Juventus boss Allegri aims jab at Milan after question about Champions League exit

By Oliver Fisher -

Juventus boss Massimiliano Allegri appears to have taken a swipe at AC Milan when asked about his side’s early Champions League exit.

Allegri spoke at his pre-match press conference ahead of Juve’s game against Lecce and he was asked about the team’s failure in the Champions League after the defeat against Benfica ended their chances of making the last 16.

“In life these things happen, I can’t find the right word, you find it. I just think about working as we are doing, with commitment and dedication,” he said (via TMW).

There are teams that have been eight years without playing in the Champions League, this can also happen. We must not get frustrated otherwise we will not get out of it. We know tomorrow how important the game is, it is a difficult and complicated game regardless of the Champions League, as a team, with compactness.”

The eight-year stint he is referring to is almost certainly a jab at Milan who did not qualify for the Champions League until the 2021-22 season after having last participated in the 2013-14 campaign.

It has certainly been a difficult start to the season for the Bianconeri because – in addition to their European exit – they are 8th in the Serie A table and already 10 points behind the leaders Napoli, suggesting a return to lifting the Scudetto is some way off.

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  1. Hahaha, he should be grateful to teams that’s have been out of the UCL for so long as such a team was the one that helped his career so much so as to land him a job at his current team and become the highest paid manager/loser. Besides his current team has been bagging UCL money the last 8 years and has what to show exactly? A park the bus lost final? No ambition to go for a win in a final

  2. He is just stating a fact. This shouldn’t be taken personally. Winners celebrate, losers explain.

    But, we still haven’t secured UCL spring, so we need to keep quiet and focus. We’re one step away, but we need to make that step without stumbling. Or else, Pioli will be right next to Allegri explaining.

  3. Max can’t build a successful team. Look what he did when was at Milan, then after taking over a very strong Juv-Conte time. Then now. He’s too overrated

  4. I take 10 years no champions league over losing 2 champions league finals within 3 years dog, Milan really lives rent free in his head

  5. LOL. Allegri really? Remember when you challenged other teams to win missing 5 starters? And Milan did?

    Stop making excuses. You should be a politician with all of your spins.

  6. Milan didn’t qualify to UCL thanks to his great work in the club. He left the club in a mess and it took several years to clean it up.

    And where was Allegri on FourFourTwo’s TOP50 coaches list? Oh I remember. NOT ON IT! 🙂

    1. I get you’re defending the club, but Allegri didn’t “leave the club a mess”. He was fired mid-season two years after having won the first scudetto since 2003-04 with an already declining squad. Then they sold his two most valuable pieces in 2012, namely Ibrahimovic and Thiago Silva, and replaced them with the type of players that would come to define our banter era, i.e. aging, demotivated, overpaid free agents. So blame Berlusconi & co. for that, not Allegri. Just saying.

  7. Juventus is the biggest club in Italy for a reason but they were in greed and bought Cristiano Ronaldo which destroyed the core of the team spirit. Milan had bigger issues than that in the management level still we conquered it with creative ideas, hiring the right persons and spending money wisely. Let’s see if Juventus have what it takes to do the same with fine results.

    1. Ce que la juve fait en italie c’est pas bien et c’est une équipe qui manque de respect. Ils ont gagné mais combien ont ils volés et tt le monde le sais. Ce gol de muntari refusé a permis à cette équipe sans respect de gagner le scudetto. Allegri ferait mieux de se taire c’est lui qui a détruit milan.

  8. All I want now is for Rebic to score against juve the next time we play them and run past Allegri pointing at the 7 CL badge on the sleeve of our shirt, now that would be poetic.

  9. Allegri is right yeah we stayed away from champions league for 8 years But can he show the champions league cup they won while Milan was away for that 8 years?
    Envy is everywhere and Milan will continue to bounce back

  10. “Juventus is the biggest club in Italy for a reason”

    Well, we simply pulverize La Vecchia PUTAna on an european AND world level.

  11. Bruh, we thrashed then and then started doing keepy ups around the 60th minute to keep the score line modest..he keeps talking and we might just make it a 6-0 affair next time we play them. Careful Max, this isn’t the Milan you abandoned back then.

  12. But Allegri is not right.

    2013/14 – Milan were in CL being knocked out by Atlético in the Round of 16

    No CL in:
    2014/15 (1)
    2015/16 (2)
    2016/17 (3)
    2017/18 (4)
    2018/19 (5)
    2019/20 (6)
    2020/21 (7)

    2021/22 – Milan were back in CL

    I rest my case.

  13. Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!
    Allegri is not taking a jab at Milan.
    He’s more a gentleman than that.
    I have watched this interview and he is simply taking courage from Milan’s experience. Milan went so many years without being in the UCL but the world didn’t end for them. Why should people insinuate that the world is over for Juve because of the UCL exit?
    That’s what he simply meant.
    When we cry, we should also try to see.

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