Journalist: Romagnoli sends strong message to Raiola – “I want a renewal or I’ll change agent”

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan captain Alessio Romagnoli has reportedly given an ultimatum to his agent Mino Raiola over his renewal at the club. reported last night how Romagnoli has always provided the right answers when called upon by head coach Stefano Pioli and has understood that in such an intense season – which will feature spells of playing three games every eight days – everyone will need to contribute.

That is why he wants to be a part of the stimulating project that the Rossoneri are building and he has had discussions with the management in which ample willingness has been expressed to consider a possible renewal offer.

Directors Maldini and Massara could offer half of that, while Raiola could become a key factor and he has a free transfer to Juventus on their agenda, and the agent’s recent words against the Rossoneri in the media have not been received well at Casa Milan.

According to journalist Sebastian Sarno on Twitter – of Calciostyle and La Rossonera – Romagnoli does indeed want to renew his contract with the Rossoneri and has even sent a very strong message to Raiola: “I want a renewal or I’ll change agent.”

He adds that he “didn’t think it was possible” for such a situation to arise, but that is what a source has told him. We await further developments.

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  1. mike says:

    If True, LEGEND.

  2. vladaswg says:

    I really hope this is true. Mad respect if it is. True captain!

  3. Cyking says:

    I sometimes get surprised when footballers think professional we fans react too much, then the wind changes, footballer becomes legend. Romagnoli was always professional even when he was benched. He is a true heart Milan player it’s all. He will of course want more, look at all others in the world. You should have to pay bill to carry on or look at the situation that maignan injured you almost have to play with tatarusanu, I can’t understand why.

  4. ABDULRAHMAN says:

    If it’s True, u will surely be loved eternally by me and the Rossoneri faithful… To me, changing ur agent will be the most pleasing.

  5. El Zhar says:

    Yeah, the biggest problem is not his salary..
    But Raiola is…

  6. Roses says:

    Hoping not just the renewal, but his skills must be improved also.

  7. Ibrahim abdullahi darazo says:

    U should change the part agent and find the respected agent.

  8. lutfi says:

    this is the spirit that we want
    not more money please agent i want 5 ferrari park infront myhouse attitude
    player that wants to play for the team, and believe in club objectives

  9. Fachrul Prasodjo says:

    If this is true,
    Interesting to see how a lazio Fan committed to Milan. Meanwhile a so called Milan Fan choose the money..

  10. Abubakar says:

    True milan legend

  11. Alek says:

    I hope he will sign a new contract, and if in the process he changes Raiola is a bonus.

  12. Shal says:

    Do both Alessio. Why on Earth would you need an agent like Raiola if you are already playing for the best club in the world?

  13. crorossonero says:

    A little guideline for Donnarumma who “loves the club”, this is how you handle situations if you really want to stay. Romagnoli got better since the arrival of Tomori, having 3 good defenders is a must when playing both CL and Serie A.

  14. RocketRacoon says:

    Fake news, imo. heard the exact same story about Donnaruma during the Donnaruma saga and look how that ended. Maybe it’s true, hopefully, but frankly I highly doubt it.

    1. Lexington says:

      Yep, you are right. His agents image handler responsible for his P.R is “leaking” all the correct info. Jessie said stuff better than.this and he has still not renewed.
      Lazio cannot pay 5m this him, if he were to win back his starting spot, he could ask for a renewal when he has more negotiating leverage…
      Right now, i do not believe this.

    2. Rosso says:

      Exactly, we heard the same regarding Donna )

  15. Nelli says:

    I don’t know if it’s true but I hope it is. I’d pay just to spite Raiola.

  16. Zoro Caloro says:

    If true, re-sign 100%

    1. Ahmad says:

      I sported you the Real capitano I mean Captain but this Room no need to explanation b/cs there are milanista every milanista is hear Italiano

  17. Saya_Kamudiasama says:

    news source is Raiola, he just want less pressure for his client, he did also last time with Dona, the pigy doesnt have loyal players, even Jack wont cut his salary to go free

  18. Rosso Joburg says:

    Hmmm, I remember being very surprised when he renewed with us 4 years ago. He was in a better position and in demand and I thought he would leave only to push through the renewal without much fuss.

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