Kessie’s agent reveals all on Milan exit from Olympics promise to what seems ‘strange’

By Oliver Fisher -

The agent of Franck Kessie has given an interesting interview revealing the background on the midfielder’s decision to leave AC Milan over the summer.

Kessie’s agent George Atangana has broke his silence on the conditions that led from the Ivorian promising to renew while he was away on international duty to then departing on a free transfer for Barcelona.

He is struggling to assert himself under Xavi at Barca, while Atangana spoke exclusively to to reveal some background on his client’s decision to say farewell to Milan after five years.

“What feeling binds Kessie to Milan? Realisation, because he managed to achieve what he dreamed of when he signed for the Rossoneri. It was the first Milan after Berlusconi, it was a bet for us too and we won,” he said (via MilanNews).

“He actively participated in winning a Scudetto which had been missing since 2010-11. But we must not forget the brace in Bergamo in the previous season either, because if he had not scored those two penalties on the last day, Milan would not have gone into Champions League and perhaps the story of the following season would also have changed.

“And then there is that relationship that he had for so many years with the Milanese fans, which as far as we are concerned remains intact because we know how to be grateful and also because, frankly, we know what they are like when things turn.”

The Ivorian left Milan for Tokyo last summer with the promise to return from the Olympics and resolve his renewal, but the situation deteriorated and it became apparent that he would follow the fate of others that had left on a free previously like Gianluigi Donnarumma, Hakan Calhanoglu and Alessio Romagnoli.

“Calhanoglu, Donnarumma and Romagnoli have left and for the same reason it is also difficult to close current renewals, at least from what it seems to me. I don’t understand why only Franck’s farewell was so tormented,” Atangana continued.

Responding to the idea that it was because of Kessie’s promise, he added: “Of course, that was the intention. However, a one-way renewal cannot be closed. We also rejected offers from important clubs in January, precisely because there was a strong desire to reach an agreement with Milan.

“There is one thing that strikes me as strange, which is that after Kessié’s farewell, it seems that certain ceilings that previously seemed insurmountable can now be breached.”

Finally, the agent was asked if he feels sorry that Kessie is often spoken of in some unkind terms after the way things ended.

“On the one hand, I can understand the frustration of some fans, it can always happen when one of the best players goes away. While I don’t understand those who treat football for a living and who punctually write or otherwise spread senseless and unfounded news about Kessié,” he said.

“Sure, it’s been happening for some time now, but it’s better that certain things don’t become a habit. I confess that it was a painful separation for us too, but marriages are made in twos and at a certain point there were no longer the conditions to go on.”

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  1. I don’t understand why we wouldn’t take Kessie back…he’s a world class midfielder. Plus he could have a word with others about the grass not being greener. If we want to hold on to Theo, Tonali, Mike and Leao for a start someone like Kessie could help

    1. World class but can’t get a start at Barcelona over Busquets who is at 50% of his ability. The fact is Milan made him do well, not the other way around. Now that he has had to adapt to a system that doesn’t play to his strengths, he’s been found out.

  2. Kessie is finished story. Milan cant take Kessie back. Kessies form dropped one year ago, and he wanted much money then players who are more responsible winning scudetto and reaching Champions League. The same story we have now with Leao and Bennacer. Every player can get more money, but not every player can reach potential in every team. That is something that Milan must reach: to be a place for any player to reach full potential. Difference is management must recognize when player is not happy and must be sold for money to reinvest.

  3. What a pig this agent is – but it’s only understandable, since we’re talking about some of the lowest forms of life in the world of sports and generally, scavenger who continues to lie, and even throw more poisonous arrows at the club (whom he supposedly supports) by suggesting its Milan’s fault.
    Milan offered 6,5 +add-ons for Kessie finally, then they raised it to 8 – 9 m/s.
    And finally Kessie went for the same amount offered by Milan, to Barca, just because he also fell on the idea of winning the CL with them.
    Well, now suffer the consequences.

    1. Kessie makes 6.5 million at Barca, and you actually believe that Milan offered him 8-9 million, which he turned down to sign for less at Barca.
      There is no way Milan offered anything above 4, maybe 4.5 million, with performance bonuses included like Theo.
      And what consequences is his suffering? He makes the money he wanted, he lives in a awesome city and with patience he will get his time on the field.
      Barca midfield is stacked, there is a lot more competition there than at Milan. Neither Bennacer or Tonali are starting there over Gavi, Pedri, De Jong and Xavi favorite Busquets.
      It’s OK, the guy left, it was his right to leave. He didn’t owe Milan anything more than to perform to the best of his ability for the time he was being paid for. The only thing an employee owes his employer. And he did that better than anyone over the last 5 years. Always gave 100% playing almost every game

      1. The problem is at some point Milan will have to start paying big boy wages or we will lose Theo, Tonali, Bennacer, Leao, CDK, Mike….

        Unless we just want to become a feeder club like Ajax have

        1. Agree. You gotta pay if you wanna compete with the big boys of football.
          And all these fake righteous fabs who call players greedy would do the same thing they did and leave for more money if they were in their shoes They think as a fan and not as a footballer.
          I get the Ajax comparison, but Ajax is a feeder club that makes tons of money of their players sales. Milan might be the worst at selling players

          1. The sad thing is Ajax were a superpower, it’s easy to lose that reputation and end up constantly selling. If Milan want to regain their rightful place at the top table they need to show intent. It can’t look great to Theo if we sell Leao and constantly look for the next Leao..players have a short career and yes they’re paid obscenely well, but they also want trophies and status

  4. dude leave before milan new policy of mentioned ceiling changed. or maybe we can say because he leaves that the management decide to change things? so similar case not happens in the future. anyway, if he truly want to stay he would find agreement and sign extension. their side knew what milan can afford by that time. it’s ridiculous to say it’s strange after all that happens. did atangana, kessie agent, perhaps have memory and cognitive problem? their side are seeking a better payment. better than what milan offered. it’s so simple and logical. nothing strange.
    now i would love to welcome him back. but i don’t think milan can afford this. not when there’s a lot to consider in different positions and area.

