Juve boss Pirlo ready to accept criticism after damaging loss to Milan: “I have no one to blame”

By Akhil Prasad -

Andrea Pirlo’s first season as a manager with Juventus has not gone down planned, and the Rossoneri heaped misery on the men from Turin with a 3-0 win on Sunday.

The Juventus coach had some important words to convey in his post-match press conference as Milan knocked in three goals without conceding to put the Bianconeri’s hopes of Champions League football in doubt next season.

Speaking to Sky Sports (via MilanNews) in his interview after the match, when asked if he expected such a performance, Pirlo said: “Yesterday I said that I saw the team well this week, we had trained well and we were convinced that we could have a great match. Unfortunately it was not like that. We gradually disunited and the final result was this.”

Brahim Diaz opened the scoring just before half time. In the 78th minute, Ante Rebic thumped in a beautiful long ranger before Fikayo Tomori headed in Milan’s third of the night few minutes later.

“When you lose 3-0 it means that there are many things that have not worked, in the heat it is easy to talk, in the cold there will be considerations to be made,” Pirlo commented.

The disappointing result for Juventus mean they sit in fifth place. The former Rossoneri has taken full responsibility for the final result.

“If we did not do well on the pitch it is only our fault, but above all mine. It happens that in certain matches some do not reach 100% performance. Then when it happens you go into trouble. I have no one to blame,” he said.

Pirlo has a win ratio of 62.5% – losing just 8 in charge of Juventus, but nonetheless losing as many games has effectively seen the Bianconeri slump this season.

Speaking of whether he sees himself continuing in his job, Pirlo said: “My work goes on and I’m available. I think I can do better and get out with the team. There are three games left, I will continue to do my job as long as I am allowed.”

As things stand as of now, Juventus sit one point behind fourth-placed Napoli with 69 points. They are in line to contest in the Europa League next season. Milan on the other hand are in third position, tied on 72 points with second-placed Atalanta.

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  1. abanjo2003 says:

    After he’s sacked from there would you consider bringing him on as probably our primavera coach and then after gaining experience our head coach? pls Be free to. give your opinions

    1. Martin Bernhard says:

      First of all why would pirlo accept a job getting demoted from headcoach of juventus to become a primavera coach even if he are to be saked by the old lady ?

      Secondly why the hell would we want him back in the club as he really isnt that well liked by many milan fans anylonger after helping the torino club to prominence. I personally wouldnt want him near our club anylonger,

      Maldini and him are still friends though but if pirlo are sacked by juventus he will propably end up coaching a mid to bottom serie a team or maybe getting some other function within his current club. Another possibility could be to endup coaching in usa or something.

      1. abanjo2003 says:

        idk man I think he lacked confidence so he should actually gain. some first and then maybe he could try. But I completely agree that his departure was a real stake to the heart considering he went to our direct rivals

        1. Martin Bernhard says:

          Im not really one of the most rabid fans in regard of him but i still doesnt want him at our club but you cant never say never as he still has a good relationship with maldini but the most id accept him was that he could be brought in short term in regard of freekick practice or if i wanna be a bit rude polishing our players boots.

          Anyways it was a mistake in my view that they made him coach as the expectations was already to win the league so as much as he has failed their board failed in hiring him for that position as well. Before the season started i said in another milan forum that i expected inter to win the league but juventus has certainly also played well under what i had expected.

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