Journalist labels Zirkzee commission ‘irrelevant’ as Milan must act or ‘move on’

By Isak Möller -

AC Milan are looking to sign a striker this summer to replace Olivier Giroud and Joshua Zirkzee is high up on the wish list. Advanced negotiations are ongoing and while the agent commission request is high, a journalist believes the Rossoneri must decide. 

Milan have been working on this signing for several months, seriously following Zirkzee since November, and they are willing to pay the €40m clause. However, the Dutchman’s agent is also asking for €10-15m in commission and that has left the Rossoneri hesitant.

In an interview with MilanNews, Telelombardia director Fabio Ravezzani stated that Milan must look at the high commission request in a different way. Either they pay the price or move on to another target, knowing that €50-55m is needed to sign Zirkzee.

“I find that the term ‘charity’, used by Ibrahimovic to describe the commission, is incorrect. I don’t agree with this reasoning, Milan must decide whether to sign Zirkzee knowing that he costs 55 million. How this money is divided is irrelevant, there is no morality on the mercato.

“The issue cannot be that the intermediaries want too much money. You must know that Zirkzee costs 55 million and if you don’t consider the valuation fair, move on to other targets,” he stated.

It remains to be seen what will happen but the upcoming week will likely be decisive to understand which path to go. Milan cannot afford to wait forever as the striker is the priority before reinforcing other positions.

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    1. And me as well lol

      ‘Money in and money out is the same – who cares who it goes to IF this is who you want.

      Commissions are just an excuse by Redbird to yet again bail on a potential target. REDBIRD will always find an excuse. Commissions, salary, transfer fees, etc…same old story

      When a player is free we can’t sign him cause a wage cap

      Player has low release clause we can’t sign him cause commissions are high

      High transfer fee it’s a pass cause the transfer fee is too expensive

      Always an excuse. #MONEYBALL

      The price is 55M – pay it OR move the eff on before more targets (like Dovbyk to Ath Madrid) are gone

      1. I get what you’re saying. The problem is that if they do sign him then you have to deal with the same @$$hole during the renewal…

        More than likely they would have to move on. Signing him opens up other potential headaches.

        But if they are moving on, they need to do it quick so they can get to other targets. Otherwise they too will get snapped up.

      2. The price is 40M. 15M is for a dude who prints a few papers and takes a few meetings..

        In what world do you justify paying someone 15M for anyfûckingthing?

        1. And we all know when it would be time to sign the extension, getting Zirkzee to sign the paper costs 20-25M€ to Milan and the money goes to…. The greediest motherfker of them all.

          If you people can’t see the issue here, you are… well, I won’t be calling names here this time. You figure it out.

  1. They will move on. In the end they will sign Martial or Depay for free and portrait it like they are still world class players with future ahead.

  2. Paying a guy 15 ml for practically just doing paper work and working as an intermediary in between two parties isn’t irrelevant its downright preposterous and would be charity to pay him such numbers.
    There is a point though that I will accept here, either we pay it or moves on to a different target, It wont be the end of the world though if we doesn’t sign Zirkzee in my view as we should be able to find more prolific forwards for the same amount.

      1. I guess there is still a slim hope for you then unless you are actually mistaking me for one of the other yellow avatars 😛

        1. Your name and your avatar is always the same so I guess it’s pretty hard to confuse you. I repeat, this is just the only time I actually 100% agree, but it’s a start.

          1. 😀 That’s fair enough and we doesn’t have to agree on anything but you cant have been here for long then, anyways I’m not here to please folks but neither am i here to troll.

          2. This is absolutely a stupid statement, any transaction is subject to negotiations, and the devil is always in the details. Also paying that much to an agent will set a precedent and for any future purchase of a player they could request the same of not more… What a dumb comment

          3. I’m pretty sure both Mork and I are not disagreeing with the overall assessment so did you reply to the wrong comments ?
            Its absolutely a slippery slope to pay an agent such high a fee just to strike a deal as it indeed will set a precedent for future deals/renewals.

          4. Thats strange, i find myself agreeing with almost everything he says. He clearly knows his stuff, and how to debate in a classy and respectful way.

          5. Thank you AP much appreciated and very kind of you to say so. I generally tries to be as friendly as possible even if I sometimes fails when people badmouths the club or are super rude to me then my temper might get the better of me but overall i can see myself in the mirror 🙂

          6. I agree AP. But I believe Mork still finds Martin to be a reasonable person on here at least even if he struggles to agree with his views.

