Journalist shuts down rumours and reveals Donnarumma ‘was willing to accept’ Milan’s offer

By Isak Möller -

Gigio Donnarumma has decided to leave Milan when his contract expires at the end of this month, unable to reach an agreement with the Rossoneri. There have been many reports on the matter, but there is only one truth. 

It’s obviously a shame for Milan to lose such a good player for free, especially since many expected him to stay at the club for a long time. However, in football these days, it can all change very quickly and this situation was no exception.

There have been reports on how it all went down, with some suggesting that Donnarumma took this decision himself and not Mino Raiola. In his piece for MilanNews, the reliable Luca Serafini shed some light on what actually happened.

“During the week I read an article which supposedly told the “truth” about Donnarumma. ‘He decided without Raiola’s knowledge, or in any case without the agent being able to intervene in his choice’. A 180-degree reversal of what actually happened. Milan’s offer to the player had been formulated and revised up to the definitive offer that Donnarumma was absolutely willing to accept.

“The problem was Raiola’s commissions which Donnarumma sided with. The club’s patience ran out on May 23 and you know how it went. Whatever happens, Donnarumma will now be earning less or the same while he’s not at all sure his agent will get the commissions he asks for. This is the story, the rest never existed,” he wrote.

As said, it’s sad that the saga came to an end this way but it’s also clear that Milan already have moved on. They secured Mike Maignan quickly for Lille and are now preparing for the upcoming season.

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  1. BS. Any which way, Donnarumma and Raiola can feck off. The renewal saga was a big part of Milan’s struggles in the second half of the season – if Dollarumma had any loyalty to the club, he’d have renewed at an early stage. It was a generous offer.

  2. Who cares. He chose his agent and his agents commissions over our club. Foolish move IMO. Good riddance. We have moved on so should he. I don’t care who he signs with, he’s not a Milan player anymore who cares. Let’s go sign some players – Striker, RW, ACM, DM, backup LB and a CB…sell Romagnoli, Sammu, Krunic, Conti, Caldara, etc….

    1. Lets move on we have a another good goalkeeper now,it a shame that Donna has not sign a new contract,it Milan that has given him everything,money was what he wants,shame on you ,Milan will be good without you,look a player like kessie he has faith in milan,those who want to leave get out now leave …Milan will survive Forza Milan.

  3. Donnarumma is a disgrace and he’s not bigger than Milan.
    He should be happy he played for milan and even captained the great club
    Juventus fans are laughing at his shameful behaviour and called him a traitor
    He wants 12 milan a year and milan gave him 8 let him go to hell

    1. Agree bro…I believe Juve fans will be laughing compare him to Buffon loyalty. What Milan offered was not small money though, but greed rules

  4. The absolute scum bag, could have at least done a Milan a Favour and let them sell him. The club that made him what he is now. He is a disgrace as a human being.

    If he signs for Juve, every time he goes to Milan he will feel the hatred.

  5. I have a feeling that this guy has ruined his career..Any club buying him will have ” caveat emptor” at the back of their mind. He is really a traitor

  6. I don’t wanna hear anything from Donna the first renewal was hell… Gave different conditions. Like signing his older brother who in his widest dream can’t even play in serieB. Gave his brother one million euros contract without doing anything for Milan. The second is 20mil commission for his agent. Not we are signing him, someone from our youth. I will have second thoughts of supporting Milan if he ever wears the Milan jersey again. I wish him good fortune in his future endeavours. A former player like maldini talking to you and you tell him he should talk to ur agent, nothing is in ur hands. Is just like totti talking to a player in Roma and the player giving him cold shoulder treatment. Maldini is decisive has he has proven. Future players won’t play with him. We love Milan and will always do. Donna should check we always have great goalkeepers. Maignan is the future why Donna is past. all this journalist should stop appealing to Milan fans emotion. We have said goodbye since January. So we muvve

  7. Dollarman, nobody should expect a $8M offer to last forever. These days clubs have ZERO gates revenue. $8M salary is not a small change. Why would Milan pay $20M as commission, do you think that Eillot funds is a fool? All in, today you may even have accept a $2M salary as the top 10 clubs in the world already have very gd GK. They wouldnt pay $$ to break a contract and another $100M to rent you for 4 years.

  8. Can this site decide against publishing any news on Donnarumma? If yes, then good. The kid gave a lot to Milan but unfortunately Milan gave him everything he has now including himself so of course the balance is against us. Since he’s not coming back, I hate to read about him.

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