Jovic becomes first Milan player to score at the Euros since Ibrahimovic

By Isak Möller -

Luka Jovic found the back of the net with a last-minute equaliser for Serbia earlier today, becoming the first AC Milan goalscorer in Euro 2024. In addition to that, he also became the first Rossoneri player to score in the tournament since 2012. 

Serbia were heading for another tough defeat as Slovenia took the lead rather in the middle of the second half. However, with just seconds left of the game, Jovic beat his man a the corner and found the back of the net with a lovely header.

The striker thus became the first Milan-owned player to score at the 2024 Euros, but it goes even deeper than that. Indeed, as highlighted by Giuseppe Pastore, Jovic also became the first Milan player to score at the Euros since Zlatan Ibrahimovic in 2012.

Many fans will remember that goal by Ibrahimovic, as he scored the opener for Sweden against France with an acrobatic finish. It was not even inside the box, which made it even more impressive, but Ibrahimovic and his side still finished last in the group with three points.

Ibrahimovic’s goal was arguably nicer than Jovic’s, but in terms of importance, the Serbian prevails as it would have been difficult for his nation to qualify without the draw. In other news, Jovic is closing in on his renewal with Milan.

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  1. Milan need to stop this foolish pursuit of Zirkzee and his greedy blackmailing overpriced agent, and just play Okafor and Jovic.

    1. Jovic should definitely be kept but those two wont be enough we need a new marquee signing of a striker as well who can spearhead the team. Giroud at least contributed with 17 goals and 9 assists over all tournaments combined so I’m affraid those two wont be enough and Okafor is also a backup for the left wing so if he is injured we will be in double jeopardy.
      Whether that forward signing should be Zirkzee is a completely different matter though.

    2. I almost think we should make all the effort to sign Wieffer and Rabiot, and put a striker on a backburner for now. Yes, it’s a requirement but we need to sort out our midfield.

  2. What about former players?

    There’s more former players playing in the tournament than current!

    Churn baby churn!

      1. My point is that there are players who are good enough to play in the Euros (including two Italy players (ignoring the scum in goals)) who apparently weren’t good enough for Milan.

        And meanwhile we’re looking for players in the exact same positions…

        DM…we could’ve had Cristante for 10 years
        RB ….we could’ve had Bellanova for 5 years
        LB…Dalot and Rodriguez…

        and on and on we go.

        It’s not about living in the past but learning from it.

        But I know you don’t like any kind of critical analysis of the transfer market. It’s sacred.

        1. With all due respect Maldini Heir Christante was sold and helped partially finance the Bonaventura deal if i remember correctly.

          Bellanova refused to renew as he knew he would be in the shadows of Calabria and at the same time we also had Conti which potentially would further have hampered his minutes.

          Dalot was never owned by us and Man Utd wanted roughly 20 mil for him so that expense would have seriously limited other acquisitions we made that year, Rodriguez could have been a decent backup for Theo but would he have accepted to play second fiddle ? I doubt at least he would be in the euros at this point as his field time would have been seriously limited and if my memory serves me right he earned around 2-2.5 mil a year so it wouldnt really have made sense to keep him for either parts involved.

          1. Several of our key players are National Team starters, and of some of the top level teams too. Like France and Holland. Teams that actually make it to the world cup lol

          2. People get so tetchy about the past!

            We spent over 1 billion in about 10 years from say 2010-2020 and in that time we went through hundreds of players.

            Had we not wasted so much money we’d have been able to afford to buy Bonaventura without selling Cristante. And even after we sold Cristante we still managed to go through Locatelli and Tonali. We have unsolved the same position multiple times.

            As for Bellanova, we shouldn’t have signed Conti. Not because of his injuries (which couldn’t have been predicted) but because as you’ve noted we had Calabria and Bellanova. And we’ve not learnt anything because we’re desperate to replace Calabria – for no reason.

            Dalot is an example of a player we shouldn’t have signed if we couldn’t buy him. We shouldn’t be loaning players because they’re short term solutions. And we had Rodriguez but we couldn’t stick.

            And this happens constantly.

            We dismantled the title winning squad last summer – for no reason.

            The issue is all of these pointless signings, all of this pointless merrygoround, is just a waste of time and money – a lot of money.

            And then we don’t focus on signing truly next level players.

            We don’t need to dwell on it. We just need to learn from the past mistakes. It’s been going on for over 10 years now.

        2. Is that really your argument? Critical analysis?!?!? Cristante is an average play. The same goes for Dalot and Bellanova.

        3. Cristante lmao… absolutely mediocre and put a real stinker against Spain.

          And on and on? You want to keep players that were part of mid table teams at Milan. We aren’t a mid table team.

  3. Wow. Italy. Barely one shot on goal the entire game.

    Lucky Spain has been so wasteful.

    As far as winning this tournament? FAT CHANCE playing like that.

    20-3 Goal Attempts sums it up… Italy only having one real shot. This was like watching minnows defend with their lives.

    Funny Dollarrumma was the best player. LOL.

    1. I am so glad that they went with the Di Lorenzo who captained Napoli to 10th over Calabria who captained Milan to 2nd.

      But of course Di Lorenzo’s strongest supporters seem to be Milan fans….who hate their captain and are constantly wanting him to be replaced.

      I guess if Calabria is forced out he might end up playing for Italy in the next World Cup as we move on to our 5th RB in 2 years.

      1. I think it’s Spaletti’s Napoli bias tho.
        Juve has cemmenting their “Italian” player since Buffon era (while contributing to Serie A inflation with their crazy buying on Italian grassroot, look how pricey Italian player inside Serie A now).
        Inter are in the same situation as us tho but they are winning Serie A and they surpass Spaletti bias.

      2. Yeah mate it’s only Milan fans that see Calabria is average… meanwhile 2 or 3 consecutive Italy national coaches pick different player than Calabria to be part of the team.

      3. This didn’t address a single thing I said. I’ve wanted Calabria as a bench player, not a starter. We need a better right back.

        Meanwhile several of our players start for the French, Dutch and Portuguese national teams. The first a recent world cup winner.

        You’re so one dimensional with your analysis. Italy was horrible all around. The midfield totally lost control. Chiesa and Jorginho were particularly awful.

  4. and now Luka Jovic became the strong candidate to replace Olivier Giroud as starting no. 9 next season.

    If Fonseca willing to use different type of STC, It might be good idea to use Jovic. Certainly, Jovic isnt a Target Man style like Giroud. He is more Complete, sometimes go deeper to be involved in build up and sometime move in to channel to received through ball. That might suit the style if we really use 4-3-3 next season. We need STC who are active and more involved in build up, to make the play become vertical play.

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