CorSport: Kessie agrees to join Barcelona but Milan are unmoved for three reasons

By Oliver Fisher -

Franck Kessie already has a verbal agreement in place with Barcelona which will soon turn into a signature, according to a report.

As written today by il Corriere dello Sport (via, Kessié has indeed agreed term with the Blaugrana and will play for them from the start of next season, but his decision does not seem to have greatly disappointed the Milan management.

Instead, there was no drama from inside Casa Milan regarding the fact that Kessie has chosen to agree a contract elsewhere while fighting for two trophies with the Rossoneri, and the reason for it is very clear.

Firstly, the precedents of Calhanoglu and Donnarumma have accustomed the club to this type of situation. Then, there is the fact it is more important for a club to keep their accounts in order than to win a trophy under huge deficits. The third reason is that a growing number of players are leaving their clubs on a free transfer across Europe, so the decision reflects less badly on Milan with wider context.

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  1. What the Donnarumma, Calhanoglu and Kessie situations have proved is that players are generally stupid, and above all greedy. Milan need to insist in future that renewals are signed before the summer of the player’s penultimate contract year (i.e. a year before they might leave), otherwise they will be sold – no exceptions.

    1. Dude you cannot forced sell player like your slave. Football have rule too. Selling player need agreement from the player himself,if player refuse what do you want to do? Report him to police? Torture him? Kick him from squad? Nope ,there is nothing you can do as long as they have contract. Rabbiot was out from PSG squad for 1 years didnt train or play because PSG punish him ,well he is still free anyway to his new club’. Player not afraid being freezing or kicked out from squad. Remember conti and castilejo rejected all buyer because the buyer can only offer them lower salary than AC Milan . There is nothing AC Milan can do forcing sell Montolivo,conti,castilejo or caldara. We must wait until Montolivo and conti contract ended so we can get rid both of them

      1. It is very simple to solve this issue. One or two year before contract expire, if player does not want to sign new one, he MUST choose other club and leave. This has to be regulated by UEFA, like with rule how many non EU players can play in one club. Agent can NOT get more than 1-3% for commission. But, nobody wants to clear this situation, because UEFA office rats, make huge money, doing nothing. For them it is not a problem that Barca is over 1B in depth, problem is Milan with 50-100M.

        1. No way. Your suggesting that clubs have complete control over players. A professional contract doesn’t mean a player is owned like chattel. Free transfers are the future. Smart clubs will recognize this and adapt.

    1. The idiot is actually you, PSG will also losing Mbappe for free and he’s worth more than Cashie, Pogba also leaving MU for free, the problem is not Milan alone, if you think managing football is easy then maybe you can tried to get some degrees and start worked for it even tho i doubt that your pea brains capable of it.

    2. Idiot owner? Based on what? Refusing to pay overhyped mediocre player an insane salary? Fixing the balances of an almost bankcrupt club and making it almost profitable in less than 3 years?

      I think we all know who the idiot here is…

    3. Finish this idiot saga, and let’s talk!
      Yes! Some other clubs have a similar problems. Messi, Ramos, and… from last summer; and Mbape, Pogba, Dembele; And even in Italy, we have Dybala, Brozovic, Belotti, and…;
      But this reason can not ignore the problems that our management has!
      We have to admit that none of those clubs were in as much financial trouble as Milan!
      And also no one lost 3 of their starting 11 and important stars for free!
      Admittedly, we are not a good seller. While big clubs like Real Madrid and Chelsea. How much do they earn from selling their players?
      So our management are not idiot! But must act smarter.

      1. Bro, none of those clubs were in as much financial trouble as Milan was? What planet do you live on? Barcelona had over 1bn (yes, that’s BILLION) in debt. Madrid ~700m, Inter and Juventus both over 500m. The real issue is that somehow those clubs escaped discipline from UEFA. We did not. As to Mbappe, he simply just wants to leave a dysfunctional club that can’t seem to win the CL no matter what it does and go to a perennial CL champion in Madrid. Case in point PSG’s very elimination by said serial CL winner.