    1. If the ceiling’s being breached, it’s because management is either following on its belief that previous eras were over-paying less talented players. That or the fact that Milan is now RedBird, who are putting more salary vote on offer.

      I wish Kessie sits and sorts out this mess. Calha seems to be in the same dip

  5. Agent is still upset he didn’t get his commissions from Milan.

    It was never about Kessie’s contract demands. Same as it wasn’t for Donnarumma. It was about pleasing the AGENTS. Raiola got a 25 million Euro commission from PSG. Atagana got something like 8-10 million from Barca. Until agent commissions are capped this will continue . Its amazing how many people either don’t believe this or don’t understand it.

  6. This agent is banned from Casa Milan. Have you heard of Milan banning an agent. They despised Raiola but he was never banned. This agent flat out lied and played M&M with false promises. How will this bode for Kessie with other clubs in his future.

  7. The guy may have ruined Kessie’s career in terms of glory and prestige and acts like he wasn’t a catalyst for anything that happened. Look everyone gets why Kessie left, 6 is greater than 4 after all. And all Milan fans appreciate what he did. But the manner in which it happened is without doubt on this sleazy MF. He burned bridges and pushed his client into a team that was a bad fit. You can’t tell me there wasn’t a PL team with a legit shot at playing in European competitions that wouldn’t pay 6 million for a guy who looks a perfect fit for the PL?

  8. “We also rejected offers from important clubs in January, precisely because there was a strong desire to reach an agreement with Milan.”

    This guy is full of BS. But at least it’s clear that Maldini didn’t want to let Cashie go as free. Unfortunately the dumbf and his greedy agent refused Tottenham offer 🙁

  9. People need to grow up lol. Kessie “betrayed” us because he left? That is childish. Yes I was upset he left but Everyman has his right to chose who he works for and how much he wants to work for. When he was with us he gave 100% every time on the pitch and was exemplary off of it. His only mistake was saying publicly he would stay. But who knows what was said or promised to him either. Our management wasn’t perfect especially when Elliot was in charge. When he was with us he bled for the shirt and that is all that matters. We wouldn’t have won last season without him and are struggling in the mid this year due to his absence. I would welcome him back with open arms under the right conditions – loan w Barca paying some of his salary or if he takes a pay cut to the fee we offered him, etc…We need him and we would win league again if he came IMO. This is all speculation as he likely goes to the EPL where his style of play would fit excellent in that league and where those clubs can pay his salary. But all this crying about how he is greedy and betrayed us is just childish.

    1. Nah. People didn’t hate Cashie because he left Milan, but because he’s lying through his teeth “i want to play with Milan forever” and refused Tottenham offer back in January where he could leave and give Milan enough money to buy his replacement.

      1. It was also his promises that he would conclude contract after the Olympics and many delaying tactics so we could not sell him in off season when we should have.

    2. “But all this crying about how he is greedy and betrayed us is just childish.”

      Easy to say things like that when you ignore all the facts all the time. Kessie pretty much promised to pen the contract after the Olympics and never did. If that’s not betraying I don’t know what is.

  10. This agent is hoping that most of the quoted amounts for Kessie annual salary is still the 6m Eur ppl still think it is. His salary is actually over 9m Eur at Barca (they pay filthy amounts for sure…DeJong makes 30m per year). Milan was paying nowhere near that amount. The problem was always that when they met with M&M they kept increasing their demands after M&M met their previous demands up to 6m plus bonuses starting from 4m. They kept playing Milan. Perhaps they had an offer from Barca for over 9m but our wage structure clearly prevents that. It really would have been up to the player so they chose money or if Kessie REALLY wanted Barca as he claims and not money he would have not dragged out the negotiations.
    Even now with the new management, we still don’t approve over 9m per year. This agent lies and the more he speaks the more he exposes himself and the more fans will turn on his client.
    This comment section makes it feel like we had a shot with a 6m per year offer. We didn’t

  11. And this agent erase the fact that they want 2x higher salaries than Theo Hernandez ?

    And erase the fact that Kessie already have his decision at January to play for Barcelona on free transfer and stay at ACM until then, because want to win a title first ?

    This agent want to be bigger than the club, man.

    Forget him, Bakayoko was very good but very worse at his second spell. This Kessie might be the same.

    Just buy Frattesi & switch to 3-men midfield & use CDK as real CDK with more attacking trait. 4-3-1-2 is most fit because it will erase the need for good a RW, & Leao can be left-striker with Giroud or Rebic as right-striker. And Messias can be the right striker too. Just Saelemaekers that need to adapt to that system maybe as Mezzala (1 of 3 men mid).

  12. What a bunch of bull’s crap is this fore I believe if they are really want to stay they can decrease their wage to stay because they have so many years to play. So for example if donnaruma stayed he could leave at let’s say 25 26 when it happens he could get the wage he wanted maybe even more same as leao bennacer kessie etc. If they stay for 3-5 yrs moore I could say for them ok they get pay cut to stay little longer then I get why the want to leave but also the economy of Milan could change if they stayed little longer so at 25-26 they could rethink about stay or leave but today is all about getting more more money there’s no emotions in today football between player + agent to a football club board they want more and more wages every time

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