Kaka says it is ‘very sad given his history’ for Maldini to depart Milan

By Euan Burns -

Former AC Milan star Kaka has spoken about how said it makes him for Paolo Maldini to have been dismissed from the club in the way that he was, a report claims.

The Brazilian legend was speaking during an interview with Sky Sport ahead of the Champions League final between Inter and Manchester City.

He was asked about Milan’s former technical director Paolo Maldini, who was dismissed at the start of the week by Gerry Cardinale.

Kaka, a former teammate of Maldini, explained that he is saddened by the way things have panned out.

“It’s very sad given all his history, he’s a symbol. I liked to see him do something for the club,” Kaka said.

Talking more specifically about the Champions League final, Kaka expressed more sadness at the fact that the Rossoneri were not able to get there, having been knocked out by Inter in the semi-final.

“Playing these matches is very special, unfortunately it’s not Milan here in Istanbul, but Inter represent Italian football. This evening is an important moment for all players,” he said.

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      1. “Hey I thought u said you were taking a break from Siempre for your mentals? 😂”

        Unfortunately I’m on vacation and bedridden, with a lot of fever and therefore without concentration to read etc…. that’s hell!

        1. Oh no. Get better buddy.
          We can agree/disagree in the comments section but your health is most important 😁

    1. You’re named Gre-No-Li and you don’t like to hear legends of the club? Makes no sense. This website does a great job at compiling all kind of news regarding Milan and the fact that you don’t like it doesn’t mean other people do. I’m glad we have some news and support from Nesta, Baresi, Kakà, Ancelotti or Leonardo, it reminds us better days, and it’s good to have some real human feelings in the middle of all this shi tty business.

      And at least you have something to read since you’re ill. Get well man.

  1. KAKA? Who is he? HOW DARE HE THINKS HE KNOWS BETTER THAN ALLKNOWING CARDINALE when it comes to Milan? Must be a Maldini fanboy who thinks Maldini comes before Milan. Lol

    That’s the exact Mindset of some ‘fans’ here. lol

    1. Um no one has ever said Cardinale knows everything. We’re just not running around with our hands in the air screaming that he knows nothing.

      1. But somehow those questioning the sheer stupidity and intention of Cardinale’s decision to fire Maldini are being labeled as Maldini’s fanboy means exactly the belief that Cardinale knows better than everyone.

  2. GreNoLi its one of the best milan tridente. Big club with big history at european football, theres always the legends in there. Always respect about the history. They dont give you a win but the history will teach you how to win. Milan isnt maldini but the history tell it. Im very sad about cardinale cheeseburger treat maldini & co. Milan on the market these day will be: american free agent style.. yeaahhh !!

  3. Ancelotti, Kaka, Nesta, all Milan legends said the same about how bad Cardihole sacked Maldini like he’s some kind of garbage 🙁

    So don’t expect Cardihole gonna bring glory & trophies for Milan because what he thinks is purely money. He doesn’t give a fvck about Milan long history nor understand how to treat legends properly.

    Fvck Cardihole!


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