Journalist claims Hernandez is ‘certain’ to leave Milan: “Offer from Bayern Munich”

By Isak Möller -

Theo Hernandez has been linked with several big clubs in recent weeks, especially Bayern Munich, and another update on the matter arrived this evening. According to a journalist, his exit this summer is more or less certain. 

Hernandez’s current contract with Milan will expire in 2026 and the parties are yet to reach an agreement on a renewal. Therefore, especially in the event of a big offer, a sale cannot be ruled out this summer and Bayern Munich have been heavily linked with the player.

Speaking live on Telelombardia this evening, as cited by @milanistsemper, the journalist Fabio Ravezzani shared an update on the situation of Hernandez. He painted a rather negative picture for the Milan fans, stating that the sale is ‘certain’.

“I rarely go out on a limb, but a person who is very close to the matter tells me it’s certain that Theo Hernandez will be sold. He’s pushing for Real Madrid, but the offer has arrived from Bayern Munich,” he stated.

It remains to be seen what will happen but it would take a pretty hefty offer for the Rossoneri to sell their star left-back. Rafael Leao was also heavily linked with a move before he eventually renewed with the club, so perhaps these rumours should be taken with a pinch of salt.

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  1. €100M + €175 for Leao? Better have a major investment to overhaul this team since Fonesca won’t cut it for us!

  2. From Theo perspective as an independent sportsman, it would be better to leave to join Real/Bayern. He is not some random boy scouted by Milan, grew up in Ateltico Madrid and then joined Real several years ago, but seemed to be too early for him, was not good enough there to be in that top squad. But now after experience in Milan he is ready to be back there, to play with other top players. In Milan there doesn’t seem to be much more he can do – already won Scudetto, with current plans (like Fonseca) there is no way of winning Champions League, going for the Europa League can be max Milan can reach for (if that’s not even too much). If he wants to win, he should leave. Hard to say that as Milan fan but it’s just true.

    From Milan’s perspective that’s also might not be that bad after all. Of course he is a great player, but if Milan would get good money for him (75mln euro and more), they can wisely use that money to increase quality on both fullbacks (sorry but Calabria is not good enough technically, and Florenzi is not good enough with his stamina) and maybe even for centre back or striker.

  3. Theo to Bayern just doesn’t make any sense… Yea the salary is higher, yea he’ll win Bundesliga every season. CL is still a crap shoot.

    But more importantly the dynamics outside of the team in Germany are cold and separated according to his brother. I’m guessing Lucas would advise him against a move to Munich.

    Theo’s baby mama has grown roots in Milan, with their kid and her tattoo shops. Not sure she’d be up to uproot.

    I don’t know. Just guessing.

  4. I said before, he’s the prime candidate to leave and Bayern have no problems splashing on him. They bought his brother for 80 millions in 2019. Much will depend of course on their new coach but Theo is one of the best out there so who wouldn’t want him.

    And of course these RedBird bankers won’t look away when Bayern comes with money. We’re probably in for another summer of selling and buying some cheap foreign randoms with could be statistics who will take a season to settle.

    Good luck to whoever takes the seat in this toxic environment. He’s in for a ruff ride.

    1. Problem is our league is so poor that they can’t turn down that kind of money. Tonali money got accepted. Put 9 digits it front of any club in Italy and they are gift wrapping the player for export…

      1. I understand the situation in Serie A but considering all the financial reports that are out and also posted here, Milan really don’t need to sell. Moreover, the salary cap imposed is much stiffer than they are allowed to spend on player’s salary. Sure if you loosen your cap for one player, then you can expect other players will come knocking as well.

        How can we expect to find consistency and build a long term project when they’re open to sell the pillars.

        But if they really must, then at least try and find an adeqaute replacement in Serie A with players who are familiar with the league and language. Dorgu and Spinazzola come to mind first. We’ll need at least two, one talented and one experienced to replace Theo.

      2. Inter refused to sell Barella last summer and they give top salaries to their best players. It’s the difference between building a winning team and a team that must be just good enough to sell jerseys abroad.

  5. Remember how it was with Tonali, no one knew anything?

    All there so called journalists, pundits, whatever , don’t know $hit. They are throwing things at the wall hoping something will stick. Fighting for views and clicks by trying to be represent themselves as well informed. ” a person who is very close to the matter” means literally nothing.

    Take this article with a grain, well a maintain of salt.