          7. Thanks West Africa I didnt take any offense in his comment and its fine to disagree 🙂

            No worries Tommy , it didnt really make sense to me otherwise 🙂

    1. Another aspect one should consider is, in the event we get Zirkzee and pay Kia 15M€, how do we deal with contract renewals among other things. In 2 or 3 years, we’ll be heading towards another headache and most probably a player leaving for free.

      1. Absolutely and I also brought that notion forward when the 15 mil demand rumors came to light as we shouldn’t allow ourselves to be extorted by clowns like Kia.

        1. It’s not so much allowing Kia, but it is unfortunately the name of the game, we all know that we paid for Leao’s fine, was that charity too, we need this guy, 55m is a very good price for us and the vendors.

          Why expend more time and energy he fits Milan, would be a statement signing, raise the level of the squad and will not go to a direct rival in seria or Champions League next season

          1. Leao had actually been performing for years at that point and if I remember correctly by paying his fine didn’t we also have a resale % removed from Lille ? Zirkzee on the other hand is pretty much just bought on promise but not so much on merits except for a decent year with Bologna.

            The club can obviously do whatever they want to do but I seriously disagree with entertaining such ridiculous demands as its not like Zirkzee is a world class star at least not yet,

            If it was up to me then I would implement within the contracts that they cant sign for certain agents and has been saying so for years also while Raiola was still alive as they are a cancer to the sport and clubs.

          2. Dude by paying his fine, we remove the resale clause from Lille and lower salary agreed by Leao. Did Zirkze want to get only 3M/year because we are paying Kia 15M? Its a very different situation

      2. Except agent commissions have been around forever and somehow every club navigates them. So do you really think not agreeing with Kia will prevent other agents from asking?? LOL. They will ask for what they want and we can say yes or no at that time.

        Yea 15M commission is high but a 40M transfer fee for a 23 yr old striker is low – so it all balances out – as the article pointed out. Either u pay or move on to avoid risk losing other targets.

        1. Of course it has but then the player and his agent will just have to find himself a different club as I for one wouldn’t entertain such insanity,

    2. Martin IF the release clause was 55M I doubt anyone would be complaining. But it’s not so hence the point of the article. There are no moral stances in sports.

      We cannot change the facts – yes you try and negotiate Kia down – BUT if you cannot and IF and I say IF this is who the club and coach wants to lead the line for the next 5 yrs you pay it OR move on before other targets are snapped up and we are left with Jovic leading the line.

      1. 100%

        Decide quick and move on. No one will blame this management for not wanting to pay a 38% commission on any one player.

        The worst thing they could do is chase this guy all summer a la CDK, or worse still come up empty handed and lose out on all targets.

      2. Well i get that and its not like i’m completely in disagreement with you but and that’s a huge BUT then we risk every agent we will have to deal with will come demanding huge sign on fees for a basically no job done and that goes well beyond this transfer,

        We can also expect that when we want to renew him in 3 years time that the agent will again demand an absurd commission.

        If the agent is adamant about the 15 mil commission i definitely believe we should move on from this target and even though i wouldn’t mind him in AC Milan it’s not like he is a world class star by any means.

  3. Exactly what i think. That is his value. You must to pay that amount to get him. If 55 is too much, get someone else. The management just using Ibra as the scapegoat for pinching money

  4. I wonder if it’s possible to convince JZ to fire his agent, hire a normal rational agent (with 2-3 mil commish), and then slightly increase JZ salary by 0.5 – 1 mil per year. win-win for ACM and JZ

    1. That’s an issue that not everyone is considering. As soon as we break our supposed ceiling of “we don’t give into extortionate agent fees” they’ll all try it. For signings, contract renewals or any other random thing they can muster.

      There’s a big difference paying 55mn transfer fee or 40mn+ 15mn commission. 30% + as the agents paperwork? GFY Joorabchian.

      It’s like Raiola all over again.

  5. I’m surprised they were shocked at the high demand. We all know that agents are blood suckers and legalised human trafficking professionals.

  6. Journalists like this guy are another reason agents think they can charge what they like – root this thinking out of the game..

  7. What I’m trying to understand is if the 15mil commission is something that has come to light recently?

    I mean Milan knew they were going to go for Zee’s release clause, so was the commission in place then? Or did they find out about it when they agreed to trigger the clause?

    If Kia snuck that in after he found out about Milan’s interest then that’s a d!ck move. But if Milan knew about the commission attached to it then presumably they would have had to have a plan? Maybe potentially being OK with paying it?

