure commission Schira actually means seven figures, i.e. €1,000,000.

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    1. Don’t worry, we hate our own products, especially Italians, better to get some unknown kid from some foreign league…..and anyway we will see Camarda again, but playing on the blue side of the city

        1. What is it to like anymore? You think this kid should stay because he’s a fan when our ownership clearly shows that it’s only a business. Fire a legend of the club in the worse way? Check. Sell a life long fan/fans favorite? Check. Leave San Siro to build some modern temple of consumption with 1/3 VIP lounges outside Milan? Check. If I’m Camarda, and following the example of Jerry and the wild bunch, I’m signing where the money is.

          1. Good thing you arent Camarda and he actually goes to support Milan on a regular basis and loves it here

            Not a bitter person like you

  1. so typical. ofc the family wants a six figure bonus. they are gonna go from middle class to millionaires on the back of their son 😀

  2. A journalist said it so it must be true, 100%

    why would they lie? Anything negative about Milan is always true according to the readers here

    Its the positive rumours you should be suspicious of clearly

  3. All this talk of he’s a fan of the club blah blah blah you gotta ignore. Not everyone who’s a d.ie hard fan of the club stays or plays at the club. This is a youth who can sign a professional contract as of now. As business people Gerry, Foolani and co should look at it this way like they did all their other decisions. As I’ve said before, that’s a long wait time between now and July just so he can sign for a bit longer. Tie him up now or risk losing him.
    However for his own development..between Milan, City and Dorts I know which id choose

  4. Tommaso Mancini was a really highly regarded youth player. Not at Camarda’s level but everyone wanted him.

    I have kept tabs on his development / progression.

    He took the cash / comission to sign with Juve instead of us. We were going to pay Vicenza for him as Juve did. He played quite a bit in the Primavera last season. He is 2004 born like Clinton Nsiala.

    He turns 20 in mid 2024. In the season he is 19/20 he has played a grand total 243 competitive minutes. It’s not injury. He’s been sitting on the bench for the U23s and otherwise not listed in squds. Consider his career well and truly stalled.

    These kids and their dumb parent need to learn that the commission paid is loose change compared to having a career that befits the talent. Take the cash at your peril. Always follow the opportunity.

    I don’t mean this vindictively or in a spiteful wat. If he leaves Milan I doubt he makes it, let alone gets close to fulfilling his potential. We’ve laid out a clear plan for his development. Italian mummas boys can’t handle life away from the peninsula.

    At City or elsewhere he’s just another name.

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