    1. Well, that doesn’t change a fact that Theo is one of the top fullbacks in the world right now, and he plays for club that would sell him in a blink of an eye if only big offer would come up. It’s just matter of adding 1+1. Maybe this article is a bluff, but for sure other top-teams have him on the shortlist and when they’d need a new fullback they will turn to Milan and ask for price tag.

    2. The only fact is that both Maignan and Theo haven’t renewed and no serious attempts are being made to renew.
      From the point of view of management, they are already sold.

      1. “no serious attempts are being made to renew.”

        Heard that from Furlani? Or what’s your credible source for this? 🙂

  6. Wasn’t there a report a couple of days ago that Theo wants to leave Milan and go to play with his brother at Bayern, even though his brother plays for PSG?
    Theo is pushing for Real, Real doesn’t want him but wants Alphonso Davies, so that means Theo is going to Bayern who are a mess and just hired Kompany to be their coach.
    Sure thing Fabio.

    1. Bayern can pay him more than we do and with them he is almost certain to win something every year (almost). Also their UCL compaign is likely to be better than ours.
      But with Kompany you never know.

  7. People needs to pay attention when Furlani said no players are off limit means he can sell anyone.

    I’m still with my predictions that Furlani gonna sell Theo, Mike, Leao, Tomori, Thiaw, and Benna this summer.

    1. Agreed no player is unsellable, the moneyball approach means if they get higher than market rate they’ll likely want to sell one or two big names, to finance cheaper options they can later sell on. It’s good financially but keeps us as a “top 4 challenger” side at best rather than make the leap to regular trophies in Italy or Europe. Look at the Glazers with Man Utd they are doing the bare minimum for the occasional FA Cup but United are a shell of the side that once dominated EPL.

      However I disagree they’ll sell “all” of the high value players in the squad. Fonseca maybe a yes-man but he will expect an evolution rather than revolution. I think we make max 2 big name sales this summer, the question is will we replace them with quality or quantity.

    2. As much as I like to exaggerate myself, that’s a bit much. They’re already pushing it with hiring Fonseca and probably one or two starters will be sold, which is already bound for a revolt from many. Anything more, Casa Milan is burning.

  8. if this actually happens ill take a dump and send it oersonally to milans headquarters and maybe even to bayerns as well.

    1. Different directors running the club. These guys are not into gifting players to other teams like the previous directors.

  9. How predictable. The same fans who complained about Donnarumma, Kessie and Hakan all leaving for free are now complaining because management may do the smart thing and cash in on a player with an expiring contract.

    1. This is what I don’t understand…people will be mad if they sell Theo and even more mad if he leaves for free…not selling Donnarumma, Kessie and Hakan was 150-200M stolen out of the clubs pocket. If you get to a year away from the end of a contract and the negotiations aren’t anywhere, you have to sell. That gives them time, but the one thing management won’t do is let players play out their contracts, that’s 101 stuff. I hope they can keep Theo but Bayern can offer more without blinking.

    2. The smart thing would have been renewing all of them, along with Theo and MM, which previous management wanted to do. This management has NO intention of renewing anyone unless a pointless salary cap is abided by. Big difference there.

      1. The salary cap isn’t pointless, it’s to prevent the club from getting into debt. It’s necessary. The players are well paid. You speak as if a €6-7 million salary means these players have a hard life – they do not.

      2. Theo should be renewed even if it is 8M. We could try to get him to settle for 6-7M, but since he is a top quality player, we should be able to make exceptions for him.
        On the other hand, 8M for Maignan is too much, and looking at his history of injuries and the fact that he is the easiet to replace, selling him should be largely considered and thus avoiding to sell anyone else.

  10. If they use it wisely to sign Guirassy, Calafiori, Ricci or Casadei, and Zee. Maybe this could be the way to win serie a next season.

  11. so if his claim turn out wrong he needs to be excommunicado

    so tired of these ‘source close to my mamma’ stuff

  12. This is what I don’t understand…people will be mad if they sell Theo and even more mad if he leaves for free…not selling Donnarumma, Kessie and Hakan was 150-200M stolen out of the clubs pocket. If you get to a year away from the end of a contract and the negotiations aren’t anywhere, you have to sell. That gives them time, but the one thing management won’t do is let players play out their contracts, that’s 101 stuff. I hope they can keep Theo but Bayern can offer more without blinking.

  13. Whatever money he is asking. He should be given. He is one of the best in the world for that position. I’d rather see mike and leao leave than see theo leave. Slowly we are becoming more and more a team of averages.

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