    Maybe their evaluation allows for Zee costing 55mil… who knows. Either way, need to move quick.

    1. It can’t be snuck in after – he has an agency/contract with Zirkzee to represent humans those commissions and anything else are in there – like a I other contract would have

      So we knew – we just thought we could haggle like usual and get him to lower

      1. If that’s the case then Milan is either haggling but ultimately willing to cover the cost … or … wasting their time. Hard to tell.

  8. Of course, and that is precisely why you are an average journalist and cardinale billionaire.

    BTW, I disagree flat out with your statement. If you allow these savages to do this soon you pay more for agents then players.

    Circ-ezi is not worth 55 million and will never be. At best he is 25-30, his agent 2.5 -3 M at best.

    Thanks god there is I ra there as well

  9. More this drags on the more Milan loses and harder to start looking elsewhere. It’s like a woman, more time you spend trying and hoping more attractive she gets. Bet we wouldn’t be into all of this had it’s been cleared from January that over 35% of the operational cost will be going into the agents pocket. Milan would be like no f this , we’re starting the summer transfers with a different target.

  10. Of course if you pay kia 15m euro , the other agent of your target will asking the same amount and label you as stupid club . That also repeat donnarumma case,from the beginning at yong hong li era , raiola want to move him free to other club but fassone stupidly give up to raiola request and ACM ended pay 6m euro nett for teenager & 1m euro nett for donna brother also fee agent for raiola , 4 years later raiola asking fee agent 20m euro just for renewal . Thats a lesson never give up to agent. You can pay kia 15m euro if zirkzee free transfer. It is not like zirkzee are best striker in the world , there are many striker outside available with low fee agent

  11. Move on NOW! Zirkzee is not worth the trouble of dealing with this greedy agent now, and again upon renewal. Don’t set a precedent for all other agents. The maximum commission Milan has ever payed was 2.9 million; suddenly we’d be paying more than 5 times that? No way.

    Say to Zirkzee and his agent: “We are offering 5 M to the agent and that’s generous because it’s 172.4% of our previous maximum of 2.9 M. This is final and we won’t pay a cent more. Take it or leave it. You have 48 hours to respond. If you don’t want it, then we don’t want you and we are moving on to different targets.” Period, full stop.

    Why are people under the impression that Zirkzee is worth 55M? He is not. Just a young guy who had a decent season with the 5th placed Serie A team. He is not even a starter for his national team and was only called up by his national team coach because a better player got injured. That’s hardly being world class.

    If Zirkzee really wants to play for Milan, he needs to confront his agent. After all, who works for whom?

  12. If Milan doesn’t act decisively like I have suggested above, this will drag on and on, and we will end up not only ultimately not signing Zirkzee, but also missing out on any other decent target. This must be solved NOW; if there is no agreement upon a reasonable fee, move on immediately or we’ll be left with mediocre rejects.

  13. HIghest Agents’ Fees Ever Paid

    1. €36 million – Pini Zahavi for Neymar to PSG (2017)
    2. €30 million – Mino Raiola for Halaand to Manchester City (2022)
    3. €27 million – Mino Raiola for Pogba to Manchester United (2016)
    4. €14 million – Jonathan Barnett for Bale to Real Madrid (2013)
    5. €12 million – Jorge Mendes for Ronaldo to Juventus (2018)
    6. €10 million – Jorge Mendes for Felix to Atletico Madrid (2019)
    7. €8 million – Pere Guardiola for Luis Suarez to Barcelona (2014)

    1. If we look at what kia is demanding in terms of ratio of comissions to transfer fee, his comissions will pretty much be number one.

  14. What’s funny is that Zlatans father figure, Mino is still the agent in my mind who extorted Milan the worst with Gigios extension.

    But now it’s ‘charity.’ Go figure

    15 mill is a lot of money. It’s expensive. It’s almost 30%.

    It os also what we’re going to have to pay to get the player.

    Would we have picked him up for 55 mill if that was Bolognas clause? Maybe not.

    Would someone buy Zirkzee for 55 mill thisbyesr or next year? Probably. The 40 mill valuation is low, the 15 brings it to slightly expensive.

    If we find he isn’t worth it, let’s not waste time and find a player with the right characteristics that also has the right price tag we are willing to pay.

    Nobody owes us anything. If the ownership doesn’t want to spend he mevessaey money to compete in football they may be in the wrong sport?

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