Journalist hits back at Raiola over Donnarumma debacle by highlighting ‘values’

By Isak Möller -

Gigio Donnarumma didn’t exactly get a warm welcome at San Siro as Italy took on Spain in the Nations League on Wednesday evening. The Azzurri lost and the goalkeeper was booed by the AC Milan fans in the crowd. 

Donnarumma decided not to renew his contract with the Rossoneri in the summer and left on a free transfer to join PSG. This didn’t go down well with the fans and that was clearly highlighted during the game at San Siro.

Mino Raiola, the goalkeeper’s agent, wasn’t happy with that and hit back in an interview with Corriere Dello Sport (via MilanNews). He even questioned why Milan didn’t release a statement in support of Donnarumma.

“I am disgusted by the whistles at Gigio, and now I wonder why Milan did not officially intervene to distance themselves from the dispute, to defend him in some way, after that ignoble banner appeared on a bridge in Milan.

“Shall we talk about the threats? Did he kill someone? The truth is that Milan did not know or could keep him, it doesn’t make much difference. Try asking anyone, what would a father he recommend to his son: stay at Milan or go to Paris Saint-Germain?”

On his Twitter profile, ‘Il direttore’ of Telelombardia Fabio Ravezzani hit back at Raiola and explained why the Milan fans reacted the way they did. After all, Donnarumma disrespected the Rossoneri by leaving them with nothing after all these years.

“Raiola on Donnarumma: ask any father, Milan or Psg? Dear Mino, any father (unless he is a bad father) teaches you that before money there are values ​​such as fairness, gratitude, love and respect for those who helped you grow. Bye,” he wrote.

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  1. ABDULRAHMAN says:

    Yeah, true! I wonder how Raiola trains his children…. Mannerless people… A greedy family they would be!

  2. lutfi says:

    Well said. Well said.

    Yup my father would say respect the one that raised you.

    I wonder if Raiola is abused growing up KEK

  3. Abulefon femi Michael says:

    This is a slap on your face raiola, you were taught the lesson of your life through this comments: that before money, there must be values, respect and gratitude. I believe you will takeaway some lesson this comments and transfer it to your children or clients

  4. Kenniston says:

    Well said bro…he hasn’t seen anything yet…we are just getting started…fat pig raiola and dolaruma keep on crying😭

  5. Ivy says:

    Very well said, i wanna know what Raiola response, please lol

  6. Shal says:

    I think a normal father would say Milan over PSG. Especially if Milan hired both of his sons.

  7. Emmy Apache says:

    Woooooow am in love with this journalist
    He has made my day and my weekend
    I love you so much and from now onwards am a big fan of you
    Thanks great Journalist
    My message to Donnarumma is that Raiola is using to make money for himself
    He’s getting older and has no much in his sleeve but u are younger so he pushes you for his pocket.
    No amount of money could buy Baresi, Maldini and Totti
    Be wise

  8. Subhojyoti Lahiri says:

    We paid 5 million $ in 5 years or even more for Antonio Donnarumma!! We really were hustled by this fat cunt. Thank Hod Paolo Maldini returned to end this shit. And Maignian is a 100 times better in distribution and does not cry every other day.

  9. Kessie Not Presiden says:

    know that dollarumma deserves condemnation and scorn for the rest of her life

  10. Nelli says:

    $$rumma has time now to contemplate these lessons as he rides the bench.

  11. Emmanuel owino says:

    Let him roast in the bench and he will finish his career totally after two years he will not even Ben called in national team.

  12. Gerald says:

    Donna’s growth is not due to Raiola since the latter can’t teach balls (but pizzas) … so why dun Raiolo, as his client’s agent, and having fleeced so much money off his client, finally do his duties, stand up and defend çDonna? Why ask his ex-club to do this favour? Absurd. This is more a desperate move by Raiolo to deflect any blames on his part …

  13. Maxxy says:

    Raiola, it will be good if you teach your children to live with the consequences of their decisions, instead of blaming others.
    How on earth you expect us to clap for your ingreat $rumma, see how well you manage balotelli’s career. A young man full of potentials where is he today?

  14. Baabba says:

    Yes you learn you’re mistake both of you your career are still in danger you’re not any word in our league foza Milan

  15. Milanello says:

    Well, i will certainly choose my son to become the captain of Milan rather than warming the bench for PSG

  16. Kusye says:

    Great Strike, yeah! Hit the Mino’s stomach!

  17. kunibyou says:

    a words of a wise man

  18. kow says:

    Dollariola vrs dollaruma….greedy and ungrateful father and son

  19. Big Bazooka says:

    If Romangoli also don’t change this pig agent, we don’t want him too

  20. Engr Adeyemi olusoji olasunkanmi says:

    Well said man. Greedy client
    Hope Dona don’t end the way you …end baloteli …Mr Self interest

  21. Dwayne k27ism says:

    If you have to choose between a good reputation and great wealth, choose a good reputation. -PROVERBS 22.1

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