        1. I live on planet Earth, and unfortunately, on my planet, there are unbearable people like YOU!; who think they are very smart and know everything, and they have the right to comment on anything, but they are completely wrong!
          You know nothing and do not even understand about the differences between Total Revenue and Total Debt of football clubs, and FFP rules! But your mouth is wide open!
          Your real issue; about how some clubs escaped discipline from UEFA; doesn’t exist at all! Because they don’t! But some club like PSG and Man City have open cases of cheating in FFP rules. (and this is different from the debt issues!)
          Barcelona with not 1bn, but €1.2bn debt!, could sell Coutinho and buy Torres for €55m this winter, and have no problem in terms of FFP!
          And a funny smart one like you, thinks when they talk about debts, there isn’t any revenue!?
          Read this article maybe you understand, Barca were the richest club in the world on revenue in 2021!

          and remember my user, and next time talk to me with more respect BRO…

    4. Idiot? Another genius fans who thinks it’s easy to manage a football club based on his experiences playing video games lmao 🤣

  2. inter and juventus both pay more salary then milan
    find me great club who dont pay big salary for important players ?
    Calhanoglu is ass $$ll for going to shit club like inter now he is their best player this year according to whoscored site because we didn’t want to pay half million more dollaroma is the best italian goalkeeper in the world and one of the best in the world and let them walk for nothing
    what massage you sand to players in the club and around the world that if you improve in ac milan your not getting rewarded for that
    noone care about psg before they start signing big name with high salary to rise their Income from sponsor and merchandising
    this is best way to invest in football this how real madrid chelsea manchester united and city barcelona and all other big club get their investment
    not like ac Milan who pay alot of money to signed young players and after the become important players we let them walk for nothing idiot way to run football club

    1. Dude, in the summer of 2020 when those two players had one year left on their contract, the world of football was reeling from COVID, Milan was in the depths of an FFP Settlement Agreement (still is), what massive salary could you have offered them? 10m per year to Donnarumma (and 20m to his agent)? Are we still really crying about this guy? We have an equally good goalkeeper in Maignan for like 1/3 the cost. As to Calhanoglu I just have to laugh. Sorry, he’s not worth the money they’re paying him. Also, have you seen the Serie A table? We’re in first. And that’s with the squad this management has built.

  3. Obviously u don’t wanna lose players without getting transfer compensation, but out of the 4 players that left last summer and will leave this summer Hakan , Giggio, Kessie and Romagnoli, Kessie is the player that i care the least.
    Played 1 good season out of 5 and it happened after his responsibilities were cut in half by switching tactical systems and position. He was awful as a mezzala in 433 because he has zero technical and offensive skills.
    Has bricks for feet , has no shot or ability to pass or cross.
    He plays a position defensive midfielder who just runs around press and pushes people that is the easiest to replace.
    Milan were trying to get rid of him 3 years ago when Conte wanted him at Inter but the transfer failed because Milan wanted Brozovic in return while Inter was offering Gagliardini or Veccino. (Imagine Brozovic next to Tonali)
    Good luck to him in Barcelona but I’m glad Milan didn’t accept his salary demands because he isn’t worth half of what he wanted and got.
    Forza Milan , let’s get #19

  4. Chelsea are gonna lose Rudiger, christensen and possibly Azplicuta for free. Man U are gonna lose Pogba, lingard and cavani for free. Liverpool are having difficulties in signing Salah and Mane to new contracts. Arsenal are gonna lose Lacazet and Nketiah. Barca are gonna lose Dembele and are having troubles of their own signing Gavi to a new contract. Football as we know it is changing, clubs must act smart and find new ways to curb this menace. Contract issues everywhere!!!

    1. Yes. And here is why: All of those players (and most players today) were signed for inflated transfer fees and salaries. Now with Covid wreaking havoc on finances the chickens are coming home too roost. The bubble is popping in other words. It’s unfortunate that people have no perspective or context, and all they do is insult, like “Die Hard Milan Fan”. Like money grows on trees and the SETTLEMENT AGREEMENT WE’RE STILL SUBJECT TO is fake. It could be because they’re too young to understand how things actually work.

  5. STFU you clown fan. Sell player before their contract expire. If we sold hakan donna earlier, we would have ended up with tatarusanu and krunic whole last season. I’d rather see milan lose 3 players for free and making money elsewhere from competition incentive rather than sold player early and ended up in mid table. Then again, talking about replacemnt, which big player wants to join a club without european competition?

    1. Exactly. At that point in time Milan would not have been able to replace them properly. One year later we have CL and the money and prestige from being in that competition. It was a sacrifice to get over the line. People just can’t put two and two together.

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