ESPN: Chaos surrounds Kessie and Barcelona – a clause could see him leave for free

By Euan Burns -

Former AC Milan midfielder Franck Kessie can leave Barcelona this summer for free if the Spanish side cannot register him in time, a report claims.

As has been reported by ESPN, the La Liga team could fail to register their new signings due to their financial situation and the rules in place in Spain.

Barcelona are set to play against Rayo Vallecano in their first league game of the season on Saturday and it is now reported that if Kessie and Andreas Christensen are not registered before that game, they can exercise a clause in their contracts.

That clause means that they can move to a new club for free despite only signing for Barcelona during this summer transfer window.

Barcelona have not been able to register Robert Lewandowski, Jules Kounde, Sergi Roberto or Ousmane Dembele but their situations are different as they either already play for Barcelona or were signed for a transfer fee.

Kessie and Christensen signed on free transfers from Milan and Chelsea respectively.

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  1. The way that Barca still has this charm for so many talents is just odd. The way that they can still pay millions and millions on the market is way more odd.

    1. The finances part isn’t really ‘odd’ so much as they’re gambling the whole future of the club on it.

      They’re sold off so much future revenue in order to pay contracts for players this year that it’s going to implode on them eventually. A wage bill 30% higher than any other club in the world too.

      And on what? They don’t even need the players they’re buying – they have about eight forwards that would be first choice at any club in Italy (Raphinha, Dembele, Fati, Torres, Lewandowski, Depay, Braithwaite, Aubamayang) for three positions, eight centre-mids the same (Pjanic, Kessie, Nico, Gavi, Pedri, de Jong, Busquets, Sergi Roberto) for three or four spots and six international centre-backs (Araujo, Garcia, Pique, Kounde, Christensen, Umtiti) for two maybe three places. It’s lunacy.

      Because of the presidential voting system, they’re just pushing the disaster further down the road instead of tackling it responsibly – hence each new president making crazy promises and blaming the previous regime and signing contracts that blow up in value after .

      And they’re losing that marketing cache they built during the 2000-2010 era – ‘more than a club’ no longer means anything. So the chances of them growing revenue at a rate needed to sustain this crazy spending died along with their Super League dream.

      Mark my words, Goldman Sachs will own this club in a few years in the same way as Elliott acquired Milan.

      1. Reminds me of FassoBelli’s scattergun approach during the Chinese Era. I do know that for us to have come to this level where we’re able to win the scudetto again, it took some rebuilding and a clear strategy. Perhaps this is why they’re trying to push Braithwaite out the door alongside Depay. Would be sad to see Barca go into decline like Milan did and for the love of football I’d love to tell them that going gung-ho in the market and placing the future of the club in short-termism is a recipe for disaster but like they say, does Macy’s tell Gimbels.

  2. If by activating that clause, Kessie still receive partial salary from Barca and if he return to Milan for salary less than his Barca deal, practically Barca help us paying his salary 🤣

    1. And maybe get Lewandowski for free with a 50% sell on clause in favor of Barca just the same way Fiorentina signed Jovic. 😏

    2. Bruh, yes. I posted that same thing on another board. Bring Kessie and Christiansen for free. CM and CB problem solved. But Kessie in particular I see ending up in the EPL if he doesn’t stay at Barcelona. The likes of Newcastle and Leeds have money to burn. Even Conte might be interested.

      1. Your a bigger idiot that we all thought of you think we could get Kessie and Christensen….no I take that back. Always thought you were a huge idiot this post just solidifies it lol. Stick to your racist rants instead – suits you well

  3. 😂😂😂😂😂 I saw this news this morning and loled so much. But in all seriousness I’d be happy to have a top 5 cdm in Europe back playing with us

  4. Kessie we love but kessie loves money, but he signed deal for a decline club that can’t pay current players. The salary Milan offered is almost the same as mane salary in Liverpool. And yet kessie don’t even know where he his. Any top team in Europe won’t want to buy such player that leave on free transfer because if they don’t pay him what he want he will still leave on free transfer. Moral of the story because it worked for hakan and dollaruma doesn’t mean it will work for kessie. 115+k euro for a week is too small for kessie instead he wants Barca. Depay is an example just two seasons ago was a beast but today he is bread. President don’t have presidential villa oooo. Very funny.. but I still love kessie.

  5. Come on back el presidente. We won’t find a better replacement. Better to take a little less of real money than Barcelona’s pretend money.

  6. Maldinis plan all along – Sign back Kiesse and Christ for free covering our CM and CB issues. Then sign Belotti on free for depth and go all out for a young RW

  7. Worst part is Kessie went to Barca at the same salary we offered. The only difference is, we didn’t agree the fat agent commission. We should take Kessie back IF AND ONLY IF he fires his agent. It would be only fair.

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